What Are We Waiting For?

***BONUS post! Enjoy!***

I knew I wasn’t going to be swimming anywhere or even looking at the water once we were on the boat. Despite that though, Chloe was still picking out bathing suits I hadn’t worn in a while; and even though one of the many purposes of a bikini is to show a little skin, I wanted one to do the exact opposite. Of course, my selection wasn’t extensive enough for that, so I had to settle on a one piece. At least it was a cute one piece.

“Can’t believe you talked me into this,” I said, shaking my head and staring at the bathing suit lying on my bed.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Chill out, you need some fun time.”

“Anton and Ivan,” I mumbled, “those are the most Russian names I have ever heard.”

“They could almost pass for villains in a Grimm Brothers story or something.”

I nodded. “That is true.”

“Anyway,” Chloe said, “I’m going to be with you for most of the time. Until Ivan takes me somewhere far away.” Chloe laid on her side on my bed and put a hand up to her forehead in an over the top kind of way.

“Right and then I’d be alone with Ivan’s brother.” I lifted up my blanket and pulled it towards me, making Chloe fall onto the floor.

I burst out laughing. I had been feeling a little iffy about the whole situation but seeing Chloe fall just made my day!

“Ouch,” Chloe said, as she got up and rubbed her side. “That hurt.”

“I’m sorry,” I pouted.

“Well, now you’re definitely going.”

I narrowed my eyes and slouched my shoulders. Great, I threw myself into a trap of my own making.

We must have been walking for ten years or something, looking for the boat at bay. It was stationed at the docks, but there were so many lavish and big white ones that we couldn’t tell which from what. I thought we’d have to stop for food and water at one point, until we saw the two Russians.

“Hey!” Anton yelled and waved.

I smiled and waved back. His brother seemed so uninterested in both Chloe and I. I had no idea what was going on with him. This was bad considering Chloe was his date.

She leaned into me before we reached the boat. “I wonder if he knows how to smile.”

“Oh he does,” I said, pretending to be all expertly. “When we went rock-climbing he smirked at me. Not exactly a smile but you know,” I shrugged, “of the family.”

We snickered and then hopped on board.

Anton spread his hands out and circled around. “How do you like ladies?”

“The boat’s nice,” I said.

“No I mean me,” he laughed. “Just kidding.”

I couldn’t muster more than half a laugh, because for some reason, I had a sense that he wasn’t kidding, if not half-kidding.

“So when are we setting sail?” Chloe asked once we sat down.

Ivan and Anton stole each other’s glances and I saw a hint of a knowing smile.

“We’re just waiting on a few things before we go,” Anton said.

There were two levels to the boat and Anton and Ivan were going up and down like they were tradesmen for the boat and not owners. They kept bringing up drinks, lots of them; food was minimal. Finger food at best. There was even talk of drinks in the bedroom for which I found a little peculiar. I didn’t even know this boat had a bedroom. Clearly, it was bigger than it looked.

Chloe and I had be sitting here, all alone for quite a while and looking out for this thing that we’re all supposedly waiting for. And even though we hadn’t even moved from the dock, I was already starting to feel a little queasy.

“You alright there?” Chloe said, moving closer and patting my back.

Heat painted my neck and chest. It was nerves and the sea…and two Russian dates that have remained absent from the date portion of this day.

“What are we waiting for?” I asked Chloe.

Chloe shrugged. “No idea.”

“Is she alright?” Anton asked when he came back up the stairs.

“She’s just not feeling that great right now. The sea and all,” Chloe chuckled, “do you mind if we go down and rest for a bit.”

Anton shrugged. He couldn’t care less if he tried. “Sure. You’ll know it when you spot it.”

Anton then cracked open a beer once Ivan came and Chloe and I stared at them bewilderingly.

“Am I on the date with you or with Iva-more drinks up there?” Chloe asked while she came with me.

I laughed, mostly of how ridiculously odd that the joke wasn’t far from the truth. Ivan and Anton were highly occupied with the drinks and I was beginning to think they were a couple of co-dependent AA-drop outs or something.

Anton was right, we did know when we saw, and we saw the only bed through an open door on this entire boat. Decorations inside looked sophisticated and more on the lavish side. The distractions from everything in the room was starting to make me feel a little better.

Chloe and I then turned to the bed. We were on both side of the bed and staring down, wondering how comfortable it was.

“One,” Chloe said, grinning. “Two, three!”

We hopped on the bed in sync and bounced a bit. Yup, I was definitely feeling much better. We moved around to take out our maxi dresses from getting tangled underneath us until we finally fell into a comfortable position.

Then I saw it. The reason for this whole debacle. Suddenly, things were starting to come together; slowly but surely.

I nudged Chloe with my elbow.

“What!?” she said, annoyed.

I pointed up on the ceiling at a mirror. The mirror swallowed the image of the entire bed. Chloe and I turned to each other, and in an instant we jumped out of bed.

“Eww,” Chloe shivered, rubbing her hands over her body as if she was covered in dirt and that was going to help.

“That’s disgusting,” I said. “Let’s get out of here, Chloe, please.”

“I’m right behind you.”

We gathered our things and bolted up the stairs until were suddenly met with a bunch of girls, and I’m talking about a large group. They were all wearing bikinis and all were drinking.

“Heeeeeey,” Anton lifted a glass in the air, “glad you could make it! We’re about to set sail. Feeling better?”

Anton had a girl on his lap. When I found Ivan, he had two; more importantly, the three of them alternated kissing each other like they were the three tongue-sketeers.

“Ready to go, ladies!?” Anton called out.

All at once the girls lifted their drinks and woo-ed. Ivan started undoing the bikini top of one of the girls.

“Hell no!” Chloe said.

We jumped ship (onto the dock) and ran as fast as we could. The whole drive on the way home Chloe and I were balling with laughter. We were so close to getting stuck with the orgy-fest back there that we couldn’t believe our luck!


8 thoughts on “What Are We Waiting For?

  1. This is one of my favorite posts, I thought it was hilarious! Looks like the girls won’t be going rock climbing any time soon…
    Thanks for the bonus post, it was a great finals study break. I was literally chuckling to myself in the library to the dismay of whoever was next to me… Oops 😉

  2. Ok. Except for trying to make Anna feel better and get her out socializing I was totally lost. I got the orgy part but who knew these guys?
    That whole post totally threw me for a loop.

  3. Hahah they were lucky to get out! In real life that would be soooo awkward! Thank you so much for the bonus post ❤

  4. Ewww!!!!! Total douche alert! I have to say I loved their reaction to the mirror over the bed! I was laughing so hard!!!
    Thanks for the bonus post!

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