An Ancient Ruin, A Historic Night

“Daniel, hi,” Tanya said, leaning over and giving him a light hug.

He barely returned the gesture. “Hi,” he said.

Her smile showed an amazing set of pearly whites. “It’s so good to see you.”

Daniel nodded silently. This was the first time I have ever seen Daniel seemingly inferior against someone else. There was definitely history there, and I’m not sure if I wanted to discover their ancient ruins.

Tanya looked at me and held out her hand. “Hi, my name is Tanya.”

“Anna,” I said, smiling as if I didn’t know what was happening and shaking her hand.

“Friend of yours?” Tanya asked.

I waited for Daniel to say something. Nope, nada. “Girlfriend, actually,” I said.

Tanya just nodded my way, they continued to stare at each other. I felt so awkward. In between a historic mess. I wasn’t even meant to be here in the first place, but to be here and witness this was stranger.

Just then a tall brawny man, practically a Joshua lookalike minus the ass on his face, came into the conversation.

He wrapped his arm around Tanya’s waist. “Hey, babe, what are you up to?”

“John, this is Anna,” Tanya introduced and John nodded, “and you remember Daniel?”

John’s jaw dropped as soon as he looked at Daniel. Maybe a frisky trio gone wrong?

“Hello, John,” Daniel spat through clenched teeth. The anger practically seeping out of every orifice of his body.

“Daniel,” John said, also in a harsh tone. “What’s new with you?”

“Anna is Daniel’s girlfriend,” Tanya said, I guess trying to break the ice.

John grinned widely. “Well then, good for you,” he playfully smacked Daniel on his arm. Daniel looked at the spot with acid in his eyes.

“Well what’s new with you guys?” I asked, also trying to help the awkward situation.

They just looked at me. Of course, I wouldn’t know the difference between now and then with this couple; as if I’d know. But I guess they took pity on me because they responded.

“Well,” John turned his attention back to Daniel, “we’re engaged.”

Whoops. Pity? I spoke too soon.

“And,” he continued, placing a hand on Tanya’s stomach, “we’re expecting.”

Shit. Shoot me now, please.

“Where’s the ring?” I asked while scanning the empty finger. I didn’t know which was better, to steer Daniel’s attention away from their engagement or their pregnancy; because at this point Daniel’s nostrils were flaring. I chose option two, though I felt like the Earth was opening up just to swallow me whole. Or maybe I was just wishing it…

“We’re getting it resized,” Tanya said, with concern in her eyes.

Daniel sighed and forced a smile. “Great you guys, that’s so great. What will the invitations say, cheating slut and traitor best friend?”

“Fuck you, man,” John growled.

I guess I’ve landed in an episode of Bold and the Beautiful. Tanya put a hand on his robust chest to keep him from acting on his anger. I feared the same for Daniel.

“I’m sorry, how rude of me, I didn’t offer. Would you like to steal my current girlfriend too? Build up some sort of dossier?”

John chuckled. “Get over it man, it’s been a long time. Not like you haven’t moved on,” John gestured with his chin towards me. Daniel and I stole each other’s knowing glances, and I had to suppress a cheeky smile.

Daniel scoffed and lowered his voice. “Just like you,” he looked at Tanya, “the both of you. Have a lovely marriage and a wonderful fucking life together. Let’s go, Anna.”

I hopped in a heartbeat. Daniel was holding my hand pulling me out of the bar. We took the car back to villa-da-rich in a mad rush. Despite being locked into place under the seatbelt, I still had to hold the dashboard.

The house was dark, and still empty. I followed Daniel upstairs to our room, it was a slow walk compared to the crazy drive; a drastic change. He slumped on the bed and began undressing, beginning with his shoes. It took me no time to change into my boxers and tank top in the bathroom, I washed up and then came to the bed. Daniel went inside after me, closing the bathroom door and staying a considerable amount of time in there. I sat on the edge of the bed, cross-legged, quietly. Our entire sequence of actions was in silence, but we both knew something was lingering in the air.

“We’re all well-off,” Daniel said softly, coming out of the bathroom, “in case you didn’t know,” he laughed humourlessly. “My father wanted me to be with Tanya, we know their family, they know our family, and they still think we’re in the 50s,” he laughed again and shook his head.

“Do they know?” I asked, my voice low.

He shook his head. “They think I broke up with Tanya, and she moved on to my best friend, who appeared to console me in front of my parents, when really he was just a snake slithering his way in.”

I shook my head, disapprovingly. I stood to go in for a hug, a little support, but I didn’t know how he would take it, so I just remained standing.

Daniel stepped closer, and finally looked at me for the first time. “The worst part is, my parents don’t have a clue about how serious I was with her. How I was the one who believed I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Now look at me,” he laughed again, “fuck.”

“Yeah, look at you,” I said, “you’re better than them. She doesn’t know what she’s missing and he’s a traitor you don’t need tainting your life. If you think about it, you’re way better off than the two of them put together. Besides you’re young, you have plenty of time to do what you want.”

“That didn’t matter to me. It still doesn’t. When it’s right, you just know, you know. ‘When’ doesn’t really matter.”

I nodded.

He laughed, this time with humour. “I hope I’m not turning into some charity case.”

I smiled and shook my head. “No.”

“Thanks,” he said. “At least one person knows the true story. I can live with that.”

“Yeah, I’m a pretty good girlfriend,” I joked.

Daniel just smiled, skimming my lips. “Yeah.”

I went red and just nodded. “Better get ready for bed.”

I turned around, about to prepare for bed, when Daniel’s hand slid around my waist. My heart started racing at his touch and it got even worse when he started kissing my neck from behind. From my shoulder blade up to my ear, the kisses got me hotter and hotter. His hand then started creeping downwards while his other held the other side of my waist. His hand went into my boxers, pushing my underwear aside and then slipped inside.

“Daniel,” I moaned, “what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he softly whispered back, slightly biting my ear, making me tingle.

I turned around to face him, and this made him remove his hand from my boxers. I immediately missed the touch. I watched in surprise as he lifted his fingers to his lips and licked them.

“You taste good,” he said.


“Anna,” he interjected, “if you don’t want this, then I’ll stop right now. But know that I want this; and I want this with you.” I couldn’t reply.

After that, he leaned in and planted a kiss. A sweet one, just to test the waters, and I moved my lips like the small ebbing of waves against rocks. Slowly but gradually it became more heated and passionate. Daniel pulled back to lick my lips, bite them, and then kissed me again. I moaned into his mouth. He responded by lifting me up by my legs and placing me onto the bed. My legs were wrapped around him for a split second. He pulled my boxers down and my tank top off, he stepped out of his pants and boxers as well, taking his time to kiss my breasts, suckle on my nipples before moving down.

As soon as I felt his tongue I arched my back. His tongue lapped around every inch of me on the inside just as much as the outside. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he tilted his head to the side and literally started French kissing me.

“Ho-ly shi-it,” I breathed before I came.

He began running kisses down my thigh and then up my torso. He wedged his hips in between my legs and then put himself inside me, grunting as soon as he did. He thrust slowly at first, filling me up, bringing me to another edge. Then he began thrusting faster, harder, he gave a kiss and sucked my left breast while squeezing my right. I scratched his back, making him want more. He sucked just a little hard and I groaned.

“Sorry,” he breathed.

I shook my head once. “It’s okay.”

He pulled out and turned me onto my stomach. He slipped inside me from behind and again, it was slow at first and then a little stronger. When he came he gripped my hips and moaned again. We collapsed there and then, him still inside of me. I was flat on the bed, and he was flat on my back, both of us slipping into a comatose slumber.

At a moment in the middle of the night I felt his hand on my breast while he held me. I stroked it, smiling, and as I did I woke him. I guess he was a light sleeper. He pulled me in closer and then started kissing my neck, I let him without protest. It started getting me all warm and tingly again so I pushed him on his back and then climbed on top of him with my behind facing him. I had to slightly lean back and arch my back for him to slip inside me easily. After he did I moved up and down, keeping my back arched as much as I could. Our breaths heavy, our senses heightened, and before he came he reached around and inserted his fingers inside of me, stroking me in a ‘come here’ motion with his fingers. I saw stars seconds after he did. Before we slept again he gave me a kiss, this time on my lips, and I returned it trying to keep my lips flexible from its smile, enough to kiss him back. But I couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help it. I felt so giddy and we giggled as if we just sneaked in some ice-scream before dinner.

I woke up in the morning with a humungous grin on my face and to find Daniel absent, but it’s not like he could have gone far, so I didn’t think anything of it. In his place, on the pillow, was a card and a flower. I stretched to prepare myself and then sat up. I smelled the flower first, savouring the potent scent, and then I reached for the card. Once I opened the card five-hundred dollars in hundreds rushed out and made their place onto my lap. My grin, frozen into place, now lost its meaning as fear abolished it, and my heart started racing for reasons that were in a completely 180 turn-around from last night.

‘Here’s a little thanks for last night,’ it read. ‘Best, Daniel.’

My insides felt like they were stretching as something grew in my stomach. Once it made its way past my chest, I quickly turned to my side and threw up into the small trash bucket next to the bed.

***Hi everyone! I will not be posting until next week Thursday 8:00pm EST\Friday 12:00pm AEDT same time. After that next week posting schedules will return to Tuesday 8:00pm EST\Wednesday 12:00pm AEDT. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! xo***

9 thoughts on “An Ancient Ruin, A Historic Night

  1. Oh my! Didn’t see THAT coming? Was that part of the bet? I hope so or he has major relationship issue to straighten out. She’s helping him out & gets treated like that? Don’t think I’d be sticking around. What is wrong with nice guys (Adam) & why do they always finish last?????

  2. OMG… OMG…. WTF!!! This guy really has some serious commitment issues thanks to Tanya and girlfriend stealing ex best friend! But I’m just hoping it’s his cut for having sex before the bet was over. I’m sure Daniel can be a jerk but he has to be around her for the whole weekend while at his parents.

    Either way amazing post, i was starting to think this isnt something i should be reading at work haha. Loved it!!!!!!!

    1. I thought that until I saw what the card read. If it was the bet, he wouldn’t say “Thanks for last night”. Instead, it might say, “Best loss of a bet ever. Enjoy your trip.”

  3. I thought about the vacation, too, but the card makes it seem like he was paying her for her services. I’m hoping it was just a dumb guy thing. Come on! I thought he was going to turn a corner with Anna. Now to wait a week??? UGH! mum

  4. what the fck. i did not expect that. ok so i did expect somethng. the whole time I was thinking nooo he’s a player dont sleep with him. but I thought maybe he would just be a dick to her the rest of the weekend not try to pay her like a whore.

  5. Anyone know any other blogs like this? I follow lovesexpizza, moderndayfaith and newyorkdixie. All suggestions are appreciated.

    Can’t wait till the next post. Want this Daniel thing to be a misunderstanding

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