Effortless Effort

Daniel and I pretty much left our conversation on the note of Samantha. I couldn’t hunt him down for information there and then because, one, he said he was super-tired; and two, I was too shell-shocked to say anything but a goodbye. I barely said bye. It was more like a, hmphye! The morning after, Daniel ended up texting me an interesting message. He did say that he was going to take me out, and in the text he told me to bring a lovely dress along for our dinner-date. Samantha was so very nearly out of my mind then, but at least it made me smile at how sweet Daniel was being.

Chloe and I were eating breakfast at the dining table, getting ready for classes. I didn’t think I was going to remember anything though, because I thought that all I’d have in my head was ‘Samantha! SaMaNtHa! SAMANTHA!’, but hey, what can you do? Well I couldn’t have done anything, but Daniel could have. He should have told me, but I actually didn’t really understand the situation to go jumping to ‘should’.

“What if it was an unexpected circumstance?” I shrugged.

Chloe shook her head. “Nope.”

“I can’t just go to thinking one thing and not seeing his side.”

“Look,” Chloe said, “no matter what the case was, even if it was unexpected, he should have told you. You can’t keep something like that from a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. I bet he would’ve gone ape-shit if the tables were turned.”

“Maybe,” I bit my bottom lip in thought, “but then again, it could be nothing.”

Chloe nodded. “You’re right, it very well could be nothing. He still should have told you though.”

I sighed. “I know, I’m just…I don’t want…”

“You don’t want to think that your own boyfriend is keeping something from you deliberately?” Chloe asked (or finishing my sentence) with sympathetic eyes.

I nodded. “It sucks. I feel something brewing.”

“Just pack your sexiest dress and have fun. Just remember to ask about Samantha, and what she’s doing there. If it’s nothing, do nothing, if it’s something, I don’t know, satay his sac or something.”

I scrunched my face. “Eww, Chloe.”

“Yeah, I know, I just heard myself.”

The week went by pretty quickly, and most of it was filled with my narrowing down on possible answers of what Samantha is doing there, living with my boyfriend. Ugh! Sounds so weird saying that. Anyway, I keep thinking that it could be a long lost sister (Daniel, as far as he and I know, is an only child), or a hostage taker. Maybe the fact that he mentioned her so casually was a cry for help. Improbable, not impossible.

By the time Friday came around I was super excited to finally see Daniel and begin the physical effort in our long distance relationship. I once dated a guy that wouldn’t care to pick me up for a night out…ever! Of course it was only brief. That’s when I started to think a little bit selfishly, and figure out what I wanted. What I wanted was not to settle for less. I got lucky with Daniel; he’s more than a gentleman. And you might think that picking the girl you’re seeing up isn’t such a big deal, you may not, but it’s all about character. Is he willing to put in the effort? Daniel and I are willing, so willing in fact, that the amount of devotion and love we have for each other can even make the effort effortless.

I wished Daniel was on my flight again so he could do like last time and embarrass me out of my fears, but since that couldn’t be arranged, I resorted to slipping into a pill-popping coma, instead. Thanks to practical use of westernised medicine, I arrived in New York in no time.

Daniel was waiting for me, like the gentlemen he is, with a big smile on his face. He looked different, but in a good way, New York seemed to have gotten the best out of him in more ways than one. Hello, Mr. Hottie McNaughty! We meet again.

I ran up to Daniel as quickly as I could drag my luggage, and then let go a couple steps away before body-slamming Daniel into oblivion.

“Whoa!” Daniel exclaimed. “I miss you, too.”

I started hearing him laugh and his chest raise into me and then fall in rapid sequences. My legs were up in the air as I hugged him and he held me but after a while my feet finally touched the ground again. I took a good look at Daniel before I kissed him ‘hello’, and if it weren’t for the people witnessing this PG rated fest I would have taken him right there and then and we would have discovered a new rating beyond NC-17!

I missed his warm lips so much that I didn’t want to stop kissing him, but eventually we had to catch a cab and leave.

“How was the flight?” Daniel asked after he loaded my luggage into the trunk and we hopped into the cab.

“I don’t remember much of it because I was asleep for most of it.”

“Yeah, you look a little drowsy, did you take something?”

I laughed and smacked him. “I look just fine! How else do people sleep?”

“Chinese medicine,” Daniel winked. “The same effect excluding the drowsiness.”

“What are you, some sort of naturopath?”

Daniel laughed. “Some of my roommates drink teas and herbs and whatnot. They’ve actually turned me on to it and it’s not so bad.”

Suddenly, the thoughts of Samantha was clouding my mind and it all hit me at once. I was going to meet the girl that was living with my boyfriend. Oh man, I was doing so well, too!

“Something wrong?” Daniel asked, snapping my thoughts back into the cab ride.

I shook my head and held Daniel’s hand. “I’m so happy to see you.” Now wasn’t exactly the right time to bring this up so I just had to leave it at that.

At least our cab ride was alright. The driver turned up the radio when one of my favourite songs by 2pac came on: How Do U Want It! I tried rapping with my one audience member, Daniel, and got a pretty low mark for my rapping, however, bonus points for attempting to dance while seated. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the real deal. Def Jam, I’m coming for you!

“Here’s home,” Daniel said as we pulled up in front of a large building.

“I don’t even know where we are,” I said.

Daniel smiled. “Don’t worry,” he slid his hand up my thigh when the cab driver got out of the car, “I’ll take extra care of you.” I went bright red and giggled like a little school girl in front of her crush. “Let’s go.”

Daniel lives in a loft shared with four other roommates, one of them being Samantha, of course. The other roommates are men, Brian, Rob, and Craig. I was at least glad to hear, on this tour of the loft, that Samantha was Brian’s girlfriend, and she was only supposed to temporarily stay here while she looked for a place, just like Daniel. It still didn’t take away the full sting of his failed mention of her up until this point, but it did something.

“Hungry?” Daniel asked.

I nodded. “Famished.”

Daniel gestured to a wiry stool at the kitchen island. “Please.”

After Daniel put my luggage in his room, where I’ll of course be sleeping, he got cracking on some food-making skills. I watched him work loving every minute of it.

“I think we should only have a little nibble because of our reservations tonight,” Daniel suggested.

“That’s fine by me!”


Daniel’s hand slipped underneath my shirt and up to my breast. As we made out on his bed, he squeezed over my bra and then finally moved to the clasp. I arched my back so he could get a good grip and undo me easily. With one hand he worked his magic and then put his hand underneath my bra. I moved on top of him, lifting up my shirt and then my bra, and started kissing him again. I loved that all the sounds we were hearing were ours. Our breathing, our kisses…us. I missed us like hell! The best part about the slow build up is that there’s almost a one hundred per cent guarantee that the big-O will be even greater. The worst part is, well, it’s slow, so it gives leeway for four roommates that also live here to bust in and ruin the mood.

As soon as we heard the door open and murmurings outside the bedroom that grew in volume, Daniel and I looked at each other with the most disappointing gazes muddled with hot and bothered expressions. Daniel sighed and smiled. I smiled back, and with the speed of snails, we started working our way back to, clothed for me, and DOWN-BOY! for Daniel.

“I didn’t even realise how much time had gone by,” Daniel said as he looked out his window and then to the clock on his bedside table. “I’ve made reservations, and it’s getting nearer and nearer.”

“Oh right,” I said, “I packed a nice dress.”

Daniel kissed me on the cheek. “Good. I have a little surprise for you too, before we leave.”

My heart thumped. Although I love surprises, surprises don’t seem to fair well with me. The last surprise I remember receiving was a birthday party at the tender age of eleven after a day spent with Daddio. I was busting to go to the toilet and ended up letting it aaaaaaall go as soon as the party rockers jumped out and turned on the lights while yelling ‘surprise!’. Talk about humiliation central. Never again. Never. Again.

“Don’t be so nervous,” Daniel said. Probably because he noticed the childhood traumatising lines starting to form. He kissed me again and smiled. “It’s a good, not scary at all, surprise. I promise.”

I smiled and then leaned in to kiss him again. It was meant to be a sweet peck at first, but then the more I tasted him the more I wanted him. We were about to get into the thick (wink, wink) of things again when I began hearing the company call out Daniel’s name.

Daniel pulled back, sighing again as he shook his head. “For the love of all that is holy.”

I laughed and grabbed his hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

I found the whole party sitting out on the lounge room couches. The television was switched on and they seemed really laid back. The men seemed nice, and liveable. Turns out Rob is the one who links everyone together, being friends with Daniel and also Craig and Brian. Samantha was Brian’s girlfriend, and I don’t know why, but I was half-expecting her to be just a regular off-putting Sandy-clone kind of gal. Nope, apart from her busty looks, she also had the brains. The complete package. Darn it! I never liked to admit this feeling whenever I got it, but I think I’m getting jealous. More importantly, I think I’m getting way more jealous than I could even handle. I knew I had to talk to Daniel about this and make my feelings about the situation known, but I didn’t know when the right time it was for the inevitable. Should I ruin the night now? Should I even be looking at it like I was ruining the night? Should I put aside my feelings and just stick it out? Was it worth the trouble?

After a little meet-and-greet, for which Daniel seemed to keep Samantha company (they seemed to get along really well) as I got to know the guys, Daniel and I started making our way back into his bedroom. We switched between the bathroom and his bedroom as we got ready, and when I came out of the bathroom and into Daniel’s room where Daniel was, his mouth dropped.

“I’m guessing that’s a good reaction?” I asked.

Daniel continued appraising me, ignoring my question. “Damn,” he finally mumbled, then he began checking himself. I laughed.

I was wearing a green lace and silk dress. More lace than silk. It hugged my body and the hem was up to my knees. I had to opt for stockings because, even though it was spring now in New York, I was freezing my butt off. Another aspect of sex with Daniel I’m most looking forward to is the increase in heat production. We really needed to grind our business together and put Aladdin’s lamp-rubbing skills to shame!

“You look very sexy in suits, I have to say,” I said.

Daniel grinned, showing those dimples. “Why thank you. Are you ready?”

I nodded. “You?”

“Yup,” Daniel said, then he held to fingers straight up, “but first…” he moved to his bedside table and opened the draw. From the angle I was at I couldn’t really see what he was doing, but he ended up pulling out something from the drawer. The closer he got the more I was able to focus on the rectangular container and realise it was navy blue velvet. Unmarked. This was serious. I looked up at Daniel to find some answer or explanation in his eyes, but all I got back was him watching my reaction like a comedy show. “…your little surprise.”

“Daniel,” I breathed.

“Okay,” he breathed, the smile of comedy fading, making way for a smile of happiness and anticipation. Maybe he was just as nervous as I was. “I want you to have this,” he handed me the box.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as I took the container.

“Open it,” he said, eagerly.

I smiled, feeling my cheeks going red and my heart beating like crazy. Was this a dream? As soon as I opened the top, I gasped. Even in the dimly lit room the diamonds twinkled and shined. Round cut, pear shaped and marquise diamonds made up the very intricate design of the bracelet. It was all beautifully cut. It was all beautifully made. It was simply…beautiful.

“Oh my God, Daniel,” I looked at him and my heart warmed at the most proud smile, “this is amazing.”

Daniel chuckled and started detaching the slumbering frosted bracelet from its velvety cocoon, and attaching it onto my wrist. “I would have pawned this bracelet and used the money to help my mother, had it not have been for the history it holds and the love it represents. My grandmother received this as a wedding gift from my grandfather. Among everything, this ended up turning out to be her favourite. It was more than diamonds to her, it was a commitment from my grandfather to her, his appreciation of her, and above all a representation of his love for her. An undying love; so this bracelet is an undying love. When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother gave this to my father, before he married my mother, to give to her. It’s been passed down from my grandmother, to my mother, and now,” he finished on the clasping of the bracelet, “to you. Don’t worry, this isn’t a marriage proposal. This is my commitment to you because without you, fuck, I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be. This is my appreciation of you because I know you’d do anything to keep this relationship going. And above all,” he wiped an escaped tear from my eye with his thumb, “this is my love for you because, even though I have a pretty good imagination, I just can’t imagine my world as it is, without you.”

I leaned in to kiss Daniel on the lips with my mushy salty ones. I could have sworn I didn’t blink once, and it must have been in fear that everything would magically poof back to before he pulled out the gift. A surprise it was, a surprise indeed, and it was amazing.

“Daniel,” I said, using the back of my hand to wipe down the mess as much as I could within my lady-like barriers, “You’re sweet, funny, caring, and sexy; your love for your mother is admirable. Granted you were really annoying when I first met you,” we laughed together, “but I never even want to imagine my life without you. You mean a lot to me. I love you.”

Daniel moved forward to kiss me and because I now had more control over my streams I could easily go for it as much as I could.

Daniel breathed out largely with relief. “I was a little nervous there. I thought you’d think this was too much.”

I shook my head. “It’s perfect. It’s just perfect. I’m just so frazzled to say any more.”

Daniel laughed. “Well I’m glad you love it. I couldn’t think of any other way to say what I wanted to say without it sounding sappy but—”

I shook my head and kissed him, cutting him off. “It’s wonderful. You’re wonderful.” I brushed a finger over one of the diamonds and then looked at Daniel, shaking my head in awe. “I’m honoured you think I’m worthy of such a gift.”

Daniel nodded and, after a pause, he then grinned. “So, hungry?”

I laughed at the reference to earlier on today. “Famished.”

I retouched my make-up just a tad, and by tad I mean a lot, and then took Daniel’s hand. As soon as we stepped out of the bedroom door, I realised I had forgotten that anyone was here.

Samantha looked up from the television. “See you later, Daniel.”

In my mood I smiled at her and almost forgot about everything. That was until she didn’t return my smile, and instead grimaced and turned away. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Because I’m starting to sense Sami-girl has a problem with me too.


8 thoughts on “Effortless Effort

  1. That was sweet what Daniel had to say. I think it was better than most marriage proposals.
    However, little ms Samantha needs to be discussed before Anna leaves to go back home (wherever that is, I forget)!! Some guys are clueless when it comes to girls w claws & this is how Sam is being portrayed….

  2. I know they’re going to have to talk about the Samantha thing but please don’t make it into a fight. In every blog, every conversation like this turns into a huge fight and it doesn’t have to. Anna can explain the look and just ask if Samantha has feelings for him. It doesn’t have to put a dent in their relationship.

  3. PLEASE don’t drag out the conversation about Samantha. Then she will get cold feet, start imagining and assuming things, and it will just escalate. mum

  4. The bracelet kind of does all of the talking on Daniels part. He loves her and he’s been in that apartment with Samantha for while and clearly hasn’t felt anything.

  5. I am confused by the Samantha thing. Is she upset because Daniel has a female roommate? Did I miss something? It is rather normal when you are sharing apartments/ flats with a bunch of roommates for there to be guys and girls. I always had male as well as female roommates in University. I don’t get it.

    1. Yeah me too, i am also confused and think that i missed something about this Samantha girl. Does she has any history with Daniel or maybe his family? Or is it become problem simply because she’s a girl? I mean there are other room mates, it’s not like there’s just Daniel and Samantha live together.

      If the problem start after they all meet and she shows odd behaviour, then it make sense.

  6. I love Daniel and Anna together so much that I almost cried when he gave her that diamond bracelet. I doubt that Daniel would ever cheat on Anna. He knows what it’s like to be on the other side of that, and I doubt it would even cross his mind to make the person he loves feel the way Tanya made him feel when she cheated on him. Besides, if any of us were ever skeptical of Daniel’s love and commitment to Anna, I’m pretty sure this post put those doubts to rest. BUT, I still think Anna should bring the Samantha thing up with him. It doesn’t have to turn into a fight or be made into a really big deal, but if she doesn’t say something it’s going to just eat at her. It’s already driving her crazy. So I think she should lightly mention it, but not push it too far. Maybe say that, just like Daniel trusts her but not Derek, she trusts him but not Samantha. But yeah, please don’t turn it into this huge thing. Especially since they only have the weekend together.

    Also, I LOVE how long this post was!! Thank you so much for that!! I really needed a long post about Anna and Daniel after him being gone from the past couple of ones! So excited to see how the rest of their weekend goes!

  7. Wahhhh I keep stalking your blog everyday. Fingers crossed for a bonus post ❤ I love it so much! 🙂

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