Dazed & Confused

I woke up the next day, dazed and confused. The room was unrecognisable for a moment, but I felt like I was here before. The curtains were shut but the sun shone through just around the edges, I’d rather it be pitch black but at least it was bearable. It took me forever to get up, because my whole body felt like it was being anchored down forcefully. After I fought the stubborn and difficult pull downwards, I was hit with a shock to my head. I held it and groaned, quite loudly I might add. I think I must have sounded like a cat in heat or something.

I tried to remember what had happened last night, but my memory sucked when there was alcohol swarming in my blood. Where’d I go? Who was there? Girls? Oh, right, Chloe. Chloe was there. Another girl I couldn’t quite remember. There was loud music. A dark room. Riiiiiiiight, the nightclub. Adam invited us. What happed after that? I don’t remember drinking too much. I barely had a sip of – oh, that’s right, Adam bought me a drink. While I was talking to…

Oh SHIT! Joshua!

My eyes widened and it felt like my whole head expanded. I quickly looked under the sheets to see if my dress was still on. I was relieved to find my short and tight LBD on, though it was raised to my waist. Probably because I was moving around a lot at night. I hope to God that’s the reason!

Just then I heard a rustling sound outside the room. There was someone in the house; I mechanically dragged my bare feet across the room and opened the door. I was met by my one and only, making food (breakfast?) in the kitchen. It was Daniel. I groaned again, and he heard. He turned around carrying a pan full of eggs and dumped the sloshing pile onto a couple of plates. I wobbled towards the food, suddenly driven by the insane urge to satisfy my grumbling stomach. And boy, was my tummy grumbling! I’m unfortunate enough for my stomach to sound like a lion had sex with an alien and the strange product’s first words was in the form of a high pitched question.

“Good morning, sweetie,” Daniel said, with a smile on his face and humour clearly coating his greeting.

I held my head. “Shhhh.”

Daniel chuckled. “Fun night?”

“I guess so. I don’t know,” I croaked. Was that my voice? Was that my voice!? (from 0:35) I sounded soooo unbelievably bad.

Daniel laughed again while he sat down. “You should see your face.”

I stilled like a rock and then bolted into his bathroom. As soon as I looked into the mirror I was horrified. I seriously wanted to crawl up in a cave somewhere and just become forgotten. My make-up was all smudged in a circular motion around my face. No idea how the hell that happened. Everything was blotchy and gross. My eyeliner and mascara was drooping down my cheeks, (and oddly enough there were a few spots on my forehead) and my lips, stained with a fire-engine coloured lipstick, was strewn all over and around my mouth. It looked like I had a rash on my face, like, a legit rash.

I rinsed my face off with as much water as possible and then attempted to wipe away my make-up. Most of it, the notorious marks, were gone, if not almost. I could at least live with that. When I came back to the dining table, Daniel was throwing back chunks of food into his mouth.

“Everything okay?” he asked when I sat down.

I cleared my throat to avoid sounding like a chain-smoking serial killer again. “Did we…did you and I…did we…”

Daniel didn’t bother interjecting. Instead he watched me struggle with a sly smile on his face. Though after a moment he must have taken pity on me, because then he spoke.

“You don’t remember anything from last night?”

I sighed. “Some bits, here and there.”

“What bits?” Daniel prodded.

I sighed again, a little more pronounced this time. “Clubbing bits.”

Daniel grinned. “And nothing after that?”

Ease up on the interrogation, dude, my brain is still buzzing! The suspense was killing me. Finally I looked at him. “Did you lose the bet?”

Daniel didn’t respond for a moment, but then he shook his head, keeping the sly smile. “No, ‘passed out drunk’ wouldn’t be a good time to do it, don’t you think? A lot of questions would be asked, probably with me in handcuffs.”

I chuckled and the vibration resonated to my head. I groaned again. “So what did happen?”

Daniel took another bite and chewed while speaking. “You came barging into my place, saying things like, ‘what if I’m not being honest about sleeping with someone?’, ‘would I tell you?’. At least that’s what I gathered from the slurry mess.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “And then?”

“Oh I was laughing the entire time, believe me, it was very entertaining.”

I put my face in my hands. “Glad to be of service,” I mumbled.

“You also mentioned a ‘Joshua’.”

I looked up so quickly my head hurt again.

Daniel grinned and blinked innocently. “Who’s Joshua?”

I remained silent for a moment, staring at Daniel. He was chewing and deeply amused by the night. And boy, oh boy, did I want to wipe that smile off his face. But instead I just went red.

“I have to go,” I said while getting up.

Daniel pointed at my plate with his fork. “Don’t you want some breakfast first?”

“I’ll eat when I get home,” I breathed.

Daniel’s shoulders dropped and then he returned to his food. “Don’t forget your shoes.”

I may never know how I got there, but one thing’s for sure, I came alone which means I must have left the club alone. I walked extremely slowly, (we’re talking snail speed people!) up towards the front door after I was dropped off by a cab. When I entered I found Chloe on the sofa with an ice-pack on her forehead. I guess I’m not the only one that had a rough night.

“How are we?” I asked as I put a cushion on the floor beside her and plonked myself down.

She handed me the ice-pack. “I didn’t even drink that much. Am I that much of a lightweight?”

I tried to nod. What does it matter? She can’t see me anyway. “Is your head hurting that badly?”

“No, but I do feel drained.”

“Was it a good night after I left?”

Chloe chuckled. “Oh yeah, I took the party back to our place. He’s still here, taking a shower.”

Oh, right. I do remember a couple of guys chatting up Chloe and…damn, who was that other girl!? Anyway, I guess I’m getting reacquainted with one of them today.

I tried to listen out for the water crashing. “I don’t hear anything.”

“Your ears must still be ringing. I’ll tell you all about him in a second, after you tell me where you got off to? You should have called us by the way, Adam was super-worried about you. He called you like a million times.”

Just then I recalled that I had left my cell at Daniel’s place. I remembered seeing it sitting on Daniel’s bedside table as I got up, but I forgot to take it with me when I went on a scavenging hunt for my heels and clutch.

Suddenly I was anxious of the many messages Adam must have left me. He must think I was rude for abandoning him like that, especially since he was so generous to extend the invite to me, Chloe and TINA! There we go!

“So?” Chloe pressed.

I scrunched my face, afraid to tell Chloe just in case she got the wrong idea. “I went over to Daniel’s.”

Chloe sat up pretty fast. Clearly she wasn’t feeling that drained. “How was he? Do you even remember?”

“No,” I wailed. “I mean, nothing happened. I don’t remember much from last night, but I know nothing happened.”

Chloe sighed irritably. “So you didn’t win the bet?”

I shook my head. Hey, I was feeling a little better. “How? Me? No.”

“Dude, you could actually have sex with the man himself and win the bet! It’s a double whammy!”

I thought about that for a moment, and I must say it was definitely an intriguing idea. For me to be the one that Daniel loses the bet to as well, that would be the cherry on top of the cake. I smiled to myself while thinking of various ways of seducing Daniel, but I feel like he’s just that good that he’d catch me in my act in a second. The proposition was certainly worth thinking over, I mean, the reward is definitely worth the effort!

I held up my arm for Chloe to grab and help me up onto the couch. I needed that pull. I was going to be one with the floor if I didn’t get my much needed assistance.

“So,” I began, “about you’re guy?”

Chloe’s eyes lit up. “He is—”

The door of our bathroom opened, interrupting Chloe. My heart dropped and my body surged with heat as soon as I saw who got out, with a towel wrapped around his chiselled waist.

Chloe stood, and I followed suit. “Anna, this is Joshua; Joshua, Anna.”

Joshua, with just a tinge of red colouring his cheeks, stretched out his hand and smiled. “Nice to meet you, Anna.”

***Hi everyone! Next week is a doozy! Want a sneak peek? If I see three comments from three different readers, then I’ll reply to the third comment with a sneak peek of next week’s post! xo***


19 thoughts on “Dazed & Confused

    1. Wow! I’m so pleased with the response! Here’s the sneak peek:

      “I saw his mouth twitch and I giggled. I uncrossed my legs and stood before him, he watched as I unraveled the belt of my coat and dropped the cover on the floor. Then I pulled my dress all the way down, together with the coat it made a small pile on the floor. His eyes widened as his mouth turned into an O-shape, it was as if he was trying to say something but couldn’t, and I was pleased with myself. The student has become the master, my friend!”

      See you next week! xo



  1. I just started reading your blog and I must say it’s very interesting. I look forward to see what happens between Daniel and Anna. Sneak peek please!

  2. OK…here’s another three, so another sneak peek! LOL! Joshua is obviously a player, but he should have acknowledged he knows Anna or there’s going to be awkwardness with her and Chloe. mum

  3. I have just started reading this and I am lost. It’s good but am having a hard time figuring out Anna & Daniel. It does appear Adam likes Anna? Could someone clue me in?

    1. It definitely appears that Adam likes her; but I’m a tams worried that since the only drink she remembers having was the ONE he it her and she remembers nada, that it might have been drugged. If so, Joshua unknowingly ran interference.

      Now with Daniel, this relationship somewhat reminds me of Made of Honor with Patrick Demsky (sp?). They seem to be building this, take what it is with no bs friendship with might build to something more but only when it seems she’s gone. I could be wrong.

      1. Yes, I am another Amy. Hehe
        Yes, I thought about that one drink too (scary) and i
        Don’t recall how she even got to Daniel’s after that drink. How did she end up at his place? What happened to Adam?

      2. Thanks for replying, Amy R! And because everyone has been so awesome here, here’s a sneak peek that’s a little saucy for you:

        “I began kissing his neck and licking and nibbling on his ear. He moaned and wriggled underneath me to my every touch, his reaction was such a turn on it was starting to get me a little warm. I started trailing down his neck to lick his nipples and his sensational, rock-hard abs, and he moaned even louder.

        “Oh, yeah,” he breathed, “that feels so good.””

        See you next week! xo



      3. Hi Amys!

        I agree, definitely see the Daniel/Dempsey potential and the limited drinking-to-hot-mess factor seems odd, especially for a bartender. What makes it especially confusing for me is that Anna doesn’t seem to realize Adam likes her. Makes me question how cognizant she is of her environment. Sounds like she’s going to get herself into some crazy and exciting situations! With that racy preview, I’m not the least bit upset with the prospect! 🙂

      1. Wonder what happenned… and what’s up woth Joshua acting as if he doesnt know Anna. Anyways! im loving all the mystery!!
        – Dahlia

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