Get Ready, Sugartits!

Derek parked a good walk away, so we ended up taking a nice stroll.

“Sorry about the run out,” Derek said, “I just had to get out of there.”

“Katherine seems lovely.”

Derek smiled. “Oh, indeed. A little too involved though. She’s an incredible romantic; anything to do with love, she loves.”

“I think that’s a good characteristic to have.”

“Not when we’re on a…” he looked at me, caught his tongue, and then started again, “friendship dinner thing, it’s not.”

I eyed Derek, wondering if I just made a mistake about agreeing to dinner. To him it could mean something else. To me it was just dinner. Or was I denying it? I made it clear in the beginning though, that it was a strictly ‘as friends’ thing. What if he just agreed to agree? I couldn’t tell where we were at. It was all too weird. Too confusing.

Derek was about to say something when we were closing in on a few hysterical voices. Two guys and two girls were near and huddled around a tall iron fence. The girls were climbing over and out, or in I couldn’t tell, either way, they were both held up by the two guys for support.

“Hurry up, Poppy!” one of the guys said.

“Shut up, Jackson,” she giggled. “I can’t see!” her long brown hair kept falling over her face, and she tried moving it back. I couldn’t tell how tall she was from this angle, but I saw she had hazel eyes and the most gorgeous tanned skin that could only be perfect because it was natural. She looked Asian, but only half Asian. The other half will remain a mystery, at least for now.

“Hold us up. Be careful, Tony,” the other girl said. She had green eyes, almost the same colour as my green eyes, long brunette hair (longer than Poppy’s and therefore, clearly more disobedient), and a bangin’ curvy body, her face peppered with freckles. She was wearing shorts over tights, and a leather jacket; while the other girl wore jeans and a white blazer. A blazer that I think now would need to be sent to the drycleaners after this.

Tony laughed uncontrollably. “Okay, Kat, just hurry up!”

Both guys looked identical, besides the fact that Tony was light-skinned and Jackson was dark. Both muscularly built, and both looking just as smokin’ as the girls.

Derek turned to me with a smile. Our faces lit up at the sight of these people fooling around, and they didn’t even look like the kind of people that did this on a daily basis. I could almost picture their usually legal lives. Once Tony noticed us, he completely lost his attention (and grip) of Kat and she ended up falling flat on her butt, just before his feet. Jackson got distracted and lost his grip with Poppy, she followed not long after. Splat! On the ground, just like that! They all looked too drunk to care about the pain, I’m sure they’ll feel it in the morning though. Both men lost their footing and ended up falling on their butts as well, when that happened they started laughing even louder.

“Kids,” Derek said.

I laughed. “The amount of pain they’ll feel later on…”

“Oh, they sure will.”

We continued walking on (as if we hadn’t just witnessed these people flailing about; and most likely doing something illegal) once we saw that they were beginning to get up. Although the men seemed a little less drunk than the girls, Derek was kind enough to call for a cab before we left, and then notify them when he snagged one.

“It’d be better if they didn’t drive home,” he said.

“For everyone,” I added.

I hadn’t really seen anyone call a stranger, or a bunch of strangers at that, for a cab before. It was really nice of him to do that. As he did he looked like he belonged on the sidewalk of New York City, hailing a cab from Wall Street or something. I wonder where Daniel is right now. Derek was getting chat up by the girl named Poppy and the guy named Tony at the cab. Both of them, and Derek, ended up writing something down on pieces of paper, and then they exchanged.

“Their numbers,” he said, waving the paper in his hand as he walked towards me, “apparently we’re going to become good friends.”

I smiled. “Really?”

“Their words not mine.”

I laughed. “Riddled with alcohol.”

Derek chuckled. “You know it!”

On the way home, Derek started to fill me in on the meeting-slash-party we never really got around to talk about. Apparently, the new creative director is named Jo Ann. A tall, slender woman with short brown hair and blonde ‘bits’ in them, as Derek calls them. She’s been in the business for a very long time, and knows how to work it. She’s married and has one son. She’s considered a nurturer, but when it comes down to it, she works hard and has balls of steel; a much needed trait in this business.

“She’s really nice,” Derek said. “She’s already got some new ideas on sprucing up the place. And a set of interns.”

“Interns? Already?”

“She’s wasting no time.”

“I wonder if I could transfer,” I pondered.

Derek chuckled. “Is Eddie really that bad?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

Derek chuckled again and then sighed. “He definitely wasn’t expecting me. I’m not even sure what my being there did for him.”

“Well, I have to face the music first thing in the morning of that work-day.”

“Good luck to you then.”

I laughed. “Thanks.” I’ll be needing it.

I ended up sleeping for most of the drive. By the time we got to my place, I felt like I entered REM cycle. In my sleep, I heard my name being called from a distance. It became louder and louder and more familiar as it grew. Eventually, I knew it was Derek waking me up, brushing away some of the hair from my face.

“Hey,” he whispered as my eyes blinked open. “You look beautiful.”

Nope. That can’t be good. I smiled as politely as I could, and then started gathering my bag. Derek stopped the engine and got out of the car at the same time I did.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Walking you to your door.”

I rolled my eyes lazily. “Derek get back in the car.”


“Because…” I couldn’t find the right words.

“I’m just walking you to your door. Make sure you’re feeling okay and shit.”

And shit? Okay. That could work. “Fine,” I muttered.

It took all of two seconds to get to the front entrance, can you believe it? Shocking I know.

“Thanks,” I said, smiling with my eyes half-closed.

Unexpectedly I felt warm lips and the light suction of a kiss on my cheek. The sudden spring on me made me open my eyes wider. “Thank you,” he said when he stepped back.

I furrowed my brows. “What was that?” I asked after a moment of silence.

Derek grinned. “What was what?” I narrowed my eyes onto him. He was playing games with me, and it was starting to get to me. “Goodnight, Anna.”

“Goodnight, Derek,” I sighed.

He wandered off, retaining that sly, proud smile on his face, and leaving me in my state of bewilderment. I wonder if everything was exaggerated due to my sleepiness, or this evening was as real as I thought. One thing’s for sure, I met a lot of interesting characters tonight.


When I walked into the advertising agency, I made sure I looked my best and was well-rested. If I was going to get verbally bashed by Eddie I may as well look great while receiving the wrath, right? Just as Eddie had said (ordered or commanded more likely) I went straight for his office.

Alyssa, one of the interns that work with Janet, pulled me aside just a couple steps away. “Firstly, you look amazing, who’s your stylist?” she laughed. Her joke made me loosen up a bit and I was really grateful for that. “Second of all, I heard Eddie is pretty mad at you. He’s throwing a bitch fit as we speak.” I laughed again.

Alyssa was a tiny but curvy girl, with white as rice skin and light blonde hair that was just below her shoulders. She was interning as a graphics designer at the advertising agency, something that she is really passionate about. Only twenty-three and already working at her dream job? Lucky her!

“I don’t want to say it sounds bad,” Alyssa said, “but it sounds bad.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, dude, shit happens.”

“Well get ready, sugartits, because shit is about to happen as soon as you walk through that door.”

I scrunched my face. “Sugartits?”

Alyssa nodded. “Yeah, it’s a new thing I’m trying out on people.”

“Sounds like something a pimp would say.”

Alyssa snickered. “I think I actually heard a pimp say it in a movie or something. Ain’t that something?”

“I’m starting to freak out,” I breathed.

Alyssa grabbed my shoulders. “Ride long, ride proud, ride strong.”

“Keep ridin’.”

Alyssa nodded. “Keep ridin’.”

I took one long inhale, and another similarly long exhale. I fixed myself up, looked at Alyssa for approval, and then trudged my way into the lion’s den.


12 thoughts on “Get Ready, Sugartits!

  1. It REALLY bothers me that everything that happened with Derek in the last three posts, supposedly happened only a little over 24 hours after Daniel left. Like seriously? It’s only been ONE DAY and Anna pretty much just went on an elaborate date with Derek. And it bothers me even more that she keeps justifying everything he does and brushes it aside after 2 seconds. She should know better by now to be more careful with this guy. I’m sure Anna wouldn’t be too fond if the roles were reversed and Daniel was doing all these same things with Tanya. Speaking of Daniel, I really miss the guy. Hope we hear about him soon. I liked the posts better when they were about him and Anna, not Derek and Anna (although, that has nothing to do with your writing. It just has to do with how much I dislike Derek and how much I love Daniel haha).

    Also, I hope Anna looks into David and Goliath soon! Can’t wait to hear what Eddie has to say though!

    1. I agree with you on that. It’s only been one day since Daniel left and Anna has already gone on a dinner date with Derek and he’s kissed her on the cheek. I can’t imagine what will happen in 6 months.

      On a side note, I really can’t believe that Anna sacrificed her job for one day with Daniel though. In the long run, one day won’t affect their relationship that much but it will have an impact on her relationship with her boss. She didn’t even tell Eddie that Derek was going instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was fired.

  2. Anna is playing with fire. Girls are not stupid. They know when guys are interested in them. Anna knows that Derek likes her, she does not need to lead him on by letting his actions be acceptable. It’s almost like she wants something to happen. Grr.

  3. Can we pretty please not have anything happen between Anna and Derek? Every time I try to give him another chance and think “okay, maybe he’s a good guy,” he does something to make me angry. I’m done with him. Even if he really is a good guy, he’s just had too many strikes with me. I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of him :/ He really is playing games with Anna. I think he realized that the direct affect isn’t working with her, so now he’s trying to tease her and play mind games with her. It almost seems like he’s manipulating her. Ugh, can we just get Daniel back?!! Loveeeee him!!

  4. Ugh. I haven’t even made it through a quarter of the post and had to comment. WHY is there any question in Anna’s mind about “what’s happening” with Derek??? She is in a relationship with Daniel and made it quite clear to Derek that she’s happy and where she wants to be. It’s pretty clear that he’s still being a skeezy opportunist and I don’t get why she would even humor that. She should have cut this off at the get-go. Period.

    I go back and forth with this girl and posts like these past few swing the pendulum WAY back over to I just really don’t like her and her wishy washiness. It seems she is too into the attention that comes along from all the men in her life. I’m beginning to believe that Daniel deserves much better.

  5. Well I love love Daniel and their relationship ❤ but seriously the Derek thing just makes the blog so much better than it already is!! And yeah I don't know if I'm sold on him yet but I think I might start liking him soon, just like Anna :s

  6. I for one was amazed & wonder why so many posts were devoted to this one babysitting night with Derek. I never thought it would come to an end.
    I liked Alyssa & can’t wait to hear what Eddie has to say. I’m sure it will be ugly. Glad this is only a blog for Anna’s sake!

  7. Ugh Derek and his stupid games! I agree, Derek already had too many chances to just be a friend. But please don’t mess up Daniel and Anna!! Can’t wait to see what Eddie has to say!

  8. Any guy who plays as many mind games as Derek isn’t good news. He doesn’t respect her relationship (though she lets it all happen; no matter how she justifies it all, it’s still wrong to do to Daniel!). Karma will get Derek for what he’s trying to do to their relationship. Karma might get Anna too :(. She told Daniel about baby sitting, but dinner and a kiss too? She was setting herself up! She might lose her job and Daniel 😦

  9. I’ve never commented before, but I agree with other readers. Derek is an opportunist and I’m not a fan of him at all. No matter how hard I try to like him, I just can’t. I actually sort of hate him. I hope Daniel and Anna can make it though! And the only reason I say that is because I love Daniel too much to see him go from the blog! I’ve gone back and forth with thinking that Daniel deserves better, but if he’s not with Anna then that means he kind of disappears from the blog and I’m already having a hard time with him not being a part of posts anymore because I love his character so much 😦 So I really hope Anna starts maturing and realizes what an amazing guy Daniel is and how much of a sleazeball and manipulator Derek is. I know this sounds really bad, but I almost hope Anna gets fired only because that’ll mean she’ll see less of Derek and I am all for anything that will distance Anna from this guy. Plus, that’ll mean she can look into the other job, which sounded 1000x better than working for Eddie!

    Love the blog by the way, I’m obsessed!! You are an amazing writer!

  10. Yeah! I’m sweet AND I have balls of steel! I agree with everone else. Derek sucks you in and makes you think he’s a nice guy, then turns around and is an asshole. She should have slapped his face again for kissing her! STAY AWAY FROM DEREK!!! Go call Daniel and have phone or Skype sex or something. 🙂

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