Sweet Dreams: A Night to Remember

I regretted knocking on Daniel’s front door soon after I did. It was like every nerve in my body was telling me to turn the other way. Just call in sick or something. Say you got into an accident. Anything but this! I found myself standing in front of the door for a while and I started to think that he either wasn’t home, or that he just didn’t care or something. In any case, it seemed like I wasn’t needed. Hey, there’s always next week right? Just when I was about to leave the door flung open and Sandy was there. Daniel was behind her…wearing only sweatpants.

Sandy smiled politely at me and then turned around to plant a parting kiss on Daniel’s lips. I stood there like an awkward social outcast that was a third wheel. After they exchanged words, Sandy stepped out and began walking on the sidewalk. Daniel moved to the side and gestured for me to walk in. I acted casual while passing his noticeably muscular body. His abs were amazing and his pecs her popping! Yup, 100% hot. There’s no denying it now.

“So,” he slapped his hands together and then rubbed them, “let’s get started shall we?”

He walked towards his bedroom and stopped at the doorway, waiting for me. I must have looked confused because then he said that was where his desk was. I scanned the place and found the dining table to the left of me. I moved towards it and plonked my bag on top. Daniel smiled and then nodded, understanding.

“I’ll put on a shirt then,” he said, almost sounding disappointed.

I nodded. “That might be a good idea. The best you’ve had yet.”

Thankfully he didn’t hear me.

We got started on our work as soon as he came out. He positioned the chair closer to me and every now and then I felt his hand brush up on my forearm. It tingled a bit, leaving me lost in the sensation for a while, but I always regained my senses. For a couple of people who didn’t seem to get along at the start, we seemed to be working fine. We pushed out a few ideas, ones that were actually good, and for the most part, we agreed a lot. Eventually Daniel called for a break and I was glad for it. Sometimes when I work too hard and long, I just start feeling numb, like my bones shrank and I needed to stretch. So when Daniel went to fetch us both a glass of water, I got up to pull my joints. I was bending all the way down to touch my toes when Daniel came back so I swiftly stood back up.

Daniel smiled. “Oh, please, don’t stop on my account.”

I smiled and rolled my eyes. “Shut up.”

“So,” Daniel began as he sat back down, “who is this guy you’re going out with?”

“No one you know,” I replied.

“Come on,” he pressed. “How’d you meet him then?”

I remained silent, wondering if I wanted to tell him anything at all.

“Don’t leave me hanging,” Daniel said. “We’re supposed to be partners, I’m doing the bonding thing. Help me out.”

Daniel grinned showing his dimples and I gave in.

“I met him on the beach. He actually hit me with a ball on my leg,” I laughed. “It really hurt.”

“But at least you got a date out of it right?

I nodded. “Right.”

“Which leg is it?”

I lifted my right one slightly. “This one.”

He looked at my leg covered in jeans for a moment and then returned his attention back to me. “If anything like that happens again, you just come to me.”

I burst out laughing. “For what?”

“I’m serious. My mother is a doctor; not like she taught me everything but I know enough. The basics I guess. Plus, I have gentle soothing hands.”

“I bet,” I mumbled.

Daniel knew what I was talking about and he winked at me. I blushed in response.

“So what’s with you and Sandy, John Travolta?” I asked.

He lifted his head back and laughed. I looked at his Adam’s apple bouncing up and down, and for some reason imagined myself kissing that spot. “Nothing. Sandy knows me. Every girl knows me.”

I wondered. “You don’t feel bad?”

Daniel shrugged. “About what?”

“Leading her on.”

Daniel shook his head. “Like I said, she knows me. I can’t help that she would be here knowing I am the way that I am. Besides, she’s not entirely innocent either. Tons of girls have tried to turn me into their perfect boyfriend right after sex. I take it as a compliment really, but it’s not that I’m changing, they’re just assuming. And trust me, Sandy will think nothing of it come tomorrow morning. I’ve seen it happen a million times; to me they’re sex before and after, to them, I’m just sex after.”

“Well Freud,” I mumbled, “looks like you got it all figured out.”

He could tell I wasn’t exactly moved by his words. An awkward silence arose where I refused to make any sort of noise at all. I didn’t even want to look at him.

Daniel angled his eyes in suspicion. “You think I’m mean don’t you?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Then what is it?”


“Go on,” Daniel prodded, “tell me.”

“I just…know for a fact that Sandy sees it differently.”

This seemed to put Daniel in his place. He was leaning more towards me before but then he just sat back and pondered. I guess I gave him food for thought.

“And what about you tonight?” Daniel asked. “What are you going to do with what’s his face?”

I shrugged. “Whatever I do, whatever we do, at least the both of us will know how it will end.”

Daniel just moved his head slowly up and down, his lips formed in a tight line.

“We should get back to work,” he finally said.

I nodded.

It felt like Daniel and I were working forever. I’m surprised we actually got anything done, Daniel didn’t exactly peg me as the guy who would devote all his time and effort for work, especially when there was a girl around. By the time we did finish it was close to the time I was supposed to have my date with Mark.

I got ready wearing the lingerie and backless dress Chloe and I picked out. Well, mostly Chloe to be honest. She did have a knack for fashion. I went for simplicity with the heels and ended up wearing black pumps. I let my hair down, minimal make up and then went to get Chloe’s approval.

She nodded her head as she scanned me. “I’d fuck you.”

I laughed. “Thanks, Chloe.”

Mark came to pick me up on time, I love a man who comes on time (no pun intended), and then we were off. The restaurant was actually quite pretty. It didn’t look like the kind of place that desperately needed a reservation before arriving but Mark did so anyway. As soon as we walked in we were escorted to our table. We took a minute to look over the menu and after we ordered, and got our drinks, we just grinned at each other. I felt all giddy inside; it was probably the first time I looked at him and absorbed every feature. Every hot feature of his!

“How’s your leg?” he asked.

I felt my cheeks warm up and I could tell he was supressing a chuckle. “It’s okay,” I shrugged. “No ER needed.”

He smiled. “Sorry again.”

I shook my head and waved my hand. “Don’t even worry about it.”

“At least I got a number out of it.”

“You couldn’t think of a better way to get it?” I smiled.

He threw his head back and laughed and for a moment I was reminded of Daniel. I quickly shoved the thought out of my head. I ended up mentioning a book we had to read in one of my classes and we started a conversation on our favourite books, what if the books were turned into movies, which actors would play what characters, movies in general. Somehow we jumped to motion picture soundtracks and then music in general. I was fortunate that he was interesting and not a deadbeat. Super-fortunate!

“Want to get out of here?” Mark said as soon as we finished our dessert.

Mark drove us back to his place with a knowing grin on his face, mine too. We arrived at a little apartment building, a good distance away from the beach as well, and entered his place. It wasn’t too shabby, but Mark told me he wasn’t living alone. He gave me a quick tour of the place, well, he calls it a tour, I just stood in the living room as he gestured with a hand where everything was. He shared the apartment with three other guys.

“They’re out now though,” Mark said.

“Good,” I nodded, swinging my arms and trying not to sound too excited.

Mark switched off most of the lights and put a movie on. We sat on the couch together, occasionally brushing up against one another. Eventually, about half way through the movie, Mark made his move. He passed a compliment about my hair while having a strand in his hand and then curled it behind my ear, exposing the side of my face. I turned to look at him, his eyes fixed on my lips, inching forward, and just like gravity he pulled me in with him. When we kissed, it was the softest of touches. The first kiss was a taste, and as we kissed again, and again, we knew we wanted more. After the taste happened, the temptation, we couldn’t resist.

I decided that I was going to take the chance and be a little adventurous (Chloe would be so proud!), so I moved myself on top of him, putting a leg on each side. He rested his hands on my thighs and gradually moved them upwards while I let my hands roam the back of his neck and the hair there. Our breathing was getting heavy, and I could feel how hard he was. This gave me fuel to pull back and take his shirt off. I kissed his chest and then trailed upwards, up his neck and back on his lips again. His hands were now on my butt, he squeezed me and I moaned into his mouth. I felt his lips curl up in a smile under mine in response. He hooked a finger under my thong and let it linger for just a moment. My heart was racing from his touch. Just when he was about to pull it down, we heard voices and a rustling at the door.

“Shit!” Mark said.

As he did so he got up really quickly, flinging me off and onto the floor. Suddenly, the gentle sensation my butt was feeling because of Mark’s caress disappeared, and was replaced by a throbbing pain.

“Ouch!” I wailed.

“Sorry,” he whispered, quickly putting on the shirt that I just took off.

The door flung open and his three roommates walked in.

“Hey,” I heard one of them say, “Mark, I thought you were out on your date. The hell you still doing here?”

As they were walking forwards they slowly started noticing me on the floor, trying to fix my dress to cover as much of my legs as possible. They smiled, and I knew what they were thinking. I blushed the deepest red ever.

“I think I should go,” I said to Mark as I stood.

He nodded. “Yeah, right.” He sounded nervous.

His friends started moving around us as we walked to the door. Everyone was reacting like the opposite sides of a magnet, until his friends were on the couch, and we were at the door. Mark took me home and all the way there I wanted to do something. I wanted him to pull over so we could pick up where we left off, but something swayed me to remain hush about it. We sat in the car once he parked in the street across from my place.

“I had fun,” Mark said.

I smiled. “Me too.”

Mark ran a hand through his gorgeous golden hair. “So maybe I’ll see you again, then?”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s finish what we’ve started!

I nodded. “Sure, I would like that.”

“Good,” he said, looking once more at my lips.

We leaned into each other, practically in sync, and planted another steamy kiss. I wanted it to be the best for him, a kiss he would crave more of after we parted, so I slipped my tongue in and explored. I heard him groan in response, and it almost sounded like he was regretting the sudden end to our night.

“Bye,” I breathed.

He smiled. “Goodnight, Anna.”

It was only a few steps from across the street to my place, but it felt like I was walking forever. I didn’t look back as I heard the car leave, I just stared at the ground with a dopey smile on my face. It was an amazing night. Probably one of thee best and most enjoyable dates I’ve had in a long time. There were no crazy theatrics, no ego clashes, just us. And we were awesome!

As I was approaching the house I noticed someone standing at the front. I couldn’t quite make out the details properly, but I did see it was a girl, so I assumed it was Chloe. But the figure started walking aggressively towards me and as she got closer my stomach churned.

“Hey Anna!” Sandy said. “What the fuck did you tell Daniel!?”


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