Think Fast!

“So when are you leaving?” I asked Daniel.

He shrugged. “Friday. I want to get in on the weekend so I can find a place. I’m staying over at a friend’s for the time being, but until then, I need to settle and find my way.”

I sat on my bed as Daniel worked on our project. Part of the project was to write up a report on other companies in our field, to find out about the market and see our competition. I told Daniel that it didn’t matter, that he wasn’t even supposed to be working on it considering he wasn’t even in the class anymore, but he kept on insisting despite all of my crappy efforts.

“I’m going to be invading another group, Daniel. It’ll be pointless to do my work.”

“Well, that is unless the other group is doing the same thing we’re doing. Then you’d be going in there all prepared.”

I rolled my eyes and got up from the bed and walked to my desk, where Daniel sat. I leaned over to wrap my arms around him and hug him from behind. I kissed his neck. “Just leave it alone. Spend time with me. I wasn’t expecting you to leave so soon, we should go out and spend our last moments together.”

Daniel swivelled around and pulled me to sit on his lap. “Don’t be so dramatic, you’re making our relationship sound like it’s dying,” he laughed, “relax.”

“Shut up,” I kissed him. “So? Dinner? It’s on me,” I winked.

Daniel paused to just smile and stare at me. I was going to speak, but then he started. “You’re really great about this. I know it’s hard on you,” he said, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate you trying to be okay with this.”

I smiled and shrugged. “Hey, I am okay.” Daniel tilted his head and lifted an eyebrow like ‘really?’. My cheeks went red when I knew he could see right through my act. “Alright, maybe not entirely okay with the situation. It’s not exactly ideal, but I’ll deal with it.” He smiled again. “Besides,” I continued, “I can make you miss me more than you would and your visits will almost be ninety-nine per cent definite.”

Daniel grinned. “Oh? I’m intrigued. How will you ever be able to achieve this?”

I shuffled off of Daniel’s lap and onto my knees before him. I began unzipping his jeans and watched as his face (and other things!) got more and more excited. And for the next twenty minutes, more or less, he clearly enjoyed every minute.


We eventually decided on BARLO KITCHEN + COCKTAILS as the place to be to eat out before he left. And because I was intent on making reservations (and pay for dinner, even though it was my plan to keep that a secret so he didn’t convince me otherwise), he was going to drive us there. Although, I was hoping to persuade him that taking a cab would be better. I was going through the speech in my head as we speak.

Before that though I had to put in the time at the advertising agency. Even though Harry from When Harry Met Sally… had his own reasons not to take his girlfriends to the airport (and the thought, and scene, always entered my mind whenever I thought about taking Daniel to the airport) I was always going to take Daniel. I was that type of girlfriend. And as I prepared my little speech to convince him that taking the cab to the restaurant would be better, just in case he asks, I’m also thinking of a rebuttal just in case he finds reasons why I shouldn’t take him, outside of Harry’s in When Harry Met Sally….

“Eddie wants to see you,” one of the interns said when she came out from his office after being in there for a very long time.

I should be used to it by now, but I never thought I’d land myself in an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful! When I entered Eddie’s office, he was writing something, looking deep in thought, as if he’d been doing that the entire time since rocking up this morning. News flash, dude, you’re not fooling anyone. Well, maybe someone. Melanie, one of the interns, comes to mind. I must have heard her say what an amazingly hard worker he is, and then snicker at the word ‘hard’. Ugh! The number of times I have to hinder the muscles of my eyes from rolling will outlive me!

“You called?” I asked when I entered his office.

When I waited for him to finish up (tapping a dot with his fountain pen!), he stood from his chair and walked around the desk. He sat on the desk with one leg anchored down to steady himself while the other was propped up, and his hands crossed over in his lap.

“So about the meeting-slash-party we’re having, are you all set?” he asked.

I furrowed my brows. “In what way should I be set?” I was starting to feel like custard in this conversation.

Eddie chuckled. “You didn’t get the memo did you?”

“I guess not.”

Eddie stood and put his hands in his pockets. “One, they didn’t promote me.”

“How unfortunate,” I gasped dramatically and putting a hand to my chest.

For a split second Eddie narrowed his eyes. “Either way, we have to welcome this downfall to the company. I have a suit at the drycleaners that I want you to pick up tomorrow; it’s Hugo Boss so be careful. Also, I’ll be needing you to have a notepad and a pen in the clutch you’ll most definitely be carrying, just in case I need notes to be taken down. I know it sounds odd, but like I said it’s a party-slash-meeting. Are you going to remember all of this?”

I smiled. “Despite your staff on call, when the occasion calls for it, I do have a good memory.”

He grinned and winked. “That’s why you’re one of my best.”

I inwardly cringed and rolled my eyes when he moved back to sit at his desk. “Anything else?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s on Thursday night. Dress to impress.”

No, no, no! It can’t be on Thursday. I’m spending the entire day and night with Daniel before he leaves in the morning. Reservations, the beach, not to mention hot sex (both night and the morning after!). I’ve been wanting to make our last couple of nights together as smooth as possible. I want the transition to feel natural. And now Eddie wants me to cancel everything!?

“Uh, look, I can’t make it on Thursday,” I stumbled on my words. “I already have plans.”

Eddie looked up from his papers. “Excuse me?” he asked incredulously.

“It’s just,” I said, treading softly. If he knew it was about Daniel he’d flip. “I’ve already made plans.”

He leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. “Really? With whom, may I ask?”

I’ve never been a good liar, but today, please let it be a miracle! “At work. I can’t get out of it, my boss, says—”

“Your boss is me, Anna,” he interjected. “Whatever it is, get out of it. Or get out of this internship.”

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked, even though I felt like I was pushing my luck.

His lips curled up. “Maybe the way I said it was a little harsh. Maybe. But what I said is not untrue, if you’re not going to give one hundred per cent in an internship that’ll most likely offer you a job in the end, then you may as well quit now. We need people who are committed, are you?”

I stood in the line of fire, listening to his little spiel. The thing is, I am committed to this job. I’m committed to everything I put myself through. But I’m so committed to Daniel, too. I really want to be there for him before he leaves, for my own sanity as well. Yet, I didn’t want to jeopardise my internship because of it. Sure, Eddie is a jerk. But he’s a jerk that’s high up. He must have done something right, and if everyone switched jobs just because they hated their boss, there’d be an extremely high fluctuation in job availabilities. If I just stick it out, even for a year into an actual job, then that could be the difference to setting me up for life. One thing’s for sure though, I wasn’t ready to give up my internship, and I wasn’t about to screw Daniel over because I didn’t want to lose my internship. But I did have to think, and I’ve got to think fast!


4 thoughts on “Think Fast!

  1. Good post.. Can’t wait to see how this goes and how the final night with Daniel will be for the two of them! I love the story can’t wait to read more!!

  2. I really hope she does not choose the job over Daniel. Eddie is sleazy and I am surprised that she puts up with it and has not talked to the internship coordinator at least. It doesn’t sound like a great place to work. Daniel on the other hand is the best! Love them together!

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