Getaway or Get Away?

Daniel’s father’s fingers laced around my hand as he shook it firmly. I didn’t shake back, because I was still too stunned, so my arm felt like it waved like a cartoon up and down.

“Pleasure to meet you, Anna,” he said.

I returned a smile and nodded, though I felt like my smile looked like I was in pain or something.

“We’ll be expecting the two of you then.”

“Dad, we have commitments over here. School and whatnot.”

“It’s just for one weekend son, we’re not going to hold you hostage I promise. Besides, if this is really your girlfriend then she’ll have no problem meeting some of the family.”

At this point he hadn’t yet let go of my hand, I was immobile under his grasp. More like a claw rather than a hand to be honest.

“We’ll be there,” Daniel said.

And it was like they were the magic words as his father finally let go of me. “It’s done then. See you on the weekend.” He gathered his things and then left the house.

I watched as Daniel seemed to relax his strained and tense posture, and then he finally looked at me, also as if noticing me for the first time.

“Well that was a close one,” he sighed, throwing an apologetic smile.

I put a hand on my hip and leaned most of my weight on one leg. “Girlfriend?”

Now he was the one that looked worried. He grinned and shrugged. “It was the first thing that came to my head.”

“Girlfriend!?” I repeated, incredulously.

“Hey, think of it this way, at least you’ll get your vacation now,” he smiled brightly, as if he thought that would help.

I laughed. “You’re not seriously considering this are you?”

He turned to face me, giving me his full attention. “This is really hard for me to admit, but I really need your help. My family situation is a little hard to explain right now, and I promise you I’ll explain it to you later, if you’d like, but I just need you.”

I shook my head. “You’re putting a lot of pressure on me right now.”

He held up his hands, palms open. The lines on his forehead increasingly became pronounced. “I know, I know. And I swear to you, I will never ask of you anything like this again.”

I shook my head again, absentmindedly this time. “I have to think about it.”

“Fine,” he said.

“I’m guessing my deadline is this weekend?” I asked.

He only nodded.

“Okay,” I sighed, letting out a long string of air, “I’ll get back to you.”

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how to approach this. Sure, a little vacation away, his father looked well-off so I’m guessing the place we’d end up going to wouldn’t be a dump, so everything seemed harmless. But I couldn’t help wondering what the difference would be if I just refused. He might be uncomfortable with his father, but judging by their little conversation it didn’t sound like they were hip-to-hip buddies, so nothing would change there. And besides he hardly sees his farther, also judging by their conversation. I was leaning towards saying ‘no’, but I felt heartless. Like, if it was in my power to do something positive, to help someone out, then I should act on that ability. Even if that someone was, Daniel, not like he was a bad guy or anything. Although I would like to get back at him for nearly running me over with his motorcycle. Yes, I will never forget that day.

I had a lot to think about, and for now I wanted to ponder my options alone, so I decided to hit the gym. I worked up a good sweat, burning practically every inch of my insides, having some me time. But in all this haze I completely forgot about Joshua. He walked passed me, chatting up another young girl, while I was on the elliptical. I flushed, heating up even more, hoping he didn’t see me. I took this chance to get off the machine, and run out, but in my rush, I forgot my water bottle. When I turned, Joshua was leaning on the elliptical I was just on, with his bulky arms crossed over his chest, and that cocky grin I now hated seeing.

“Hi,” he said, as I approached him.

I tightened my eyes. “Hi.”

He laughed and I knew why. My attempts at acting harsh and mean could never come naturally to me, so instead I just looked like a petulant child. I may as well have stomped my feet.

“So,” he began, “you haven’t come to my last couple sessions. Why is that?”

“Oh, so now you remember me?” I said, with a little attitude colouring my tone.

“Don’t be jealous,” he replied. “You’ll get your chance,” he winked. “I just couldn’t do it while you were so drunk like that.”

I put my hands to my chest. “Oh, how noble of you.”

He laughed again. “So, ready for that stretching position you like so much?” he winked again.

I briefly widened my eyes. Was this guy for real? “I think now’s the time to tell you I’m going solo.”

“Fine,” he said, bitterly, “your loss. But just so you know I’m the only one that can fix your look.”

Fix my look? What a douche! “You are beyond repair,” I said. “Anyway, my mother told me not to speak to strangers so, have a nice day.” I forced a smile and then grabbed my water bottle. Thank God I didn’t sleep with him!

I texted Adam to ask him if I could come over to his place, right before I took a shower. When I got out, he replied that he was free. I got there in no time. I really valued my relationship with Adam, so I felt that it was important we have our talk sooner rather than later.

So here I was, sitting on his sofa, waiting for the conversation between him and his roommates to end before they left. I wondered, was Adam staying just for me?

“Want something to drink?” he asked me as soon as he closed the door.

I nodded. “Water. Thanks.”

He brought two cups and sat beside me.

“So,” he said, “what are you up to?”

I smiled and shrugged. “Nothing much.” Oh, no, too much to tell, I thought.

“You?” I asked.

“Same,” he ended.

Wow, is it me, or did the conversations between Adam and I just start to get lame? But then again, I didn’t know how to talk to him about us without sounding so conceited. Cue bimbo voice: like, some of my friends tooootally think you like me, and well, I just think that’s why you’re mad at me, just because nothing can happen between us, I thought.

He slapped his hands together and rubbed them, knocking me out of my reverie. “I forgot to tell you, the nightclub that just opened, the one we visited, apparently they want some bartenders over there. A friend of mine works there and I told him about you, he asked me to ask you. So what do you think? Pay’s better.”

I nodded. “I’ll think about it. Thanks.”

“Not a problem,” he replied.

“You going too?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I’m good where I’m at. Besides, I’m nowhere near as skilled as you.”

I blushed. “I’d miss you there though.”

He paused and then scooted closer just a little bit while saying, “Really? You would?”


I sighed nervously, hoping that I didn’t lead him on just then.

“You know, I think now’s a good time, to say what’s on my mind,” he said, softly.

“Adam…” I couldn’t look at him. My heart thumped. I didn’t feel too good. But before I could say any more he cut me off.

“Look, I need to tell you this, before it’s too late. Before you go running off with Daniel like the rest of the girls who know exactly how he is, but still think he would change for them.”

I shook my head quickly. “We’re not like that, I swear.”

“Then he wouldn’t mind if I did this.”

He clasped my head on the sides gently and leaned in. I impulsively gravitated towards him, and then we were kissing. I felt his stubble grazing my lips, his tongue in my mouth contrasted the roughness. I thought I’d pull away but I couldn’t, I was surprised at how much I liked it. At how much it wasn’t awkward. At how much I wanted it as well.

He changed his position so that his knees were on the couch and he was on top of me while I was lying down. I could feel his heart thumping just as hard as mine. I guess he was nervous too. Our kisses became more passionate, more urgent. He on the other hand felt like he wanted to do this for a long time but couldn’t. He began unbuttoning my blouse and then moving his kisses down my neck. I felt his sweets pecks on my breasts, and he squeezed them, in that moment, my senses intensified and I could feel how hard he was. I felt like I was burning from the neck up and his lips didn’t help.

“Do you have any idea,” he whispered while unbuckling the belt of his jeans and unzipping his pants, “how long I’ve wanted you like this?”

“Oh, Adam,” I breathed.

“Shhh,” he said, “I’m just glad you feel the same way about me.”

Reflexively, I opened my eyes, never feeling more disgusted with myself at how I’ve treated him than now. Because in this moment I realised that my feelings for him were to remain this way, at least for now; yet he thought otherwise.

I stopped his hand from pulling my jeans down, and he paused to look at me confusedly. “I can’t.”

His eyebrows pulled together in disappointment, softly brushing my cheek with the back of his fingers. “Another time?”

I shook my head. “No, not another time either.”

He sat up, fixing himself up. “What just happened?”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t stand the thought of leading you on like this.”

“Leading me on?”

I nodded. “I don’t feel the same way about you, as you do me,” I said in a shaky voice.


“I’m sorry.” I stood, gathering my things. “This was a mistake. I have to go.”


I shook my head and hastened for the door, tears collecting in my eyes. “No, I need to go. I have to go. I can’t look at myself through your eyes right now. I have to go.”

I let myself out, and without looking I knew he was following after me.

“Anna, wait, please,” he said.

I locked myself in the car and then drove towards home, his pleading face engraved in my mind. What was I doing? I came to talk to Adam about our relationship but instead I make out with him? I needed to get away from all of this, needed to get away just to clear my mind, so without hesitation, while I sat in my car at a traffic stop, I texted Daniel.

“I’m in.”

***Hi everyone! Something steamy is coming your way and I want to upload it sooner rather than later, but because it’ll be a little explicit this time, I’ll need to see at least 20 comments on this post from 20 different readers. Then I will upload the next post the day after tomorrow, and the raunchy post Monday 8:00pm EST\Tuesday 12:00pm AEDT. Thursday 8:00pm EST\Friday 12:00pm AEDT is the deadline so hurry! Hope you enjoyed the post! xo***

28 thoughts on “Getaway or Get Away?

  1. Hi! I’m new reading your blog & OMG can’t get enough of it! I’m so excited for the new posts! Knowing I won’t have to wait for a week just made my day! 🙂

  2. Spot a couple of spelling errors/expressions (? Father/farther, your loss/you’re loss, cheek/check) but great post!! Cant wait to see how the weekend with Daniel will be like!

    More please!

  3. In just found your blog and I can say I’m hooked!! can’t wait to see what will happen in that weekend at Daniel’s parents’ house!!

  4. I’m predicting one of two things will happen over the weekend. Either she will see a more vulnerable side of Daniel and see some insight as to who is is and why he is the way he is and she’ll soften. Maybe the playing around is rebelling against his dad who had a pedigree girl picked out for him and forced him to date her.

    However, she could see Daniel’s a bigger d-bag or mess than she thought and start thinking about Adam more.

    No matter what, it should be a good read!

  5. Love love LOVE the blog! It easily hits my top favorites! Love Daniel, the whole bad boy thing is so alluring! I can’t wait to see more!

  6. Cant wait to find out what happens next! Adam seems like such a great guy- I wonder why Anna doesn’t want to see if something could come to be with Adam, instead she immediately jumps to Daniels fake relationship offer, ugh! I hope that Daniel doesn’t mess everything up…

  7. I must say this blog keeps getting better and better! I think Anna should give Adam a shot. He would be such a good boyfriend I’m sure of it. Please post sooner. I love this blog! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. I’m proud of her for stopping with Adam. I know what it’s like to get lost in someone like that and if she had continued it would have made things worse. I feel bad for him, it sucks when you are into someone and they aren’t into you.
    I’m very interested in the Daniel situation. Someone mentioned maybe this other girl was picked out for him and that’s why he is so promiscuous. There might be truth to that. The relationship with Anna is probably the only one he’s ever had that wasn’t sexual. I think it will be hot when/if they hook up. But I also think she’s going to have a significant impact on him. mum

  9. I wish on this weekend away she realizes she loves adam not daniel but I think she is too scared of lossing adam as a friend if things dont work out she she will throw herself into something with Daniel for awhile

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