Side Effects of the Grin-of-Pleasure!

Chloe’s little shindig with Joshua didn’t bother me, but to be honest I was a little weirded out when Joshua acted like he didn’t know me. So the only way I could react when Joshua held out his hand was to take it silently. What else could I do? I was too taken aback to say a peep. After Joshua left, Chloe told me all the saucy details, and it sounded great; though I could never hide my facial expressions with Chloe. She knew me too well to know whether my act was bullshit or not.

“Umm…” Chloe narrowed her eyes with speculation, “you seem weird about this.”

“Me?” I said in a pitch that was way too high. She tilted her head knowingly, so I sighed. “I know him.”

She shrugged as a way to urge me on.

I went red and smiled sheepishly. “He’s my PT.”

“I know that’s not all,” Chloe said, “spill.”

Why? Why? Why couldn’t I be a better liar so I could flee from this conversation? “I saw him at the club last night. He asked me to go back to his place.”

Chloe took a moment to process this and then finally scoffed. “Oh great, so I’m some guys’ second choice now? Who knows, maybe even ninth?”

“It doesn’t matter, though,” I said, swiftly. “I was probably his fifth!”

Chloe laughed, but I could tell her spirits weren’t lifted. “That doesn’t even make sense,” she shrugged. “Knowing that you weren’t someone’s first choice is kind of a bummer.”

I wondered. “You liked him didn’t you?”

Chloe nodded. “Stupid, right? But I thought we got along. I mean, we spoke for hours, practically all, well, not all night, but most of the night. We connected you know, we had a thing. Oh my God, listen to me talk, I’m such an idiot. Am I really that gullible?”

I shook my head hard. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s all good. Shit happens. And don’t ever say that you’re stupid, because you’re not.”

Chloe laughed whole-heartedly. “Thanks.”

I smiled as she told me to hash out my plans of seduction. All the while I was speaking, I had a sense I knew who she was thinking of. Scotty, her ex from high school, swooned her practically the very second they met. He betrayed her trust quicker than you could say ‘the shit hath hittith the fan’ (from 4:40) and I think it has left her more sensitive than ever. When she thought they were doing so well, he broke up with her, leaving her for another girl. And not just any girl, one of Chloe’s closest friends. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chloe cry so much in my life; ‘she’s a bitch and he’s a jerk, they’re made for each other for all I care,’ she would say between snot bubbles and hiccups, ‘I got to learn to not be so trusting from the get go’. I guess we’re both still learning. This is the mistake-making years, make ‘em and weep. We just got to keep reviving that horse and get back up!

I decided to go shopping for that lingerie Chloe approved of. If I was going to attempt to seduce Daniel I may as well go all out, right? After I told Chloe my plans of being a temptress she demanded that I wear the lacy lust magnet she showed me last time, refusing to take no for an answer. It was a good idea anyway, I needed all the influential forces on my side as possible.

‘Wear crotch-less underwear!’ Chloe texted while I was perusing.

‘Crotch-less? Are you kidding!? Hell-to-the-no, Chloe’. I bolted out of there as soon as I bought the lingerie.

I decided to wait until nightfall to strike. Oh, jeez, listen to me, I sound like I’m part of a platoon ready to attack. Well, I hope Daniel will do most of the shooting. I arrived at his place, late and ready. I called before (using Chloe’s cell because mine was still back at Daniel’s) to see if his roommate would be out for the night, sure enough, he would be gone for most of the night. Perfect timing, if I do say so myself.

I stood waiting, after I knocked on the door, wearing a long black coat over the sexiest dress I could find, which wasn’t so tight but short enough so that it may rise above just a little, and the most expensive sultry perfume I owned. I wanted the entire cosmos on my side, anything to bring out the seduction prowess that I hope is lurking inside me.

“Hi,” Daniel said as soon as he opened the door, shirtless as usual, but hey, that’s one step done for me, “come in.”

“Thank you.” I put on my best catwalk show.

I went straight to his bedroom without looking back to see if he was following or confused. I needed him to follow me without question, to do that, I needed to act like it was imperative to have our conversation (if any) in there.

I sat on the end of his bed, which happened to be made up by the way, completely erasing any evidence that I was there earlier today. I crossed my stockinged legs one over the other and leaned back slightly, resting most of my weight on my hands. Just as I had hoped, Daniel came into the room soon after, carrying my cell and, by the looks of it, clearly wondering what was going on.

He pulled out a chair from his desk and settled in front of me, holding out my phone. “Looking for this? It kept going off by the way. It was kind of bugging me.”

Great, now I’m going to be thinking about how much I made Adam worry about me while I have sex with Daniel. What a turn on!

I held out my hand, palm up. “Thank you.”

Daniel smiled and scooted a little closer. I moved my leg to the side a bit, and I saw his eyes skid my garter, catching his attention. They swiftly raised up to mine, this time it looked like he was putting a lot more effort into not looking down.

Daniel cleared his throat. “You’re welcome. I’m going to get a cup of water,” he said, walking out of the room so hastily I didn’t get a chance to reply.

I took this time to quickly check my phone. Eleven missed calls, all from Adam. A couple messages from him as well, mostly consisting of the questions of my whereabouts. Also a message from Tina, ‘Sorry I left you at Daniel’s all drunk and stuff. You should have stopped at the one drink, but I guess that guy you were with was shouting for you. Besides, you kept telling me, and the driver mind you, to go to Daniel’s, like he knew what the fuck you were talking about. You were so annoying that I was so close to throwing you out then and there, but I dropped you off at Daniel’s instead.’ Okay then. I’m never going out with her again. Or maybe just not while I’m drunk and alone.

And eww, so it was Joshua who was buying me drinks? Yup, I’m definitely going to be flying solo at gym now. I found a couple messages from him as well, though I didn’t have time to look at them because Daniel strode in, sitting back down on the chair.

I morphed my face back to sexy-time while putting my phone on the bed, circling my index finger on the linen. “Is there anything I can do for you, in return?” I flashed him my ‘grin-of-pleasure’.

My friends and I used to talk about how in movies, to seduce a man the women would sometimes throw them what we now call, a ‘grin-of-pleasure’; where it kind of looks like the woman’s about to do something very, very bad, during or after they have sex. Maybe she’ll do the most unexpected, kinkiest thing ever, and that was a warning. To put it simply, a luring tactic. Of course men have their fair share of showcasing the ‘grin-of-pleasure’. Take Jack Nicholson, for example, in The Witches of Eastwick, and throughout his entire life!

Daniel shook his head. “What do you mean?”

I saw his mouth twitch and I giggled. I uncrossed my legs and stood before him, he watched as I unravelled the belt of my coat and dropped the cover on the floor. Then I pulled my dress all the way down, together with the coat it made a small pile on the floor. His eyes widened as his mouth turned into an O-shape, it was as if he was trying to say something but couldn’t, and I was pleased with myself. The student has become the master, my friend!

“Umm…uhh…Anna. You’re naked,” Daniel managed to say.

“Not yet I’m not,” I said as I got onto my knees, unbuckling the belt of his jeans.

His fingers firmly gripped the edge of the seat, so hard I could practically see his bones protruding from underneath his skin, making the surface even whiter. I was actually surprised at my initial reaction to get on my knees because well, I don’t do this very often, but I so badly wanted to win this bet. I’m not much of a flirt either, but I was counting on Daniel’s crazy libido to be on the high; I was in it now anyway, there’s no going back. He squirmed a bit, trying to get up and finally succeeding. I pretended to pout.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a shaky voice.

I stood, which I was surprised to do without struggle since I hadn’t gotten down in a looooong time. “I’m making up for all the trouble I put you through,” I said in the most innocent voice I could muster. “Don’t you want any?”

He laughed again, nervously. “So our bet’s off?”

“Nope,” I said, pushing him onto the bed and climbing on top of him.

I began kissing his neck and licking and nibbling on his ear. He moaned and wriggled underneath me to my every touch, his reaction was such a turn on it was starting to get me a little warm. I started trailing down his neck to lick his nipples and his sensational, rock-hard abs, and he moaned even louder.

“Oh, yeah,” he breathed, “that feels so good.”

I smiled. The entire time I was kissing him I hadn’t realised that he hadn’t yet touched me.

“Waiting for an invitation?” I asked, seeing the impatience in his eyes.

His eyebrows pulled together. “What?”

“Touch me,” I whispered into his ear, allowing my lips to lightly graze the lobe.

I ran my hand down to his groin and squeezed him only for a moment.

Oh!” he moaned in response, “I can’t, you’ll win. I know what you’re trying to do. It won’t work.” He closed his eyes, inhaling vehemently through his nose, and said, almost like a chant in an effort to convince himself, “It won’t work, it won’t work.”

“So stop me,” I teased. I put my hand underneath his jeans and grabbed him again. This time I felt the intensity of how hard he was. He thrust his pelvis into my hand, urging me on, wanting more.

“I don’t want to,” he breathed. “I want you so badly, it’s killing me right now.”

I smiled proudly knowing that I was on my way to victory. On my way to winning this bet. I was on my way to a nice vacation, already debating what place I felt like going to, and who I was bringing. Everything was going according to plan.

But…I guess this year was not going to be a good year with men for me, because neither Daniel nor I even heard the front door opening. So when Sandy sprung into his room, pretty much all set and ready to rumble, Daniel, from pure shock, flung himself up quickly, head-butting me.

And I blacked out.

***Hi everyone! Seven comments on this post from seven different readers gives you a sneak peek of next week’s post! The sneak peek will be replied to the seventh comment! I hoped you enjoyed this post! xo***


26 thoughts on “Side Effects of the Grin-of-Pleasure!

  1. Ok. I understand the bet but what is the Anna/Daniel deal? Who is Sandy -girlfriend of his?
    I’d like to hear what Adam has to say and a discription of him & Joshua has some explaining to do!! Yes, no more pt’s at the gym.
    Great post!!

  2. I can’t wait another week for this! I love this blog!! Can’t wait to see what the crazy Sandy does walking in on this!

    1. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! Here’s the sneak peek:

      ““Would you like to go have lunch with me?” he asked again, sounding each word a little slow.

      “Sure,” I squeaked. I cleared my throat and then tried again, a little more coolly this time. “Sure, sure why not.”

      I could hear Daniel supressing a laugh. “Alright, I’ll see you soon then.” Then we hung up.

      You know how when you watch a movie sometimes you don’t get what’s happening on the first take. But as you watch it over and over again, you gradually understand. Yeah? This was nothing like that. Let me just say, no matter how many times I replayed the conversation with Daniel in my head it still left me confused beyond comprehension. Not even discussing it with any of my friends helped. The finale of my puzzled thoughts was that I just let it slide. If I needed to find out anything about the whole thing, I could always ask him on D-day right? Right.”

      Also, I’m considering uploading next week’s post on Thursday 8:00pm EST\Friday 12:00pm AEDT instead. Maybe you can help me out? All you have to do is comment on a post, and\or a particular line, and\or scenario, that is your favourite thus far. If the comments hit 15 on this post (not including my comment\s) then I will have next week’s post uploaded sooner, just for you! But hurry, Thursday 8:00pm EST\Friday 12:00pm AEDT is the deadline!




      1. love this blog, i agree with everyone, waiting a whole week is just sooo long, especially with all these cliff hangers.. cant wait for the next post!

  3. I definitely think you should upload the next post on Thursday! This post is by far my favorite. I love how Anna is trying to win the bet, I didn’t see that coming. Keep up the great blogs!!

  4. Please please pleaseeeeeeeeee post another one! A whole week is just too far away!!!!!!
    Your doing an amazing job by the way, im really enjoying your blog ALOT.

    Also! So wait how did Sandy get into Daniels place? She just walked in? Does she have a key to his place? How serious are they? I thought they were just friends with benefits? AHHHHHH 21 questions!! This is why i need more!!! Hahaha.

  5. Yes post next weeks sooner!!!
    I love how she is so oblivious to the fact Adam really likes her and wants to more then friends. I love how in this post she just goes and gets what she wants!!! she wants to win the bet but also you know she wants to sleep with Daniel and as much as she denies it she likes him. I kinda feel bad for Adam because she is going to hurt him. 😦

  6. Can’t we have post at least twice a week? Once a week is just going to kill us readers, with the intense curiosity of wanting to know or contemplating what happen’s next.

  7. LMAO! I can’t believe she blacked out.

    I’m kind of confused, too. Is she into Daniel at all? I can’t believe she go down just for a vacation weekend. And I almost think he sees her as more than a piece of @$$. JMO. PLEASE POST EARLY! mum

  8. Love your blog! Definitely would love to have next weeks post early. I agree with anon 3:06am – 2x per week posts would be awesome!

  9. I’m dying to know what happens between Anna, Daniel, and Sandy! I hope you consider writing 2 posts a week. I absolutely love this blog!!

  10. I like this blog so far… But I don’t love it yet. The story is interesting but there is just something about the flow, or story development, or something I can’t get into. It’s hard to put my finger on it. That said, I do want to read more.

  11. Oh my goodness, just found your blog and love it!! Just had to add your writing has me literally lol’ing at work. Can’t wait to read all the posts!!

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