My legs were on either side of Daniel’s naked body as he lay on the bed. He had his hands resting on my bare thighs, and watched me keenly as my right hand moved down my stomach and hovered just above. I smiled at Daniel who at this point hadn’t even blinked as if he was looking at a spider or something. He flicked his eyes up at me, and smiled. I knew he wanted me to keep going, but I was so entranced by his eagerness that I just froze and watched him like he watched me.

I then lifted my hands up in the air. Daniel laughed as he grabbed me at my waist and tipped me over on my back. He began massaging and kissing my breasts. He was on the verge of getting me a little warm right before he stopped to lay his head on my chest.

I loved the mornings where we barely said a word to each other. Sometimes we just let our body language and sex do the talking and that was enough. It was always so smooth like this. I never wanted to let this go.

“Maybe one day,” Daniel said, “you’ll move your hand all the way down?” he grazed his hand over the surface and rose them back up again.

I laughed, his head shook up and down a bit. “Maybe.”

Maybe, indeed. I wondered what the attraction of that was to a guy. I’ve never actually done something like that before, which was why this time I didn’t. I just didn’t have the balls. The alcohol may still be floating in my system, but being with Daniel right now made me forget of any type of pounding that was trying to creep up and ruin my day.

As Daniel and I were getting dressed together we started hearing two sets of gigglers outside the room. I looked at Daniel and he rolled his eyes. We both knew it was Stanley with a girl. They must have come through in the middle of the night while we were sleeping.

“He usually lets them out in the morning,” Daniel whispered to me as we lingered at the door.

On the contrary, we heard the light clicking of the stove being turned on and a pan moved on top. There were mumblings of talk while one person moved around to the fridge and back.

Daniel furrowed his brows. “That’s strange.”

I shrugged. “Let’s just go.” Daniel shrugged as well.

To my surprise, when I opened the door I found Stanley cooking breakfast, for Janet!

“Anna?” Janet said, standing up from the island stool in her buttoned up men’s shirt.

I laughed and blushed at the same time. Janet didn’t know where Daniel lived, and I didn’t know if she knew I was with him, so it was all out of the blue.

“I’m cooking everyone breakfast,” Stanley said, unfazed by anything, “want some?”

Daniel eyed Stanley and his clearly peculiar behaviour. “Sure.”

I nodded as well. “If you don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” Janet said.

It was an interesting invitation and also a surprise. When the shock of it all phased out it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Janet and Stanley couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and I couldn’t stop smiling at the two of them. But then it got me thinking about Daniel and I, and how we were just watching them like we’ve never even done something like that, when we have. I just hope the spark in our relationship wasn’t dying out because of all these outside factors; Derek, Tanya, Richard…I feel like the list will never stop with us. Like I said, there’s always something trying to stop us.

In that moment Daniel held my hand in his and moved his middle finger in circles on my palm. I looked at the hand on top of mine and then to Daniel, who seemed to not take notice that his hand was in mine. As if it was an automatic action to him; second nature. If his hand gravitated to mine seemingly without notice, then I need to fix my mentality and try to forget about everyone who was trying to stop us.

That was easier said than done. Daniel had offered to drive me home earlier and extended the invitation to Janet. Stanley came along for the ride.

“It’s really weird,” Daniel said as they were changing in Stanley’s room and they were laughing a lot, “he never gives this much attention to a girl after he sleeps with them. Escorting them home, forget it.”

I felt a little uneasy talking about what a guy would do after he slept with the girl, even though I’m familiar with the progression of the morning after. It was then they came out of the room and I watched as Stanley’s hand gravitated towards Janet’s. I smiled. My smile didn’t last long though. Back to that ‘easier said than done’ thing. When Daniel pulled up to my house, for which Janet said she would crash here so they didn’t have to make two stops, there was another car parked in the driveway.

Janet turned to me with a grin. “Do you think Chloe got lucky as well?”

I laughed. “Seems like it.”

“…black guys aren’t the only guys who like girls with a great ass,” Stanley said in conversation with Daniel, for which we only caught that part of. Janet and I turned to each other and burst out laughing.

“It’s true,” Janet nodded in agreement.

We were all in the most happy-go-lucky mood as we all walked up to the door. It seemed it was contagious, and it seemed like nothing was running or awake except us. It was fantastic! But as soon as I opened the door (cue psycho music, though for other purposes) I found Derek sitting on the couch, watching television. He lounged about as if he owned the place. Chloe was lying down on the large sofa with an ice-pack on her head. Every time I see her after she drinks now, I always see her the morning after with an ice-pack on her head. If there’s no ice-pack, then she’s sober!

Derek stood and smiled. “Hey.”

Chloe turned to us. “Oh hey guys, Derek stopped by to have a chat with Anna. If anyone wants anything help yourself because I can’t be bothered getting up.”

I was too taken aback to speak, but it turns out, I didn’t have to.

“You got a lot of nerve coming here,” Daniel said. His eyes locked in on Derek’s like a bullseye.

“Anna,” Derek said ignoring Daniel, “can we talk?”

Now one thing’s for sure; never lie, but never ignore a person either, especially if they’re noticeably angry. It just pisses them off even more.

Daniel’s nostrils flared. “No you can’t talk to her, get the fuck out of here.”

Stanley and Janet were watching the game on the sidelines. And clearly this game was interesting enough for Chloe to lift her ice-pack just enough to watch as well.

“I’m asking Anna, not you,” Derek said.

“Does it look like I care? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Look I just wanted to keep the peace between us since we work together.”

Daniel looked at me. “We don’t work together,” I said to Derek.

Derek rolled his eyes. “Fine if we you want to get technical we don’t work together but we work in the same building, and I sometimes stop by your desk to talk with you.”

“Not any more, stay away from her,” Daniel said.

I was opposed to a guy telling his girl who to be around and who to not be around, but in this case I agreed so I didn’t stop him.

“Listen to this asshole, Anna, do you seriously want to be with that?”

Daniel let go of my hand, against all my efforts to stop him, and took a couple of steps towards Derek. “You’re the asshole, man, you think stealing someone’s girl is endearing?”

“More endearing than a life of fighting for a relationship that’ll inevitably destruct.”

My heart skipped in the silence. “Derek, just go, please,” I said.

Derek left a light chuckle lingering in the air as he left. Before he exited he turned to me. “When you want a real man in your life, you give me a call.”

The last hit, and the strike was on the bullseye.

I turned to Daniel. “I’m sorry for that I—”

“Jeez, Anna,” Daniel said, detaching from my arm that was about to lock around his, “how much did you tell that guy about us?”

I shook my head. “I didn’t know he’d turn out to be this way.”

“That’s not the point. Why didn’t you talk to me? We’re in this together, why didn’t you come talking to me?”

I had no answer. I now realise how foolish I was acting. Too bad I didn’t realise sooner. Maybe it was because I wanted so desperately for an Adam substitute in California that I thought he’d be the one, but I never thought Derek would use what I said to him in this way. No worse, I never thought I’d substitute Daniel for Derek as the person I needed to talk to. Daniel had reason to be pissed, and I had reason to be in the line of fire for it.

Daniel left and suddenly I felt like we were the two same ends of a magnet. Only it was I who seemed to have repelled him after all his efforts. I didn’t stop him, even I didn’t want to be with me right now.


6 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. Hmmmm…

    Anna needs to get back over to Daniel’s and do a lot of clearing the air & apologizing!! She needs to deal with Daniel if she has an issue with him. Surely she should’ve known Derek would not be a good confidant!!

  2. Daniel has a right to be hurt. Rather than Anna talking about her problems with someone else, especially Derek for that matter, she should have been talking with Daniel himself. He’s trying so hard in this relationship. He cares for Anna and he’s repeatedly acknowledged that he understands how hard it is for her to have to deal with his father and Tanya. I would love to see them just sit down and have a conversation about everything going on. Communication is key and it’ll make them a stronger couple. Hope she goes straight over to Daniel’s an apologizes and tries to make this right!

    By the way, I really hate Derek. I. hate. him. He’s the asshole, not Daniel. I’m glad Anna’s finally realizing what a jerk he is.

  3. I am sort of confused though. Derek’s parting remark …”When you want a real man in your life, you give me a call” “hit the mark” so says the writer. Did I miss something? Daniel reacted strongly to that statement. I don’t recall Anna giving up any details about their sex life – not that there were any problems with it – so what is it referencing??? mum

    1. I guess I need to go back over previous posts cause I can’t remember Anna saying much to Derek but she had no business at his party. She knew he was trouble anyway.

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