Parting Gift

My dinner date with Adam was tonight. I decided to go out with him, with the mutual understanding that we were just going to be friends. What can I say? I love Adam. He’s an amazing guy and I know him to the bone. Sometimes I just wish he didn’t like me his way though. I guess that’s selfish of me. But I just want us back the way we were before. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this; any girl would be lucky to be caught in his arms. So why was I so reluctant?

Maybe because every guy I thought about since my little misadventure with Daniel somehow, through some feeble relation or none at all, resulted in my thoughts swaying towards Daniel. It infuriated me. I want to say I hate Daniel, but I’m not too sure it’s hate that I feel. Hate is too strong, it fills the person up like a disease and it only affects others when it spews acid through words or behaviour. No, this wasn’t hate. It was something a little to the left. A burning of fire surging my veins. Anger? Possibly. Annoyance? Most definitely. I was surprised at myself. I never thought I’d ever feel this way. But then again I never thought I’d get paid for sex. I mean, I was even offended at the price. Five hundred dollars? Come on, was that all I was worth? Really?

Luckily for me Mr. Hottie McNaughty-turned-pimp texted me as soon as he arrived. And yes my enthusiasm is nowhere to be found, sort of like my dignity. Maybe they rendezvoused. In any case, I didn’t want to speak to Daniel, but that didn’t stop him from dropping by unexpectedly. When I got home I found Daniel on my couch, watching TV with a vacant glaze in his eyes. When I get nervous, my heart does this hard jump that blocks my ears and throat, making me inept. When I swallowed it felt like I was trying to down a giant dry pill with some whiskey. And you guessed it, I so did not look attractive in this state. Move over Victoria Secret, there’s a new sexy in town, and this one ain’t no secret!

Chloe hopped around from the kitchen area and grabbed her coat and keys. “I’m going,” she said without looking at me. She must still be mad at me.

I waited. Daniel stood, turned off the TV and came closer.

“Look,” he said, “before you say anything, I want to explain my side first.”

I scoffed. “Your side? I know what your side is.”

“No, you don’t.”

I folded my arms over my chest and narrowed my eyes onto him. Feel the burn baby, feel it!

He sighed. “I suck at relationships. It’s no secret that it was because of my shitty messed up one with Tanya and John. I’m not…good at this. I didn’t know how to thank you, and I thought that would be a good idea.”

I scoffed. “So you thought paying me was a good idea? You couldn’t just pay me because I won the bet, you had to go and make it sleazy?”

His eyebrows pulled together. “Okay, now I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

I laughed. Is this guy kidding? “You left me a flower on the pillow with a card that read ‘here’s a little thanks for last night’ and five hundred dollars.”

“Five hundred dollars?” he repeated. “I only left you the flower.”

I lifted a brow sceptically. “Then who…”

My voice trailed off when I noticed Daniel’s features relaxing. “It’s my father. That son of a…”

Whoa! Now I have never bad mouthed my parents, or even came close to, so hearing someone do that made me anxious. Then I started thinking about his father. Did that sicko see me naked?

“Look,” he moved a couple steps closer again, “I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. My father is, for lack of a better word, inhumane. Let me make it up to you.”

I laughed. “You’ve made up enough.”

He peered up at me through his eyelashes. He looked so innocent and it unfortunately made my heart melt from its chilly disposition. What? I’m not completely made of stone, you know!

He sighed again, this time a lot more softly. “I like you, Anna. I want us…I want us to….”

I widened my eyes in realisation. “No.”

“No?” he said.

“No,” I repeated, “you’re not seriously thinking of asking, of doing, what I think you are, are you?”

He shrugged. “I think we could be…”

I held up my hand, palm towards him. “Stop. You can’t be serious. Me? You? Nah-uh. I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Well gee, sparky, you ever thought that a crappy weekend isn’t exactly code for let’s start something.” Even though I half-believed that weekend was bad. The sex was amazeballs!

He shrugged again. “We could try.”

I shook my head in disbelief, not knowing what to do.

“I like you, Anna,” he finally said, awfully sincere I might add. “I really like you.”

I looked at my watch and found time had sped. Suddenly my eyes adjusted to the new low colour tones of the room. The sun was setting, and soon it would be my dinner with Adam.

“I have to go,” I said. “I have to, I have to go.”

Daniel nodded, almost disappointedly. “I understand.”

Have mercy on me, because I gave in to that sad look on his face. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

Daniel smiled at my words, revealing those devilish dimples I loved so much. Damn you and your hotness, Daniel, damn you.

“Later then,” he said, hesitating to give me a peck on the cheek.

I had no time to think about Daniel. Right now, I needed to have Adam fully occupying my thoughts. I got dressed in a matter of a few minutes and then got on my way to Adam’s. I was expecting it to be just a tad awkward between us, after what had happened. Well, after how I treated him. But when I arrived it was like a clean slate. A little bit of time had passed over since that night with Adam, but I didn’t think our wounds would be entirely healed. At least mine weren’t, I didn’t know if his were. Then again, it could all be just for show, but I didn’t know with Adam. I mean, I knew him well enough, but the one thing that I never ever could get with Adam was how well he could hide his emotions. His hurt. If he was hiding them at all that is.

After we greeted each other and then had dinner, we ended up taking a walk on the beach together. I didn’t anticipate this happening so Adam was kind enough to lend me his jacket. The fragrance of his natural and artificial scent lingering in the depths of the fibres were intoxicating. Sexy, even. The beach, the smell, Adam, oh jeez, it was all so much. But oh so good.

“So what’s the good news?” I asked.

Adam grinned brightly. “Well, I’m moving.”

This stopped me in my tracks and Adam stood before me after he realised he was wandering by himself.

“You’re moving?” I asked, more like whimpered, hoping I heard wrong.

He nodded slowly, making an effort to subdue his excitement just for me. “I’m going to New York City.”

I blinked and my eyebrows shot up. “New York? What…wha—”

“It’s a good opportunity for me. I’ve been saving a lot just for this,” he smiled as if an early memory crept into his head, “I was even hoping you would be my girlfriend by this point so that I could ask you to come with me,” he laughed.

I smiled, trying to keep my eyes from welling up. “Adam—”

“On a recent trip there I interviewed for a job. I guess I struck up good reviews because they want me starting soon.”

“What’s the job?”

His smile grew wider, noticeably pleased that I was interested. Or at least curious. “An assistant, of course, to one of the editors of Financial Review.”

“That sounds intense,” I said.

Adam nodded. “I’m glad I at least have a one up; I am of course referring to my insatiable appetite for economics and all that expensive jazz. It’s a start.”

I smiled, sincerely. “I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you.”

“What will I do without you?” I nudged him with my elbow.

“I’m sure you’ll manage. Everyone knows you’re Martin’s favourite.”

I laughed. “I’m going to miss you so much, Adam.”

Oh, here come the fireworks, and it ain’t the pretty kind!

He pulled me in for a tight hug. “I’m going to miss you, too, Anna Parker.”

“I love you, Adam,” I said after we pulled back.

He stared at me, not in a shocked way, because I knew he knew what I meant when I said those words, but it didn’t stop him from inching forward and lacing his lips with mine.

He pulled back, still holding my head in his hands and said, “I am so in love with you, Anna.”

I became a sobbing mess at his words. They ground my heart and then suddenly plateaued my weeping.

“I wish you told me earlier,” I said while I wiped my tears away, “I would have gotten you a parting gift.”

Adam smiled. “It’s not too late.”

“What would you like?” I sniffed once.

Adam didn’t reply, at least not with words. He leaned in and planted another kiss on my lips, pulling me in closer by my waist. He held me in such a way I’ve never experienced with him. He seemed more in control. I didn’t turn away, I wanted him too. All of him. I wanted to remember him in a way no one else can. I love you, Adam. And I wish, with my every being, that I was in love with you too. He pulled away just in time for me to take a breather, to absorb everything. To absorb him.

He caught a stray lock of hair and wrapped it behind my ear, all the while smiling and finally saying, “You.”

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42 thoughts on “Parting Gift

  1. OMG -loved it!!!
    Daniel was so sweet & he convinced me that Anna should definitely give it some thought to ‘us’!!
    No,no, no!! A free meal w Adam is one thing but Anna shouldn’t give him him anything but an item (not herself) as a going away gift!!

    Is the pop culture reference Victoria Secret?
    Can’t wait for next post!!

  2. I really want Anna to give Daniel a chance!! I like Adam, but now that he’s moving away, it just doesn’t really make sense for Anna to get involved with him romantically. Anna just can’t seem to get herself to think of Adam in the same way and I think it’s because she has strong feelings for Daniel, whether she wants to admit or not.

    Please please please have Anna and Daniel be together!! I think he’s actually a really good guy, he’s just been scarred from the damage left from Tanya and John (I don’t blame him), and his father just adds more damage. He just seems like one of those lost and tortured souls who puts up a strong and arrogant front, so that they don’t get hurt because they’ve been hurt and broken in the past by the people they thought were closest to them. Just my opinion, but I actually really like the guy 🙂

    Umm and my guess for the pop culture reference is “have mercy on me” ?? Haha idk, it made me think of uncle Jesse from Full House 🙂

  3. I agree with the others, I definitely want to see Anna and Daniel together too! I think he’s a good guy and him and Anna seem to have a really strong attraction. There’s way more of an interesting storyline with him too with the whole issue with his father and Tanya and John! And he’s great in bed, definitely a plus! That will definitely be a fun read for everyone 😉 Definitely team Daniel!

    1. Ding-ding-Ding!!

      The title of this post was the reference, and you are correct, the song is Parting Gift by the voice of tortured souls of the 90s, Fiona Apple. Go check her out!

      Everyone is a half a step closer! Only 24 comments left (mine not included) if you want next week’s post uploaded sooner. Remember, it only counts if they’re 24 comments from 24 different readers!

      See you soon!

      Soul xo

  4. Loved the post!! I’m on team daniel too! I feel bad for Adam though because he seems like such a sweet guy, but there’s just something about daniel that intrigues me. I don’t know if it’s the whole bad-boy-but-secretly-kinda-vulnerable vibe he gives off that makes him more attractive to me, but I just can’t get enough of him! More daniel (and his steamy sex skills!!) please!

  5. I could go either way – Adam or Daniel. But I will say Daniel will make for better read, in my opinion. He does have more of a plotline going for him that could get reallllyyyy interesting. So if I really had to choose, I’d go with Daniel

  6. Rather confusing.. first she’s apprehensive with the awkward situation with Adam, and then she blurts out that she loves him?
    Regardless, love the part with Daniel!

  7. Good post! I’m loving this Daniel-Anna situation, the trip and faking being his girlfriend kind of reminded me of the movie “the proposal”, which i don’t mind at all, you gave it an interesting twist with the mean dad and the whole Tanya situation; and of course he had to fall for her, it happens every time don’t you think? Bad boys always have a vulnerable side, always…can’t wait for the next post!

  8. I think Adam seems like the sweetest guy ever but moving to NYC puts him out of the picture… Excited to see how Anna and Daniel pan out! Arghhhh I hate that we have to wait a whole week for a new post! So addictive!!!!

  9. I also like both Daniel and Adam, but agreed that with Adam leaving, she shouldn’t continue to get so caught up in him. Daniel definitely has a lot of unknowns about him, eager to find out more. Should be interesting, can’t wait!

  10. What is with his dad? I totally believe Daniel. I guess daddy didn’t think Anna was good enough. I really like Daniel and hope she explores those feelings. He is a boy used to getting what he wants, though, so hopefully they will move slowly.

    Adam is kind of bugging me. She has made it clear that she’s not in love with you, but you want a parting gift anyway. And Anna is actually considering it? Good grief. Looking forward to the next post EARLY! mum

  11. What is Anna doing?! She finally agrees to talk it out with Daniel & is considering the possibility of a relationship with him, then Adam tells her he’s moving & she says I love you!? She needs to tell Adam the truth that its not “In love with you” love. With Adam leaving she needs to focus on what she feels for Daniel – not what she should feel for Adam… I cant believe that Daniels dad left her the note – creepy much? Totally on team Daniel!!! Great post but uhg waiting is sooo frustrating. Cant wait until the next post is up 🙂

  12. Daniel is just in for the chase, once he receives he will get bored and move on. Adam is moving away, so if Jos just wants fun go for it, if she is looking for a relationship she needs leave them both behind.

  13. I really want Anna and Daniel to be together!!! He seemed so genuine when he came over to explain everything. And a player like him does not just confess his feelings to a girl like that if he doesn’t truly like her. I think he’s being sincere and I would love to see him and Anna in a relationship!

  14. Ugh I don’t like how anna handled adam situation I am now so excited for him to move away! I’m so over desperate boys who just can’t understand no! I think anna should take a breather rethink her life and maybe get some perspective from her friends!
    Thanks for the awesome read sooo excited to see how the story unfolds!

  15. Adam is kind of starting to annoy me a bit too. I get that he’s obviously in love with Anna and that he’s not giving up, but I feel like it’s at a point where he knows Anna doesn’t feel the same way and he’s slowly trying to build a pity party for himself to get Anna to like him, especially now that he’s moving away. Idk, I still think he’s a really sweet guy, but he is starting to bug me just a little. I’m on team Daniel though!

  16. I knew it was going to be Daniel’s father that was behind the money…..I am definitely team Daniel, but with that father, you know there’s going to be drama, drama, drama!!

    I understand her loving Adam as a friend, but he’s obviously taking it as she is “in” love with him. I don’t think this is the type of going away gift she should be giving him. Especially if she has feelings for Daniel.

    Can’t wait for the next post.

  17. Ahhh! I knew the money came from Daniel’s dad!!! I really hope Anna doesn’t sleep with Adam. Definitely not the right choice tp make!!

  18. The whole Adam line needs to go. There is nothing attractive about a guy who is smart enough to figure out his life, but dumb and needy enough to lack self confidence and try to force a one-sided relationship

    1. if they were dating. He said he had hoped they would be dating by now and then he would have asked her to go with him. Not that he was asking her now to go with him.

  19. Just started reading the blog the other day and love it, it was the only one I kept reading from start to finish – good writing! I don’t like the way she handled Adam either but I think she should give Daniel a chance, she obviously likes him and he doesn’t seem quite so bad now.
    As for the 90’s reference I have no idea but can’t wait for the next post!

  20. Anna is just caught in the moment, step away from the hot desperate guy tonguing you and remember you don’t see him the same way he sees you!!

  21. I don’t like Adam moving to NY but I thought it was so sweet when he said he had hoped they would be dating by the time he got the offer and then he would have asked her to go with him. I think her and Daniel will get together for a bit but end up breaking up for some reason and then she will end up thinking about Adam and what could have been and contact him.

  22. Oh Anna please don’t do Adam! How can he says he wants you like a gift? Like… an object for him because he likes you, umm NO way!!

  23. Anna should give her and Daniel a chance. I think Adam moving is for the best. He should no longer be between Anna and her decision of a relationship with Daniel. I look forward to the next blogs and reading what happens next. Keep up the good work.

  24. This is getting good! I can’t wait to find out what she tells Adam and if she starts a relationship with Daniel. I think her and Daniel would be a good couple. Adam leaving is all the more reason to focus on Daniel without worrying if it would hurt her friendship that she has with Adam. I just can’t help but wonder if she gives in and does have sex with Adam of he will still go to NYC or stay and try to win her over. Can’t wait for the next post! Sneak peek please!

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