Mona Lisa At Hemingway’s Lounge

Daniel and I woke up around the same time, just minutes before the alarm went off, and headed straight for the shower. Shower sex is difficult, too many variables are only there for the purpose of making reaching an orgasm more difficult. Case in point: water. The sexy part of the sex is the glossy sheens of our bodies, glazed by running water. Mix soap and water together and you have one unsexy slippery sex.

We struggled, believe me. I guarantee it takes a while for all couples to find their rhythm. We must have taken up most of the water on this side of California! Daniel managed to hold me up against the wall and move his hips into me. His thrusts became harder and deeper the more he got used to the rhythm and position. The best part was when he smiled proudly and eagerly when he knew I was about to come by observing my erupting shudders. He came after me, in the same position (probably so the pace didn’t disconnect), and I loved looking at him when he did just as much as he loved looking at me.

He held the position while he came tightly, and all of a sudden we both slipped onto the wet floor. My butt hurt! I didn’t know how Daniel felt, but by the looks of him he was as happy as I was. Our heads were lifted back as we laughed raucously. It was the best! Afterwards, we showered in a giddy silence, kissing each other whenever we stole one another’s glances. Daniel, being the gentleman that he is, even massaged my sore behind for a while. It was amazing. And for a moment, as sappy as it sounds, time didn’t exist and he was staying right here with me.

The drive to the airport was excruciating. I could practically feel our separation becoming more eminent. Our closeness was dwindling. Of course, an episode of Hart of Dixie didn’t help because in the episode I watched, Zoe Hart checks up on the percentage of successful long-distance relationships and finds out that it’s seventy-five per cent unsuccessful! The fact that Zoe and her boyfriend, Joel break up by the end of the episode, in a vague way, didn’t help either! I was so annoyed about the episode and its constant running presence in my head, that I nearly convinced myself that I imagined everything. That’s how desperate I was feeling. I was actually willing to believe that it was all in my head!

Daniel sees that I’m smiling politely, but it’s all in an effort to be good about this. I’m not even sure if he really knows how I feel. Or if he does know how I feel, then he might not even know the extent of the hurt I’m feeling. This reminded me of the Mona Lisa. I read somewhere that the Mona Lisa looks a certain way depending on how you feel, so if you’re feeling sad, then she may look sad; if you’re feeling happy, then she looks happy. But then I thought, I wonder how she feels? She’s smiling. She looks happy. Is she happy? I’ve been trying to pull a Mona Lisa since our dinner last night, trying to seem alright with this but actually, I’m freakin’ balling inside! I don’t want Daniel to feel bad about this. What kind of girlfriend would I be if he did?

Just a bit more toughening up, until Daniel leaves, and then I can cry all I want at home. I so want to pull the biggest cry baby sad face in the world right now!

“Thanks for taking me,” Daniel said as we waited that extra bit for our last moment before he took off.

I nodded. “Not a problem.”

Daniel sighed. “It’s just a few months, Anna.”

Joel said six! Damn you Hart of Dixie. “I know.” Although I wish I knew exactly how long. Maybe it’ll make me feel a tiny bit better about all of this. Unless it turns out ‘a few months’ means ten months or something.

“And we’ll visit each other in between.”

Ugh! It’s all too similar to that episode. I was starting to feel sick. “Yeah,” I breathed, struggling to keep my Mona Lisa in check.

Daniel pulled me in for a kiss, one of those deep, full kisses that seemed to last a long time. When we parted he brushed a bit of my dark hair away and smiled.

“Well, I better be—”

“Daniel, don’t…” I breathed shakily, forgetting my Mona Lisa.

Daniel’s eyes seemed to be worried in anticipation. ‘Daniel, don’t go’, was what I stopped myself from saying. But could I really say it? He already knows that I don’t want him to go, and I’ve been holding back from saying it a million times so I didn’t make it harder for him that the words were bubbling inside of me. I needed to tell him. I need him.

“Yes?” Daniel asked.

I blinked a few times. “Don’t…forget to call when you get the chance,” I managed. A nice save for my saviour.

Daniel chuckled, looking at me knowingly. That was when I knew he knew what I was meaning to say. I felt my cheeks warm up at my failed attempt of my Mona Lisa.

“I love you, Anna,” Daniel said in between huffs of laughter.

He then leaned in to kiss me again, caressing my warm, red cheeks, and soothing them into coolness.

“I love you, too,” I replied. “Have a safe trip.”

He pecked my forehead. “Thanks. I’ll call you.”

I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see him walk away; but then I went against it and opened in the last minute. I caught a glimpse of his gaze turning away from my direction, as he apparently looked back to see me one last time. I wish I never closed my eyes.


“Come on!” Chloe whined while she jumped up and down on my bed. “I don’t want to go alone.”

“I don’t feel like going,” I said in a monotone.

The crying had stopped when I ran out of tears, not when the heart break lessened (by like a fraction!). The tears had dried onto my cheeks and my room smelled of despair. Like, seriously, the curtains were shut, my bed was unbelievably messy, and I was locked in the foetal position under a cocoon of blankets that made me burn up and sweat. With the combination of the cry baby aftermath, I was on fire!

“But you have to come along,” Chloe said.

“Get Janet or Jodie.”

“None of them are available. I only have you.”

The last words reminded me of Daniel, and it had only been a few hours, but I was already missing him so much. How do people do this? I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like the option taken away from me, even if I don’t need or use it in the end. And my option just hitched a ride to New York.

I groaned. “I don’t know…”

Chloe stopped jumping and then pulled the blanket covering my head back just a tad. “I’ll get you really, really drunk.”

I considered and then turned to Chloe with the reddest eyes she’s ever seen. “Promise?”

“I promise, stinky goblin monster,” Chloe laughed.

I had to hand it to her; props to Chloe for her diversion tactics. I narrowed my eyes and was ready to give it back to her until she interrupted me.

“I’ll even pick out something from here you can wear, I’ll do your make-up, everything! You won’t have to lift a finger.”

Sold! “Fine,” I mumbled.

Chloe shot her arms up in the air in victory. “Yay!”

I covered my head with the covers and waited for the time to get ready. Turns out that time was a long way away because I ended up falling asleep. By the time I woke up, Chloe’s promise had found its way into reality. The dress and make-up were all laid out for me, all I had to do was put the dress on and have Chloe do the honours of painting my face.

When those ended, we finally made our way out the door. I honestly couldn’t have been more of a downer than I already was. Chloe made as many attempts as she could to lift my unhappy mood, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Daniel. I wondered if it was going to get easier. I wondered, does us being physically very far apart make us more, or less, close? If people from vast corners of the world make the effort, and endure the struggle, to see the Mona Lisa up close and personal, then I think I answered my own question.

As we were nearing the place (which I now found out is called Hemingway’s Lounge; an interesting change for what we usually go for), I started noticing two familiar people coming from the opposite direction. My lips pulled out into a smile as I realised those two people, those two girls, were Jodie and Janet.

“I thought you guys weren’t available?” I asked.

“How else was I supposed to get you out of bed?” Chloe winked. I rolled my eyes, and for a second, I was feeling a little livelier.

The menu had some interesting cocktails, and as I saw the name of one it was like destiny. Ignoring the girl’s advice of order, I went for ‘death in the afternoon’. Sounds suitable. Maybe they should have mixed it with ‘the sun also rises’ and make it ‘death at sunrise’!

We clinked our drinks together once we got them. Everyone took a sip; mine, not so bad, and then we finally got into it.

“Girls,” Janet said, a huge grin forming on her lips, “I have something to say.”

“Yeah?” Chloe prodded.

“I’m kind of seeing someone.”

“Who is it!?” Jodie asked.

Janet looked at me. “It’s Stanley.”

My keen smile froze. “Daniel’s roommate?”

Chloe narrowed her eyes on Janet. “Daniel’s roommate?”

Janet shrugged apologetically. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine guys. Really. We can talk about him, he can still be mentioned in conversation. It’s not like he’s Voldemort or something.”

“Those books always gave me nightmares,” Jodie commented. “I could never finish the series.”

I laughed. “So how are things going with the two of you?”

The girls sighed in relief and Janet continued. “Great actually. Great sex. Great connection. But it’s nothing serious. It’s the perfect match. And the bonus is, we’re actually exclusive. I’m really happy.”

Jodie, Chloe and I looked at Janet like proud parents. “We’re glad you’re happy,” Chloe said.

“Thank you,” Janet said, “it means so much to me that you guys have my back.”

And it meant so much to me too. Each and every one of them were out here tonight because of me. For me. I couldn’t thank them enough but I could try. First thing’s first, I had to get out of my funk and be a little more appreciative of the girls’ efforts.

I stood, walked to the bar, discarded my drink and ordered another. When I sat back down I held my glass up. “To Janet and Stanley, ‘the sun also rises’.”

The girls smiled and then lifted their glasses. “To Stanley and Janet,” Jodie and Chloe said. We all clinked our glasses together as the sun was starting to rise on this Mona Lisa. Surrounded by Jodie, Chloe and Janet, it’ll be a warm day indeed.

If only the serenity lasted longer than this. When I went to check my phone, it had a message from none other than Eddie.

‘My office. Wednesday. 9:00am sharp!’

Mona Lisa has cracked. Well, at least I have tomorrow to prep with Derek while we babysit, so he can tell me what went down. Just in case I end up getting a beat down by Eddie’s verbal massacre. I really don’t know if that’s a plus or a negative, but right now, I was neutral.

***Hi everyone! In honour of Anna and Daniel’s relationship and determination to make it work long-distance, I’m interested in knowing which posts or scenarios that involve Anna and Daniel are your favourite! Let me know in the comments section below! I have lots of favourites, but one of mine would have to be when Anna was trying to win the bet by seducing Daniel in ‘Side Effects of the Grin-of-Pleasure’. Especially when she blacked out! I had so much fun writing it and it literally made me laugh out loud! I hope you enjoyed the post! Love, Soul xo***


6 thoughts on “Mona Lisa At Hemingway’s Lounge

  1. Oh my gosh, there’s so many! But the bet/blackout was definitely my favorite as well! Too funny! I also love when Daniel was there for Anna and Chloe when Chloe had her miscarriage. So sweet of him. I really hope him and Anna make it. I adore them together.

  2. Sad that Daniel left but hoping they don’t break up, i love the story and can’t wait to see where it’s going.. I hope that Eddie is easy on her lol, I can’t wait to read the next post and see what happens!! I also like all the post everyone I read I like better I can’t pick a favorite I don’t think..

  3. I feel bad for saying this but I think Anna is being way overdramatic! It is just a long distance relationship, he didn’t die! I’m a firm believer that if you both want the relationship to last and both are willing to work for it, it will make it through the distance. But you have to be positive about it and not all gloom and doom all the time..

    I love their relationship and I think my favorite was the first time their trip to New York. 🙂

  4. I loved the beach scene. It was so cute how they were dancing around telling each other how they really felt. When Daniel finally told Anna he loved her outside her apartment with all the girls watching I felt like cheering along with them. I love Daniel and Anna together!

  5. I liked the time when Daniel got back from his parents & asked Anna to give them a chance on a relationship & when she answered him back. The beach scene & when he told her for the first time that he loved her.

    This last post was good. I kinda wished Anna had told Daniel that she didn’t want to see him go but she understood.

    Long distance relationships can work but they aren’t easy.

  6. For me it was definitely the bet between Anna and Daniel in’Side Effects of the Grin-of-Pleasure’ post as well. It was hot , funny and dramtic. Basically me in nutshell. I hope there more incidents like that in the future… I love ur blog keep it up.

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