Yup, That Just Happened

Class Friday morning fled by like nothing ever happened. Soon after, I rushed home to pick up Chloe to avoid being late for our appointment. It had been our ritual since I can remember to have our first wax of the year together. Like an unofficial New Year’s Resolution that just happened to be very painful and in our nether regions!

We entered separate rooms of course. I didn’t know if they were all identical since I’ve been going to the same room pretty much every year, but the space was very feminine. The walls were pink, there was always a pink flower on the bed, and even one of the towels were pink. It was as if they thought the floral and girly colour would somehow cushion the blow. No, no. There was no cushion my friends. Just a blow! At one point I thought I even heard Chloe scream!

After our appointment we headed out to our favourite shop for sexy lingerie. I always opted for classic black; simple always gets me. Chloe was more adventurous. As we were shopping the racks Chloe pulled out a pink number with feathers attached to it.

I shook my head. “I’m traumatised by pink.”

Chloe laughed and I joined in too.

“What about this one?” I held up a plain black underwear piece and a lacy black bra.

“Of course you would choose something like that,” Chloe said, disapprovingly.

“Well what’s so bad about it? It’s slick, it’s sexy…”

“…It’s been done, it’s boring,” Chloe smiled.

I rolled my eyes. “Well okay miss know-it-all, let me see your best.”

Chloe’s eyes fired up and without saying a word she accepted the challenge. After a moment of flying solo she came back with nothing but sex! Red took the majority of the colour, some black were seen on the edges, and it was all a set. A bra, a thong, and even a garter.

My eyes widened. “I don’t think I can wear that, like, ever.”

“Don’t be so dramatic.”

“I’m serious,” I laughed nervously, “besides, it’s only a first date.”

Chloe shrugged. “So? Who says you can’t get any on a first date.”

I softened my tense body. “What I’m saying is, this is trying too hard. Way too hard. A garter? Seriously?”

Chloe assessed the ensemble and then nodded. “Okay, maybe the garter is a little much. But I think it’s pretty good.”

I scrunched my face. “It’s alright.”

Chloe clearly took offence. “Well, alright! You’re turn. And no black or flesh tones.”

I threw myself into the clothes (or lack thereof) until I found something that was to my taste. It was exactly like the one I held up before, but instead of it being black it was blue. And instead of feathers, it had bows. White ones.

“Right?” I asked Chloe.

She crossed her arms and shook her head. “There may be no hope for you.”

“Way to take a stab at my shopping sense,” I smacked Chloe on the arm and we laughed.

“Come on, let’s go before you’re late for work.”

Working at Martin’s was the best. Martin is so friendly, customers (on the most part) are so friendly, and we barely had troubles. And it’s very near to the beach. Martin knew how to pick ‘em. After I greeted Martin I went into the break room to put my stuff in a locker and collect a little fluoro band, our only uniform. I tied my hair up in a ponytail, letting some strands fall naturally around my face, then started to greet some of the other employees.

Adam was our hottest worker. He knew how to attract the ladies. He had blonde scruffy hair and always some stubble around his jaw. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him completely shaven before. Tina was like the girl version of Adam but without the stubble! And then there was me, it was mostly us at the one time. Even when it was packed. Martin would usually be in his office, but if it ever got too much, he would come in like a typhoon and handle this place. Sometimes I honestly felt like he hardly ever needed us. That’s how good he was!

“Ready for another year of hard work?” Adam asked.

“I sure am!” I replied.

“This year is going to tough,” Tina said. “I was trying to line up a few jobs earlier on but it was so hard. I’m just going to take it easy for a while and then start again in a couple more months.”

“Good for you,” Adam said.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “everyone needs a break every now and then. You’ll get your shot, don’t even worry about it.”

Tina smiled. “Thanks guys.”

Tonight was super-busy. I barely took a breather. I guess it was because it was the first Friday night after school started and everyone’s already starting to get loose. A few spillages had me occupied at one of the tables that I didn’t even realise who walked in. This time I felt like Daniel was stalking me. How could he be everywhere I was? And I mean, everywhere!? I tried to avoid him as much as possible but it didn’t work. As soon as I returned behind the counter I was like a freakin’ beacon!

“Anna!” Daniel shouted above all the noise and loud music.

“Daniel,” I replied. “What can I get you?”

Daniel furrowed his brows. “You work here?”

I nodded. “Always have.”

“Great,” he beamed, “fantastic! So now you can give my friends and I some free beers!”

I laughed. “No way, Martin would have my ass!”

Daniel looked at my hip and then back up at me. Within the thrashing sea of people he was in he somehow managed to remain still. Just staring at me. I felt like he could see through my clothes and I was naked in his eyes. So I tried repeating myself just get whatever it was on his mind, back out again.

“So what can I get you?” I asked again, this time in a shaky voice.

And because I’m just so lucky these days, Sandy popped out, out of the blue, and wrapped her arm through Daniel’s.

“I’ll have a beer,” Daniel said.

I smiled politely and pulled one out.

“You didn’t ask me which one I wanted,” Daniel said.

I passed it over the table. “Don’t need to, I’m giving you your favourite.”

Sandy snickered as Daniel grinned at my words, clearly having fun. My heart bounced when I saw those dimples so I had to move quickly. As I turned to walk away I bumped into Adam who happened to be carrying a couple of cups filled with beer, and it drenched me. Thank the holiest of holies that I was wearing black but my God suddenly I was very cold!

“Sorry,” Adam mumbled.

I shook my head. “Forget it.”

I turned to see Daniel’s friends and Sandy laughing. Daniel was just staring at me, with a smile on his face. A smile that was the lingering departure of his grin. I was sooo embarrassed I could cry! I quickly moved to the back room to try and call for Martin. He was hunched over his desk in his office, when I came waddling in. He looked up, let out a laugh and then quickly supressed it. He held up a hand and then got up.

“I’ll take third. You go clean yourself up,” he said.

“Thank you,” I squeaked.

I shuffled into the public bathroom shamefully. I tried to look nonchalant while doing so but I was the only one shivering, giving me away. I looked over my shoulder to find Daniel immersed in what seemed a rather riveting conversation with his friends. They were the loudest bunch in the bar.

When I stepped into the bathroom, which by the way, had the most artistic graffiti a local bar can take, I found Sandy there fixing her hair in the mirror. I didn’t notice her while I was looking at Daniel and his friends but it came as a shock to me when I found myself eye to eye with her.

She smiled and nodded at me. “Rough day, right?”

“No, no,” I said, moving closer to the mirror, “I get wet every Friday in this bar. Totally normal.”

I realised what I said at the same time Sandy did and we both started laughing. I snatched out whatever amount of paper towels I could get and began rubbing my shirt. I stopped to twist the shirt and squeeze out some of the beer. Rinse, and repeat!

“I think it might happen tonight,” Sandy said, rather excitedly and as if she was telling a secret.

I blinked a couple times like a cartoon. “What will happen?”

For some reason my mind went straight to my safety and that, whatever will happen, I was danger. I know, I’m so optimistic. That’s just how I roll, pop the collar!

“Noooo, that Daniel and I, you know…” she lifted her brows up and down and winked.

“Oh,” I said. Why was she telling me this?

Suddenly an awkward silence erupted. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I wanted to bolt out of there but I was still so wet and cold, I had no choice but to stay. It was like do or die in here!

“Got any tips for me?” she asked with laughter, probably to fill the silence.

I shrugged. “Have fun?”

Her smile grew and she went back to adjusting her clothes and hair. “Daniel will be great, I’m sure of it,” she said, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I just nodded. After a while she said goodbye to me and went back into the deep end. I let out a sigh of relief and then looked at my reflection. I felt like the beer on my chest just evaporated from the anxiety I was experiencing in such close quarters. I didn’t know how to warn her about him beyond what she already knew. It was almost like she was okay with it. I don’t know, I’m so confused. Maybe the beer went straight to my head.

After the scene died down and I said goodbye to everyone I stepped outside to walk to the parking lot.

“Hey, Anna!” I heard someone call behind me.

I turned to find Adam running to catch up with me. He wrapped his arm around my neck and we walked together.

“Dry yet?” he asked.

I shook my head and pretended to pout. “No.”

Adam laughed. “So a bunch of friends and I are checking out this new club opening up in the city. It’s supposed to be really good, and expensive and hard to get in. Luckily, a friend of a friend of mine is doing publicity for the place and they’re giving me an all access pass. It should be fun. Want to come with?”

“Sounds amazing!” I obviously couldn’t contain my excitement.

Adam just laughed again, louder this time. “You’re so cute when you’re excited.”

I was taken aback by his compliment and blushed. Quick! Speak woman, speak!

“So,” Adam said, interrupting my thoughts, “I guess that means you’re in. I’ll text you to give you the details. It’s either happening Sunday or next Saturday. Still not sure when yet. I’ll see you when I see you.”

“Bye,” I said. “Have a good night.”

“You too,” he replied.

He jogged back into the direction in which he came and I continued my stroll. I had to find something to wear, which obviously called for another shopping sesh with Chloe. A couple more of these, and I will be working myself to the bone to recoup.

After I showered I crashed as soon as I could. Tomorrow was my day with Daniel, and I couldn’t wait! No, actually, I can. Oh well, I guess I couldn’t help it. I think it would be a little awkward though, if I had to see Sandy there, since she was expecting so much from tonight. Above all she had the bizarro chat with me in the bathroom, which I’m still confused about by the way, but I had to clear it out of my mind. Clear everything out. Because I may be dreading tomorrow, but at least tomorrow night will be the highlight. And I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin!


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