‘Where’s my jacket?’ Vincent texted. ‘Huh?’ ‘The one I gave to you. I expected you’d give it back, but you never did.’ Oh, yeah, I could still smell is parfum. It lingered on the jacket as if it came with the price. ‘Right, well, next time I see you, I’ll give it to you.’ ‘That […]

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I instinctively followed Vincent out of Greg’s office and into the elevator. For what reason I was following him I had no idea. All I knew was that I was fuming. And the worst part is, he seemed so nonchalant about it. Like, us having sex in some raggedy room was made more abnormal knowing […]

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A Place In The Sun

Henry and I stopped seeing each other right around Valentine’s Day. It was a strange occurrence too. It wasn’t a smooth sailing mutual separation, nor was it an energetic uproarious departure between the two of us. We literally just faded away as if nothing ever happened. and all the memory I have of him is […]

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Go To Town

After explaining my disastrous rendezvous with Henry, Valentina decided to take me shopping to find a sexy dress for my next date. “Who even wears dresses on dates anymore?” I muttered. “I do,” Valentina replied matter-factly. “Seriously, you’re going to need to put in a little more effort than that mopey face of yours.” I […]

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Early Morning, Late Night

My face was squished against and under something soft. I struggled to open my eyes and through the crack between the two soft things I saw the window of an apartment I wasn’t familiar with. I stretched and attempted to sit up straight with great force, determination, and throbbing pain. It felt like my head […]

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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

During Christmas time around the office, staff were gathering trees and trinkets to adorn the floor. The only thing missing was Christmas music but I think because people were still in work-mode that the very thought of ‘jingle bells, jingle bells’ on repeat for the coming weeks made their asses twitch. What I was most […]

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Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

“…Anna…Anna, are you listening to me?” “Yes, mom,” I groaned. “I’m trying to have an honest conversation with you about your situation and you’re just rolling your eyes at everything I’m saying.” “Because I seriously don’t want to listen to the lecture. I just want to come home, hang out with my family, and help […]

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Wicked City

I recently discovered a relatively new series called Refresh Man. Unlike the Korean rom-com\dramady Boys Over Flowers that I was super obsessed with and is set in a high school and university, it’s a Chinese\Taiwanese rom-com\dramady set in the corporate world of beauty. Long-story short, the basic premise is of this elite secretary that gets […]

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Lack of Consideration

“I don’t even understand why I’m invited to this thing,” Daniel said. “I told you—” “—yeah, yeah, yeah, you told me that the lady—” “—Barbara,” I quickly corrected. “Yeah, okay, Barbara didn’t want to leave me out of this big town event.” “She’s a sweet lady,” I said, fixing my pastel peach chiffon dress bordering […]

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During the week I went out with Vivian to the dog park with her dog. Despite her little furry senior citizen being a narcoleptic at my house, he still happens to enjoy the outdoors. The area was big but barely had any grass. There was rubble and bark and three entrances with two gates and […]

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