The Persistence of Memory

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My friends and I agreed that we needed to always keep in touch, to keep from falling out. Since I live with Chloe, it’s not so hard with her, but everyone else has such a hectic schedule, that it’s hard to keep up. These moments, these gaps in our days, were treasured. Which is why I was on my way to the art room of campus to meet up with Janet. She and I had a lunch date that we had planned just to catch up, even if only a little time had passed.

“Hey!” I announced as I entered the empty classroom.

Janet turned around and her lips curved up in a bright smile. “Hey, what’s up?”

I shrugged and leaned in for a hug. “Oh, I have some interesting things to tell you.”

“Oh?” she said. “I’m intrigued. Do tell, I have some things of my own that I would like to share. But you go first.”

I sat on one of the stools as I babbled a quick recap. Janet was multitasking, painting while I spoke. From time to time I would glance over and see a soiree of colours dancing across the canvas. I wish I could draw and paint like her, she was talented, but all I could manage were stick figures. Even my stick figures were atrocious!

“Oh. My. God,” Janet said.

I nodded. “I know.”

“You have to take us on your trip, right?” Janet said.

I laughed. “That’s what you got from all of this?”

She shrugged. “What? I totally need a vacay too!”

“Do you really think I’m going to win?”

“Of course,” she said. “This is Daniel we’re talking about. Daniel. He is the epitome of sexual charge. He has about zero self-control.”

“You sound like you know him,” I said, curious.

“A friend of mine slept with him once, and then twice, three times really, she said he was the best lay she ever had.”

“How can she be so sure?”

Janet stopped brushing to look at me. “Oh, this girl has a lot of sex too so she’s got a pretty good frame of reference. It’s not just Daniel. Anyway, apparently, he’ll do anything. Like, anything,” Janet shrugged and then returned her attention to the canvas. “It’s pretty awesome if you think about it.”

“I could do anything,” I mumbled.

Janet heard and laughed. It made my cheeks go red. “The difference between you and Daniel is, girls always come back for more.”

“Hey!” I punched her lightly on the arm. “Not fair.” I joined in with her laughter. “So what’s your news?” I asked.

“Well, I applied for this internship at an advertising agency…and I got it!” Janet beamed.

I could feel my eyes widen with happiness. “That’s great, Janet!”

A tinge of pink started to form on the surface of her cheek bones, it made her even more beautiful than she already was. “I know I’m so excited. I start in a couple of weeks. I was actually thinking that you’d want to apply too.”

My eyebrows angled in confusion. “As an artist?”

“Oh God no,” Janet said all too quickly. “That would be awful.”

“Thanks, Janet,” I laughed.

“In the copyediting department,” Janet clarified. “It’ll be good for you.”

I nodded. “I’ll think about it.”

It would be a good opportunity for me. The more experience I have the better, and this world was all about experience. Everyone tells you to get an education, as if earning a degree is your right of passage. It’s all good and everything, and I totally think an education is important. But experience seems to be overruling. Getting a head start on experience, and having a degree under my belt, well, that seemed like what an employer would look for.

I ended up going to the gym after my little catch up with Janet. I didn’t realise how unfit I’d gotten until I started just walking on the beach. It freaked me out a little, so I signed up soon after. Normally I wouldn’t pay the extra fee for a personal trainer and just do it on my own, but I saw this guy at the gym, and when I found out he was a PT I didn’t even bother reading whatever papers were given to me. For all I know, I could have agreed to sign over my liver in the black market trade for this guy!

I went on a little scavenger hunt for my PT until I found him on the floor, helping out another woman who was on her back. Joshua towered over her like a boulder, his muscles protruding from his skin, as if his skin was tightened over a lumpy sack. A lumpy sack of muscles! He was wearing a navy blue shirt, and black track pants. A slick and simple pattern of just a thin curved line ran half way on the top of his head, starting from his hairline to the centre. The only line that wasn’t in the form of a buzz cut and was completely shaven.

I was clearly impatient as I waited for their session to end. When it finally did the damn woman stole time away from my session to flirt with him. She even stroked her hand down his large arm and I was so jealous. Ugh! Hurry up lady! Other girls want to flirt with him too!

“He gets a lot of ladies signing up,” the receptionist said.

I nodded and smiled politely. “Yeah.”

“Are you here for him or to get a work out?”

Well, if you must know everything! “What’s the difference these days, right?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, smiling knowingly.

Mmmmm-kay then!

“Anna!” Joshua’s deep voice caught my attention, steering me away from the receptionist, who I suspect is doubling as an informant. “So glad you could make it. Ready to get started?”

“Yes!” I said a little too enthusiastically.

Joshua smiled a gorgeous smile and my stomach did flips. “Good. Follow me.”

Let me tell you something, I have not been on the floor, with a guy practically on top of me, and not been boinked before! To stretch my leg back, he was leaning into it as much as I could take, and that alone was killing me.

“Is this okay? He said.

I closed my eyes. “Yes, yes. This position feels good,” I moaned.

I heard a snicker, when I opened my eyes Joshua was avoiding looking at me but I could see his cheeks were pointedly up. It was obvious it was him and I went redder than a tomato.

He finally looked at me, making an effort to suppress his chuckle. “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” I said as clearly as possible, just so he didn’t laugh at me again. I’m so susceptible to humiliation even in the slightest form, it’s not even funny.

“Do you enjoy this position?” he asked.

I eyed him with a questioning gaze.

“When you work out, I mean,” he smiled.

I laughed and breathed out. Ugh! The sexual tension was getting to me so bad. Just do me right here Joshua, I don’t care if everyone watches, let’s just do it!

Joshua laughed as well. “Sorry, that was unprofessional of me. Let’s get back to it.”

Professional, shmeshinal, I wanted to say, but I was transfixed by him on top of me. I belted out a few more routines with him the whole hour. I was so clumsy and ungraceful getting off the elliptical that I ended up looking like a drunkard. Smooth.

By the time my workout finished I was sweating like crazy. I seriously could have filled up a swimming pool with all the sweat that I accumulated. It was insane. At least I wasn’t wearing that much make-up. Can you imagine? Me trying to act all cutsey around Joshua, meanwhile my face would be melting off like something from The Persistence of Memory. Sex-ay!

As I was walking out of the gym I felt my phone buzz. It was a text from Daniel.

‘We need to talk,’ he said.

‘About?’ I texted back.

‘Just meet me at your place. I’ll be waiting.’

Uh-oh. I feel a change in the winds.


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