Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

**Had to put it up early. Enjoy!**

“I can’t do this, Anna,” Daniel said. “I can’t.”

Daniel was already at my place when I arrived, waiting for me like he said. I didn’t even have time to shower and change, the sweat was still stuck to my skin creating a thin layer of sheen. Daniel paced back and forth in my room as I leaned on my desk with my arms crossed. I was deeply amused, it was like watching a comedy. Thought I reckon he thought it was more like torture.

I shrugged, keeping my huge grin. “Well, I think it’s very brave of you to forfeit.”

Daniel scoffed. “Forfeit!? No way, I just need a break.”

I laughed. “A break? I don’t think so.”

“Oh come on, Anna, I’m going crazy here.”

I stood, putting all my weight on my feet and no longer leaning on the desk. “It’s only been like two seconds. You may as well forfeit right now and then you can have all the fun you want.”

He stopped pacing and remained still before me. “I need to know what I can and can’t do.”

“Anything sexual, you can’t do,” I said, firmly and quickly.

Lines collected on Daniel’s forehead. “Anything!? Give me something.”

I thought about it for a moment and then raised my index finger. “Fine. Explicit sex in general is a no, no.”

“That’s a given,” he said. “What else?”

“I’ll give you touching, but you can’t go overboard. And you can’t touch yourself.”

Daniel grinned and I noticed his urgency slipping away from him, he was becoming more relaxed. I moved a couple steps and leaned my back against the wall. He turned his body to face me.

“I can’t touch myself,” Daniel said, moving closer towards me. “What if a girl touches me?”

I tried to act cool and collected as we were inched apart, but all this talk about sex, and what not to touch, was making me a little tingly. What can I say? I’m weak-willed. At least I clearly had stronger willpower than Daniel.

I shook my head. “No.”

He smiled. “So I can touch a girl, but she can’t touch me. That would be weird. I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

I shrugged. “Well I’m not about to give you free reign, am I? Besides, that’s the point; but then again you never know what kind of girls you’d come across. Who knows? Maybe one will be into that sort of thing. It’d be like a game.”

He put his hand up against the wall to the right side of my head, and leaned in closer. At this moment, I could practically feel my blood rushing sporadically. I felt his breathing was a fraction faster and I smiled.

He stared deep into my eyes holding me hostage in them, and suddenly I was hot again. “So far this game isn’t fun.”

I smiled cheekily. “It is to me.”

“I’ve no doubt,” he said. “Anything else?”

I nodded, letting my eyes skim his lips and then returned them up to his. “If you come, period, you lose. Just try not to come.”

He smiled. “Yes, ma’am,” then he pushed himself off the wall. “Getting ready to shower?” he opened the door.

I nodded. “I’m all sweaty and wet.”

He chuckled. “I bet.”

My body relaxed as soon as he left and I sighed heavily. I almost felt like I needed some therapy to control myself. To be honest, it doesn’t really say much if I have a stronger willpower than Daniel. Maybe meditation would help? It’s probably only because I left on such a hot, steamy note with Mark that I’m horny like crazy. Which means I needed to get some bad!

I worked as usual on Friday night. I even looked out for Daniel just in case he was stalking me again. I didn’t see him, which I thought was odd, until I realised I was searching for him which was even more weird. Though I wondered, if Daniel lost the bet, would he tell me? What’s to say he wouldn’t just sleep with someone and hide it from me?

“Did you lose something?” Adam asked, at the bar.

I turned to him. “What?”

“You seem stressed.”

I shook my head and softened my eyes. “No. Just wondering about a friend.”

“Oh yeah?”

I nodded.

“Someone I know?” he asked.

I stared at Adam for a moment, and for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to tell him who I was thinking about. So I lied and told him about Janet and our conversation in the art room. Adam then ended up encouraging me to apply at the advertising agency as well; the topic cleared my mind of Daniel and kept me busy for a while. I was glad.

“So you still down for Saturday?” Adam asked as we exited the bar.

I nodded. “Tina’s coming over and Chloe already bought a dress.”

“And you?”

I was perplexed. “I’m still going.”

Adam laughed. “No, I mean have you bought a dress?”

“Oh,” I smiled, “yeah, well, no. I’m thinking of wearing this old number that I’ve had for a while.”

A really short and black LBD, unlike the one I wore on my date with mark. It had straps going over my shoulders, and did wonders for my cleavage. I figured if I was going clubbing, I may as well go all out.

“’Old number’, that’s cute,” Adam said.

There goes that word again, ‘cute’. Should I be taking it as a compliment or interrogating him right now, because he’s never acted like that before. This occupied me for a while until we arrived at my car. Adam gave me a hug, and for the first time ever, a peck on the cheek as well.

“Goodnight,” he said, raising the corner of his mouth into a soft smile.

I blinked at him a couple of times. “Goodnight?”

Adam laughed again, apparently I was a comedian at my moments of confusion. When I told Chloe about what had happened, she told me it was nothing, so I let it go, thinking just that.

Daniel ended up cancelling on me on Saturday. I woke up to a text from him, ‘need to take a raincheck,’ he wrote. My suspicions of him actually sleeping around grew as soon as I read the text. I pouted my lips, knowing that I may not actually win this bet, and then went back to sleep. Hey, it’s Saturday! I can sleep in (well, more in) if I wanted to!

By the time I woke up I didn’t have much time to do anything productive. I was terminally ill with procrastination and couldn’t do any work, I was so lazy to do any house work, and I could barely get up to take a shower. I had no idea why in the world I was feeling a little low (not down), but I just felt like doing nothing today.

Tina arrived at our place around 8:00PM and we decided to have a little pre-clubbing drink before we hit the gold mine. We gathered on the couch, each of us all dressed up and ready. Chloe in a yellow sequined backless dress (that girl loves her backless dresses) and Tina in a white bodice that showed off her toned midsection, and a tight black skirt. Each of our outfits pretty much the same short length as the others.

“Apparently this club is already getting good reviews,” Tina said. “It’s only opened today but I guess people are tweeting as they’re dancing. I think this might actually be a hotspot.”

I nodded. “Lucky Adam got us some VIP access.”

“All of them are the same to me,” Chloe shrugged, unmoved by anything new it seemed.

“Chloe,” I began, “even if you don’t like the place, just act like you do, I don’t want to hurt Adam’s feelings after he put himself out there to get the invite.”

Tina’s eyes twinkled. “So, what’s up with you and Adam?”

“Huh?” was all I could manage.

Tina laughed. “I mean, it seems like you guys are getting a little friendlier than usual. Have you slept with him!?”

“What?” I asked in surprise. “No!”

“Well,” Tina shrugged, “it looks like something is there.”

“There’s a ‘something’ there?” Chloe asked, who up until this point was darting her eyes back and forth between Tina and I as if she was watching a tennis match and hadn’t said a word.

“We’re just friends,” I said, firmly. I wanted to get it across as assertive as possible to Tina so she didn’t ask any more questions about Adam and I as a potential couple.

I cringed at the word. I couldn’t imagine Adam and I being a couple, it’s too wrong. He’s my friend, and I’m his friend. We just don’t see each other that way. If Adam knew about this conversation he would laugh, and probably feel awkward just as much as I did. It didn’t even matter, by the time Adam picked us up the conversation was already forgotten.

The nightclub happened to be situated in the best spot, at the heart of the city, where the highest vibrations of night life occurred like the epicentre of an earthquake. Unlike an earthquake, however, everyone was drawn to this place like a kid to a sugar factory. The line at the club stretched long and far, so I was quite surprised when it didn’t take us long to enter the place.

Adam told us that this place was nicknamed the Little City of Lights, and I knew why: the first thing you are hit with is the overabundance of colourful liquid lights. Lights everywhere! It was great!

“What do you think?” Adam asked over the loud electric music that made my heart pound with every beat. Etonmessy’s More Than Ever was playing.

I turned to Adam. “I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty cool. Especially since we got good seats.”

“Yeah, they’re reserved for us. Part of the packaged deal.”

“No way,” I said, shocked. Even the seats are ours.

Adam nodded in response and just smiled. I followed suit with a huge grin. I didn’t know if I was easily impressed or not, but damn this place impressed me! Adam took our drink orders and then went up to the bar while us girls chatted. Eventually, a couple of guys came over and started talking to Chloe and Tina. I was glad for them, but suddenly I felt like the third wheel, so I decided to hop out of my (VIP!) seat and help Adam carry the drinks. As I was walking through the packed crowd of people shakin’ it like a Polaroid picture or just talking (or both) I was tapped on my shoulder and heard my name.

“Joshua?” I said, when I turned around. And my word, he somehow looked even hotter out of his work clothes.

“Hey,” he said, “funny bumping into you like this.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “it’s so weird.”

Joshua laughed. “Well don’t go overboard with the excitement now.”

I laughed and felt my cheeks warm up hotter than it already was by this packed club. Luckily, the lights weren’t the kind where you could see everyone’s face clearly.

I shook my head. “No, sorry. I just, I was taken by surprise, Joshua.”

“Please, call me Josh.”

I considered for a moment and then scrunched my nose slightly. “I like, Joshua.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh, so you like Joshua, do you?”

I laughed nervously as he held me in his gaze, making my body rage with fiery butterflies. Just then Adam approached us with just one drink in his hand.

“Hey,” he said, “been looking for you.” Then he noticed Joshua and then turned back to me. “Who’s this guy?”

Joshua held out his hand. “I’m Joshua, Anna’s personal trainer,” he then looked at me and winked.

Adam didn’t take Joshua’s hand and just let him hang in the air. Instead, I felt Adam’s body stiffen once Joshua winked at me. Joshua took his hand away and then practically stared Adam back down; this must have been some sort of alpha male thing, so I took my drink from Adam to try and distract them both.

Adam finally turned his attention back to me. “Join us when you’re finished, yeah?”

I nodded while sipping my drink.

“What’s up with that guy?” Joshua asked after Adam left.

I shook my head and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

Ugh! Why must I go down this road again? “No.”

Joshua grinned widely. “Is your boyfriend here?”

I smiled, knowing where this was going. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Joshua moved closer. “So, about that stretching position you like so much…”

I took a huge gulp, hoping to infuse my body with just enough alcohol to make me brave. Joshua smiled at my response. Another song by Etonmessy filled the club again, called What You Need. Somehow the combination of the alcohol, the song, and Joshua made the temptation hard to resist.

“…I was just thinking how sexy you looked on the floor like that. Underneath me.”

I took another gulp just before Joshua put his hand around my waist. His touch tingled every nerve of my body. I put my hand on his muscular chest, and oh, my, were they muscular! “You’re my personal trainer.”

Joshua shrugged. “Not right now I’m not.”

He moved his hand down to my butt for just moment and then raised it again. I took another gulp.

“The same position?” I asked.

Joshua bit his lip and just nodded. It was so sexy! So I took another gulp. I couldn’t see that he was getting closer because it was so dark, but suddenly my eyes were closed and I felt his luscious lips on mine. His delicious tongue swam in my mouth and wrestled with my tongue. He pulled me in closer by my waist, and then with his fingers gently pushed my butt into him just enough that I could feel how hard he was. I couldn’t help but moan as he softly bit my bottom lip and then trailed sweet pecks down my neck. I’ve taken a bite of the apple, and it was intoxicating!

Joshua pulled back and smiled a gentle smile. “So…my place?”


5 thoughts on “Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture!

  1. Loving the characters!!! Can’t wait to see what happens with Joshua and Daniel 😉 just wondering if you have a posting schedule?

  2. Dear lovely readers!

    Wondering what happens next? If I see another comment on this post from another reader then, I will reply to that comment with a sneak peak of next week’s post!

    P.S. I hope you clicked the links to hear the songs and enjoyed them! xo



    1. Thank you so much for your support! As you are the second reader who commented, here’s the sneak peak:

      “I may never know how I got there, but one thing’s for sure, I came alone which means I must have left the club alone. I walked extremely slowly, (we’re talking snail speed people!) up towards the front door after I was dropped off by a cab. When I entered I found Chloe on the sofa with an ice-pack on her forehead. I guess I’m not the only one that had a rough night.”

      Hope to see you all next week! xo



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