Lack of Consideration

“I don’t even understand why I’m invited to this thing,” Daniel said. “I told you—” “—yeah, yeah, yeah, you told me that the lady—” “—Barbara,” I quickly corrected. “Yeah, okay, Barbara didn’t want to leave me out of this big town event.” “She’s a sweet lady,” I said, fixing my pastel peach chiffon dress bordering […]

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During the week I went out with Vivian to the dog park with her dog. Despite her little furry senior citizen being a narcoleptic at my house, he still happens to enjoy the outdoors. The area was big but barely had any grass. There was rubble and bark and three entrances with two gates and […]

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Trouble In Paradise

Most of my ideas for the party ended up being scrapped by the mayor. I didn’t know why he needed an event planner available when he was refusing anything. My basic idea was that I recently discovered this town had amassed a ton of headphones that could cycle between songs at the touch of a […]

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Close My Eyes

Late that night, upon arriving home after a disastrous outing that ended in a fight between Jasper and Nate, I found a package at the foot of my front door. Since Jodie, Chloe, Janet and I live long distance we all packaged our Christmas gifts and sent them out a little earlier. I was receiving […]

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The Sun Is Melting

“This restaurant we’re going to is Italian,” Julie peered back and smiled. “It’s pretty fancy and expensive so if you can’t afford it, I got you,” Jasper said, pressing his hand against his chest disingenuously. “Thanks,” Nate said, “but I’m pretty sure I can handle it.” “Good for you,” Julie chimed condescendingly. My cell phone […]

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Don’t Run, Spot, Don’t Run

Oddly enough, Julie’s last words sounded threatening to me. I don’t know if it was the fact that Julie was pregnant, and it was hormonal, or the fact that it was just Julie and how psycho she always comes off, but everyone agreed to this double date. I woke up the morning of screaming my […]

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Promise Not To Fall

Daniel was waiting outside for me with an Uber. After our little rendezvous I texted him asking if he wanted to come with me to see my mom. I was panicking so hard before sending that text my palms were getting clammy, I left fingerprints on my cell from the heat. In all honesty, I […]

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