What’s Up Sullen Girl?

BONUS POST! Dedicated to Anonymous comment on May 1st at 1:04am from ‘Mistakes’ and Anonymous comment on May 7th at 9:24am from ‘Effortless Effort’, who both wanted bonus posts but never got them (also for the people who secretly wished for one). I hope this post satisfies because I’m sick as a dog right now, so bear with me :(. Enjoy!

“You’re an idiot for leaving early,” Chloe said.

“Big idiot,” Janet added.

“That was a big mistake,” Chloe said.

“Huge,” Janet followed.

I darted my eyes back and forth between the two, my face looking like it was under the biggest judgement call of its life between the two judges. Well, in this case I’d say Chloe was the main judge and Janet was the assistant.

“I didn’t exactly leave early, I mean, we waited at the airport,” I said, hoping to make my side of the case a little better.

Both girls crossed their arms over their chest.

“You’re not fooling anyone,” Chloe said.

“Listen,” I said, “you can’t blame me. Samantha walked in on the both of us taking a shower.”

Janet held up her index finger as an interjection. “That isn’t entirely Daniel’s fault.”

“I don’t think Daniel has any fault in the matter,” Chloe mumbled.

“He called me a hypocrite,” I said. “I can’t get that out of my head. I don’t think my relationship with Derek has anything to do with hypocrisy.”

“He clearly hates Derek,” Chloe said.

Janet’s face started relaxing out of its thinking state; an epiphany maybe. “He’s been bottling it up for you.”

“What?” I asked.

“It makes sense,” Janet said. “That explains the little outburst.”

“Little?” I muttered. More like big.

“Point being, he was trying to suck it up and make everything seem better than it really was. I bet this whole process was a bigger problem than he made it out to be.”

“So when he was saying he wasn’t okay with Derek…” Chloe added.

“Then it was actually killing him inside,” I finished.

Now I felt like the bigger asshole in this entire dilemma. But it didn’t excuse him for calling me a hypocrite. It was more of the fact that I didn’t want Daniel to look at me that way. It had been a few days and neither of us called the other up. I didn’t know who should have to call whom first. It was really confusing for me. I’m really trying to think of a way to approach this, but I knew the longer we put it off the harder it was going to be. And we kept it aside for a long, long time. We should have talked the day after at least.

What I needed was to take my mind off our argument for just a little bit, just so I could have a clear mind to think it through. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), I was busy with classes at UCLA and the internship at the advertising agency. Not to mention my meeting with James from David and Goliath was tomorrow, on Thursday, along with a tour by his assistant.

So here I was, sitting at my desk at the advertising agency just zoning out. I had work up to my eyeballs and I was zoning out, staring at my bracelet. The best part of this bracelet was that the diamonds weren’t too big or too small, so I can wear it as a night look and be noticed (not in an obnoxious way though), and even wear it during the day without having it to look like too much. So no matter what, I always thought about Daniel. Even more so than I have before. He was with me everywhere I went. The best part was no matter how far apart we were, I was always reminded of his love for me.

“What’s up sullen girl?” Derek asked when he approached my desk.

My right hand balled into a fist at not only the sight of him, but at his voice. Now, suddenly everything about him pissed me off too.

“How was your weekend with Daniel?” he asked.

I furrowed my brows in confusion. How on Earth could he have possibly know I was with Daniel on the weekend? I never told him anything. “How did you—?”

“Nikki told me,” he interceded. “I take it that it wasn’t such a good trip?” he grinned.

I put on my coat and gathered my purse for lunch, muttering, “Fuck you, Derek,” as I was leaving.

I was in the middle of an empty elevator, ready to descend as I watched the heavy silver doors close. Then a hand shot through, opening them up again. Derek walked in, without his coat or anything on him, so I was hoping he wasn’t about to follow me out of the building.

It was quiet before the doors closed, but as soon as they did, Derek turned to me. “What the hell is your problem?”

Here we go again, I thought, another person thinking it was just my problem that was the issue.

I rolled my eyes. “Nothing.”

“Clearly there’s something bothering you.”

Finally I faced him. “You want to know what’s bothering me? You’re what’s bothering me.”

“I did nothing wrong to you,” Derek said, taken aback.

I really wanted to tell him that his whole existence was wrong, but I figured that was too much. “You’re just in my life to ruin it,” I said.


“You heard me,” I said.

“It’s Daniel isn’t it?” he asked. “He’s pushing you to turn against me, can’t you see that?”

“No, Derek,” I sighed, not wanting to fight anyone anymore. “Look, I’m trying to make a long-distance relationship work, with my boyfriend, and right now you’re not helping.”

Derek grabbed my shoulders. “Can’t you see that I care about you? I’m trying really hard, here.” He skimmed my lips and I gave him the biggest death-stare, just so he knew all hell would break loose if he ever tried anything. He rolled his eyes and let go. “Don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“I don’t think I can see you anymore, Derek,” I finally said after a moment of silence.

Derek chuckled humourlessly, shaking his head. “I had a feeling it was coming down to this. I just didn’t think all it would take for you to be controlled by your boyfriend is a piece of expensive jewellery. Just,” he shrugged, “I didn’t think you were the type to turn into a fucking puppet.”

“Fuck you, Derek,” I narrowed my eyes.

The elevator ding-ed. “Well fuck you too,” Derek replied, irritated.

In my lunch break, I got a text from him telling me that he was sorry. A ‘regrettable retaliation’ as he called it; I didn’t reply. I was over Derek. I was over Eddie. I was over this place. It was time to make a new start, and that began with calling Daniel.

10 thoughts on “What’s Up Sullen Girl?

  1. FINALLY. I’m so happy Anna is realizing that she needs to put Derek out of her life. He’s so manipulative, it’s disgusting. I’m over him too. Glad she’s going to call Daniel. I think both of them have things to apologize for (Anna for the whole Derek thing & also leaving early and vice versa for Daniel not taking Anna seriously about the Samantha thing & not saying something after the shower incident). They both just need to talk everything out maturely.

    You’re awesome for giving us a bonus post!! I really hope you feel better! So excited for Sunday’s post now!!

  2. I am so sorry you are sick & I appreciate all your hard work!!
    I really enjoyed all the previous comments from the last post. Commentors are really getting into this story line Emphatically!!
    I just didn’t ‘get’ Anna’s friends reasoning. I understand that Daniel dislikes Derek and it’s Anna’s responsibility to fend him off the same as Daniel’s to fend off Samantha. I too would have felt belittled that Daniel brushed off Anna’s observation of of Sam. Is Anna’s friends saying that’s what she did to Daniel about Derek? Did Anna need to slap Samantha before she left & tell her to stay away from her man? Not a bad idea now that I think about it!
    Anna needs to make some good choices and at some point (not sure how much longer she has in school) needs to consider moving to where Daniel is for this relationship to work. They need to work to that goal if it’s going to work in the long run.
    Can’t wait to hear from others & the phone call w Daniel!!
    Hope the author feels better soon!!

  3. YAYY!!! no more Derek!!!! Now hopefully Anna and Daniel be together and be happy. She also needs to get on the phone ASAP and talk to Daniel…better yet she should fly back to New York and surprise him!!!

  4. Thank you so much! 😀 Fave blog & favorite blogger! You just made my day ahhh having a post dedicated to me! Thanks so much again ❤

  5. Thank you! We love you :). I’m happy she’s starting to see what Derek is about. Also, I wish she would be more upset at the fact that Samantha was talking negatively about her and that Derek kind of just played it off. I thought that was weird. I wouldn’t care about the hypocrite thing as much as the her walking in on him and the shower and the weird thing she said about “after the other night…” Maybe I miss read it but I thought it was strange !

  6. Anna was wrong, plain and simple. She tries to justify and have an excuse for everything. Derek did her a favor, so she went to babysit with him. Dinner was not necessary. The kiss was not necessary. Being all buddy buddy was not necessary. Of course Daniel was going to be pissed. His plane had barely landed in New York when all this went down.
    Should he have mentioned Samantha? Yes. Was it a dumb guy move not to? Yes, I don’t think he was trying to hide anything. Does S wanna make a move on Daniel? I don’t know, but the fact that her boyfriend also lives there would make things awkward.

    Bottom line, she needs to make the call. Tell Daniel she is DONE with Derek, and really be done, and move on. Just my 2 cents. mum

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