A Date

“I had been going back and forth on what to do with you,” Eddie said, “that all my ideas seem to be overwhelmed by the one clear one.”

I had been standing in his office, feeling the tension rise exponentially as long as he kept me standing there, in the silence. Upon arriving he was tapping away on the company computer, and just when I thought he was stopping to speak to me, he started writing notes down. I knew what he was doing, and instead of letting it get to me, I smiled at the attempts of intimidation.

“Honestly, you’re my best intern. You’re well on your way to being offered a job here at the agency at the end of your internship. But things like pulling someone else for a job you should be doing, can’t go unsaid when you actually get a job here. I’m letting you off the hook, and for whatever reason, I don’t want to hear it. This may be a big mistake I’m making, but either way, I’m making it. Don’t let it happen again.”

I nodded. “I guess I should have warned you too.”

Eddie smiled. “That too. Either way it was you that was supposed to be there, not Derek. I can only be thankful that you picked a good one for the meet and greet.”

“How was it?”

Eddie sighed. “Jo Ann is some woman.”

“Do you want to elaborate on that?” I asked after a pause.

Eddie shook his head. “Just get back to work. And next time, don’t make me look like a fool.”

“Sure, Eddie.”

I sat back down at my desk feeling deflated and, oddly enough, unfazed by Eddie. I was smiling, thinking to myself that I deserved better. This feeling never really came often enough, but at this moment, it was prominent. If Eddie was right, that I was on my way to landing a job here, then I wondered, was it worth it? Did I really want to start my career in this industry working under Eddie’s wing? He was like a controlling ex-boyfriend or something. I seriously couldn’t stand him. Fine, he has his moments of excellence, but that tends to be overshadowed by his arrogance and overall attitude, at least for me.

I knew if I didn’t do something now, I was going to end up miserable here. I’m sure many people do though. I’ve heard all of it, from the sexually harassing bosses to the lazy team members, but hell, there’s got to be something better than this! Isn’t there?

As I pondered my little dilemma I fiddled in my pocket, as if in search for something. My fingers grazed a thin paper and I quickly pulled back thinking I just experienced a paper-cut. I’m a complete baby when it comes to paper-cuts. I would go to extreme measures just to avoid a paper-cut. I’ve had a nightmare once that a paper storm was heading my way and I woke up in a sweat. No joke; paper-cuts are my kryptonite.

I pulled out the thin paper, now realising it was cardboard and it was the contact information of James from David and Goliath. I twirled it between my fingers, amused at the thought of seeking out another job-slash-internship while at this internship. I finally lifted the receiver and dialled.

My mind was elsewhere as each ring progressed, so I didn’t really know how long I was waiting for until James picked up.

“Hi, James?” I asked.

“Yes, who is this?” even through the phone I could tell he was busy.

“Oh,” I said, “it’s Anna. We met at that laundry place.”

“Oh, Anna,” he said. Do I hear a tinge of a smile? I think so. “Thought I’d never hear from you again.”

I laughed nervously. It’s always a little awkward when someone addresses that. “Yeah, I’ve been busy. Have I caught you at a bad time?”

“Not at all, although I’m going into a meeting soon so I can’t stay for long.”

I nodded. “That’s fine.”

“So what can I do for you, Anna Launderette?”

I laughed. “Well, I was thinking about your offer last time.”

“About checking out our agency?”

“Yes, I was wondering if it still stands.”

“Having some second thoughts about your current agency, are we?”

I shrugged. “Nothing I can’t handle.” Oh damn, that sounds a bit too cocky.

Although, I was relieved when James laughed. “I like that sentence. It says a lot; one, that your agency is challenging; and two, that you can handle a challenge. You can sell yourself pretty well and not even realise it, I bet.”

“What can I say, I’m gifted and cursed.”

“Well,” he said, “would you like to come by next week, I’ll have my assistant set you up on a tour, and if you like the agency, and pass the interview, then the internship is yours. How does that sound?”

Sounded way better than I expected! “That sounds great.” I tried saying it cool and collected. Like, yeah man, I was made for this.

“Great, I’ll send you an email with the details.”

“Thank you so much, James.”

“You’re welcome, Anna. I’ve no doubt you’ll fit in just nicely here.”

I smiled, grateful that at least one person can see me. Really see me. “Bye.”

I sat back grandly on my swivel chair, thinking the best had finally happened to me. Nothing was final yet, but I was just glad that I was on track to somewhere other than here. Although I’m incredibly thankful that Janet pushed me for this internship, I was more excited to finally work for someone a tad on the professional side.

Just then I got a text. ‘Hey babe, missing you so much. NY’s amazing, can’t wait for you to come up here and take you out. How are things?’

Daniel and I agreed that I was going to be the first one to send my ass over and I was totally fine with it. Not to mention understanding. I mean, it only seemed logical that I was the first to go over there since he was trying to make a good and lasting impression with his boss.

I, of course, smiled sheepishly at the text. My cheeks lifted high and felt warm. ‘Do I have some news for you!’ I texted back. ‘I miss you too and I can’t wait to be with you this weekend. I love you!’

‘Want to make a date to spend some time together tonight?’ he replied within seconds.

‘It’s a date.’

Karma Sutra was what was going through my head when I thought about the weekend with Daniel. I was missing everything about him. And even though he said that he was going to take me out, I was doing my own little research to see if I could take him out as well. We’ll definitely surprise each other, I’m sure of it.

“Well, looky, looky, looky,” I heard someone closing in, “someone’s in a good mood.”

I nodded when I saw it was Derek. He leaned up on my desk and I still had the smile that Daniel made plastered on my face.

“Care to divulge?” Derek asked.

I looked to the side and tilted my head in thought. “Nope,” I shook my head.

Derek grinned. “Mysterious, I like it. So, I was wondering if you were busy tonight, I was thinking that we could hang out again. Last time was pretty fun.”

I nodded, and it was true, it was fun. Well, around fun. But I wasn’t about to blow Daniel off for Mister Calvin Klein over here. I stood to wear my coat and go out for lunch. “Sorry, I’m busy tonight.”

“Oh,” Derek said, disappointed, “got other plans or a curfew something?”

“Yup,” I said, heading out, “I have a date.”


7 thoughts on “A Date

  1. I really hope there’s as many posts about Anna’s visit with Daniel as there was with her babysitting night with Derek. I definitely need a good fill of Daniel before they part ways again! That boy has been dearly missed!! So excited to have him back in some posts. And I’m so happy she didn’t blow him off for Derek. I’m glad Anna called James too. Hope she gets that internship! I think it’s time for a new adventure and this really sounds like a promising one.

  2. Good upbeat post!
    It’s amazing what a little confidence can do for Anna when she puts forth the effort!
    Date night sounds like it might be fun…

  3. I don’t really understand how Anna is a good intern. I think Eddie should not be so lenient on her. It seems like she can just get away with anything. As for Derek, I feel like right now, it’s only a matter of time until she cheats on Daniel:(. I hope she gets the other position so she doesn’t have to see Derek again…but I think james might put a strain on Daniel and Anna’s relationship as well.

    1. I felt like the meeting was completely anti-climactic after the “cliffhanger” from last week. Basically she goes in, and is told that she’s the best intern and there are not going to be any repercussions for basically completely ignoring her directive from him and somehow she goes back to her desk and feels “deflated”? Color me confused. And the only reason I can gather that she’s a good intern – because there hasn’t been any evidence written about – is that she isn’t sleeping with Eddie.

      I continue to be confused by why she has anything to do with Derek at all.

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