Only You, Promise

For the entire day I had been avoiding Derek as if he was the crème de la crème of infectious diseases. It wasn’t that hard actually, Eddie put me to work the most out of all the girls in our group (for which I suspected was my punishment for my little indiscretion last time), so I had no time to even think about him. Until Derek walked passed my desk with his head hanging down and I realised I wasn’t the only one trying to avoid the other. I was glad that he at least felt a bit shameful about that night.

“Anna?” my attention switched from Derek to Natasha, one of the hot interns. “Eddie wants to see you in his office.”

I sighed and hopped up. In that same instant Derek came back my way again, and if I had any doubts about him avoiding me before they were completely swept away by his reaction when he looked at me. It’s like when someone catches you looking at them, they quickly look away, trying to make you think they weren’t just looking. Well, that’s what Derek did. More so, he practically nearly broke his neck even after he passed me to avoid a glimpse even from his peripheral vision.

I walked into Eddie’s office. “You wanted to see me?”

Without looking up from his work Eddie held up a thick stack of papers. “I need a copy made for Harry, Lucy and Ari.”

I took it reluctantly. “Yes, sir.”

He finally looked up, sighing. “Please stop calling me ‘sir’. I appreciate you trying to show how good your manners are, but you calling me ‘sir’ is making me like a fucking geezer.”

“Sorry,” I hung my head, playing with the corner of the stack.

Eddie smiled, amused at my reaction. “You’re a good one, Anna.”

“I’m a good one?” I asked, confused.

He nodded. “I know I can trust you, unlike the other girls.”


“They’re good and all, but you, you never liked me from the start.”

I shook my head. “That’s not true.”


“I just,” I paused, looking away, “I want to be known as a hard worker, not a worker that…”

Eddie laughed. “I get it. Which is why I can trust you.”

I nodded at the weird exchange. It was awkward, like, he didn’t mind being a jerk. And he didn’t mind indirectly being told that that he was a jerk. I actually admired that he could take such a beating, if you call my stammering a beating.

“There’s this awards show that’s occurring next week,” he began, “awards for the best advertisement and advertising agency of the year, well, previous year. That sort of stuff. You’re accompanying me.”

“I’m accompanying you? What about your actual assistant.”

Eddie scrunched his face. “Gloria isn’t exactly the type of girl I want to show off there.”

I didn’t know what came over me, but the next thing I knew was, on the spot I accepted. Though of course Eddie told me that he wasn’t asking me, he was telling me.

While I was slaving away at the Xerox machine, hoping that I just didn’t make several copies of the one page because I was so bored and daydreaming for most of the time, Derek came into the copy room. Now this room was the only box in the complex that barely had room for one person let alone two. There was a massive shredder, the Xerox machine, a laminator, a binding contraption, you name it, whatever machine there was in the world, it was in this room.

Derek cleared his throat. “I have to use the Xerox machine, but I can wait. I’ll come back.”

“No,” I said quickly, “it’s okay. How much do you have to copy?”

He waved a thin sheet. A couple or three at the most. Eddie was punishing me.

“You can use it. I’ll step aside.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, by the time I’m finished you would probably be a million years old.”

Derek chuckled and I didn’t know if it was forceful or not. I moved away and stood in silence as he slightly hunched over the machine. It was one of those awkward silences. We heard nothing but the machine, I figured he was secretly wishing that he could bolt out of there. ‘Quick!’ he would think. ‘Quick!’.

Just then Derek turned around. “I’m sorry.”

“What?” he said it so fast it was barely audible.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I was a complete asshole to you, and I’m sure it was some sort of felon I just committed. I’m surprised you didn’t punch me or something.”

I smiled. “Well, it did cross my mind, I won’t lie.”

He smiled too, moving closer. “You really are a hard worker. I know I said it before just to get in your—”

I held up my hand. “Spare me the details.”

“What I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry I made you feel like nothing then, and I don’t want you to think that I don’t admire you.”

I blushed. “Admire me?”

He nodded. “Of course. How you’ve kept your work-ethic and integrity around that guy is admirable. I think I would’ve lost my shit after one hour.”

I moved closer to the machine, Derek copied my position and we leaned with our backs on the sturdy boulder. “He told me that I have to come with him to some awards show.”

He folded his arms over his chest. “Told you?”

“Yeah, I basically have no choice in the matter.”

He laughed, shaking his head. “I may have had a jerk moment, but this guy is like the ambassador of the jerk society.”

I laughed. “Well, he said he trusted me because I’m not like the other interns.”

Derek nodded. “Well at least he’s honest.”

I smiled at Derek. “Thank you. You’re alright, I guess,” I said, shrugging as I made my lame joke.

Derek laughed. “Thank you.”

“In all seriousness,” I said, “you are one of the best, one of the dedicated.”

“I have to be if I want to be in advertising. Though I’m not sure if I want to work for this place, even if it is one of the top agencies.”

“I’m sure what ever place you pick, it’ll be great.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I hope so.” He nudged me with his elbow. “I’m glad we talked.”

“Me too,” I smiled.

After a pause Derek sighed. “Well, I should get back.”

“Okay,” I said, watching him gathering his papers, “I’ll catch you later then.”

He winked. “Later.”

Since our little chat I felt like a burden had been lifted and the day went on smoothly. Enjoyable, even. I hadn’t felt like I was having this much fun since I started. When it was my time to go I passed Sherri at the front desk and nodded her way. When she caught my eye she waved me over.

“So I hear you’re going to the awards ceremony,” she said, unimpressed.

“How’d you know?”

“The ceremony is next week and Eddie was bound to pick you. That’s usually how he does it, he picks the one girl that’s the least bit interested him. You just happen to be pretty as well. That’s a plus for him.”

I crinkled my nose. “I suppose it has nothing to do with the fact that I just might be good at what I do.”

Sherri chuckled. “Despite what he’s told you, he really doesn’t care about that stuff. So what are you going to wear?”

I thought for a moment and then shrugged. I hadn’t even gotten to thinking about that yet.

Sherri rolled her eyes as if there was gold behind her eyelids. “A little tip: go simple, go black, and don’t go too short, it’s not a hooker show, and don’t go too long, you’re not invited to the Oscars.”

I nodded. “Anything else?”

Sherri nodded.

“What?” I leaned in, closer.

“Go home,” she said icily. She returned back to her work and I narrowed my eyes at her, smiling. Even though Sherri seemed like a meanie, she really was just looking out for me. It was just that all her motherly compassion, patience and kindness were given to her family, and we were left with this Sherri. The take-no-shit Sherri.

For the entire ride home I was thinking about Chloe and how she was. By the time I got there I saw her hunched over a combination of odd food items, munching away. When she saw me she gave me a confused look.

“I thought you were going to Daniel’s after work?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I wanted to see how you were doing.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Daniel’s going to think I’m hogging you.”

I shook my head. “He won’t.”

“Just go, Anna. Go get your man!” she slapped my butt weakly.

“You’re in a good mood.”

Chloe nodded, smiling. “I am. My best friend whom I love gave me support when I needed it the most, and she even came here to see how I was before she went off to get her man.”

I smiled with her, sharing a close moment with my best friend.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Now go!”

“Alright, alright.”

I put my hands up in surrender, got changed into a more comfortable outfit and went to Daniel’s. I was so excited that I felt like I had no room for any other emotion besides excitement. I was so eager, so keen, that I was even tempted to inch my foot a little harder on the acceleration and speed. Note to self, cut back on sugar.

Daniel was more than happy to see me. As soon as he opened the door I pushed him inside, whacking the door to a close with my foot and throwing myself onto him. You get what I mean by ‘happy’ now? Wink, wink! He moved me up against the wall and returned my kisses.

“Daniel?” I whispered when he moved to my neck.

He slowed his passion. “Yes?”

“I want to give us a go. I want to try it with you, and only you.”

He lips tightened on the surface of my skin, alluding to him smiling. “Only you too, Anna.”

He held my hand and strung me along to the doorway of his room where he let go to sit on the edge of his bed suggestively. “I know we agreed to take it slow, but I’m a celebratory kind of guy when it comes to good news, and I can’t help but to think of celebrating in such a perfect way.”

I remained at the doorway and smiled at how cute and gorgeous he was; wishing, wanting, and wondering…should I?

***Hi everyone! So apart from needing to upload sooner because of an early appointment, I’ll also be posting twice a week. Yes, you heard (read) right, I’m giving in and waving my white embellished flag as we speak. The only thing is, I’ve narrowed it down to two days, Sunday EST\Monday AEDT and Thursday EST\Friday AEDT. Can you help me out? I’ll need a minimum of nine comments (for democracy, odd numbers are better) for one or the other to better equip myself for such a decision. Then, starting next week I will update the posting schedule on the ‘about’ section of the site and start posting according to my new schedule. I also wanted to note that this is just a trial for a couple of months, more or less, so it’s not exactly set in stone as I want to see how well it plays out before I fully commit. Hope you enjoyed the post! See you soon! xo***


22 thoughts on “Only You, Promise

  1. SOOO happy she finally told Daniel! Very excited for them to try things out! And I say, if she doesn’t feel pressured, go ahead and spend the night with him. It’s not like this is the first time they’re sleeping with each other so I don’t think it goes much against the whole taking it slow. Can’t wait for them to start going on dates! I thought it was so cute how he made her dinner and covered his place in flowers for her last time when she got the internship.

    Ugh and I can only imagine how much of a jerk Eddie’s going to be at this awards show. I’m happy Derek apologized and they talked things out. And thank you thank you THANK YOU for switching to posting twice a week! I think both days are good, but I feel Friday would even out the posting times pretty well, so I say Friday.

  2. Happy to hear there’s going to be two posts a week! I vote for Sunday/Monday. I’m also excited to see what happens with her and Daniel, could go either way..

  3. I’m confused? sunday est/mon aedt is the same time, so are you asking if sunday and thursday are good days to post?

  4. This is getting interesting!!!! ahhh i love it! I wonder what stunt Eddie is going to try to pull! I also wonder if Anna will bump into Daniel’s dad at this award show (bc Daniel mentioned they were friends?)
    Sunday and Thursday please!!! Perfect way to start the week and also end it!!!
    I love your writing Soul!

  5. I’m having a very difficult time envisioning Eddie. What does he look like? How old is he? Is he attractive or an old lech?

  6. Woohoo! Yay! Glad we have more news on the Daniel front 🙂

    Thanks for posting up more and for involving your readers! You’re a great writer!

  7. Lazojennie is on to something! I bet Daniel’s dad will be there. I hope they get into it about the note he left her. Douchebag.

    I vote for spreading the posts out over the week so there isn’t such a lull between posts. mum

  8. Yay!! So glad you will be trying out 2 posts a week! Either day works for me! Very excited! Great blog, can’t wait to read more about Daniel!!

  9. I vote keep the current Tuesday/Wednesday and also do Thursday/friday! Ahh i am so happy youre going to post twice a week!! And I really love that anna is going to give daniel and her a chance!

  10. Hi everyone!

    So, from what I can gather Thursday/Friday seems to be in the lead. If anyone wants to tip the balance in their favour then, if you can, please do it in the next couple of days. Sunday/Monday will have to be the end date for all votes!

    Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far! It’s making it a lot easier for me!

    Soul xo

  11. I am all for either day, but I am leaning a bit toward Sun/Mon, just to space it out with the other blogs I read. None of them post over the weekend, and a post on Sunday would just be nice to kick off the whole week!

  12. Hi everyone!

    There seems to be a tie on both days. If a tie is the result in the end then I’m going to have to pick the day myself, but if you want to pick your preferred day then today’s your last chance!

    Remember, only:

    Sunday EST\Monday AEDT


    Thursday EST\Friday AEDT

    …are your only 2 options, so be quick! I’m looking forward to posting twice a week and hope that it all plays out well so I can make it permanent! Lots of love!

    Soul xo

  13. Love that Daniel and Anna are giving it a chance! And thank you for posting two times a week now! I think both days work great, but a weekend post would be really nice, so I vote for Sunday/Monday

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