Strange Turn Of Events

***I was going to wait a few hours but couldn’t! I just had to upload this BONUS post no. 2 immediately! I’m wondering what everyone will think of the strange turn of events and Adam’s reasoning! Enjoy!***

Adam and I woke up pretty much at the same time. The sun seeping around the edges of the curtains was what first woke me up. More than anything, the sun is the only thing that can really wake me up. It’s like someone just inserted a flashlight into an open eye. Kind of like when it’s really dark, and you’ve just woken up and you look at your phone. Oh, the horror!

It’s not like I already forgot what happened between Adam and I, but when I wiggled around and looked at the state of the both of us, the whole night came rushing back like Total Recall.

Adam and I stole each other’s glances and we both smiled.

“Morning,” Adam mumbled.

“Morning,” I said.

I had been laying on Adam’s chest the entire night. When I moved back on the pillow a crick in my neck happened. I snapped my hand up to the left side of my neck, rubbing it from the blunt pain.

“Ouch,” Adam said, “That sounded like it hurt.”

I groaned. “So much.”

“Here,” Adam said, sitting up and waving me over, “come closer and turn around.”

I did as he said, letting the blanket fall from my chest, completely exposing my breasts. Adam started kneading his hands into my neck, relaxing the skin, and then grabbing it again, closing it entirely into his palms. At one point, I moved my neck from side to side and a crack occurred again. Adam and I laughed at the sudden snap, Adam thought he broke me until I said I was fine.

Adam continued onwards, and then I felt his breath closing in on my skin. When his lips locked onto the sore spot of my neck, I closed my eyes and lifted my head back. Adam pulled me closer into him by holding my breasts gently and then dragging me softly into him. I could feel him, hard against my lower back. With his left hand he massaged my left breast, and then with his right, he made two fingers and, while making me wet in the seconds before, he slipped them inside me. I rested my head onto his shoulder as he continued on; his fingers in and out and around. His hand giving my left breast the most sexual attention it’s ever had in a long time. His lips opening up to the sort of heat that drives any girl crazy.

“Come for me,” Adam whispered in my ear.

I shook my head. The question was posed last night, now it’s time for the answers. “Wait, wait, wait,” I said, somehow managing to free myself from his embrace and turning around to face him. “We have to talk.”

Adam lifted his finger to his lips, and teasingly, giving me a show, licked them. Then he leaned downwards. After I regained my strength from that turn on, I caught his chin with my hand before he was close enough.

“What’s wrong?” Adam asked, disappointed.

“Don’t you think we need to talk about this? We need the answers remember?”

Adam shrugged. “I don’t think there’s much to talk about.”

“Seriously,” I said, “where is this going?”

“Why does it have to go anywhere?”

“You don’t want anything to become of this?” I asked, confusedly.

“Of course I do,” Adam said, “but I’m not sure we’d work out anything beyond a friendship.”

It was all too weird; it almost sounded like he was breaking up with me without either of us having ever been in a relationship with one another.

“Tell me why not, Adam. Make me understand this.”

Adam sighed, ran a hand through his unruly hair, and then stood. “You know what, Anna, I don’t think I’m even ready to be in a committed relationship of any sort. It just wouldn’t be right between us.”

“But,” I stumbled, blinking out the incomprehension, “but, you said you loved me last night.”

Adam remained silent, and staring at me; he was caught out. Don’t say what you said last night and then go back on it. You said you were in love with me, suddenly you’re not ready to commit. Did I not hear right? Did I just make everything up or something, because right now, Circus Man over here was throwing me through a loop!

“I think you should go,” Adam finally said, after the silence, for which he seemed to snap out of.

“Are you serious?” This had to be a joke.

Adam didn’t reply. I didn’t want to wait any longer for him to confuse me even more. I jumped out of bed and rapidly put everything back on. Adam seemed to quickly do the same with any pieces of clothing he could find.

“Wait, Anna,” he said, seemingly out of breath.

I was already walking towards the door and Adam hadn’t completely buttoned up his white long sleeved shirt. “For what?” I asked, agitated.

“Look,” he said, “I don’t know how to deal with this you know?” he vaguely explained shakily.

“What the fuck Adam!?”

“Listen! I can’t be refused by you again. Do you have any idea how much it hurt for the only person that you really loved to turn you down; and instead run into the arms of a crappy boyfriend!?”

“Don’t!” I warned. Not Daniel. Don’t go there.

“I knew he would hurt you,” he went on, ignoring my warning. “And he’s basically ruined any chances of us ever working.”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Anna, would you even consider a long distance relationship with me?” I stayed silent as I connected the dots. “No,” he continued, “you wouldn’t now because of him. That asshole is what I’m talking about.”

“I said don’t,” I warned through clenched teeth.

Adam scoffed with disbelief. “Defending him until the end, huh?”

“Don’t for one second think that I’m so easily influenced,” I said calmly. “You may think that Daniel had a hand in my not wanting to be with you, but he wasn’t. He still isn’t. The only people that decide if we can be together is us, and you just fucked us both over.” I opened the door and turned one last time. “And for your information, I would have considered you.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “Oh gee, thanks, a consideration. Now I feel so special.”

I shook my head and narrowed my eyes in an effort to try and figure him out. “I can’t believe you think I’m so weak-willed. So you thought you beat me to the punch, huh? You think I wasn’t even going to try us out, thought that I was going to reject you again? Well congratulations, you win.”

As I rode the elevator to ground level, I started thinking of what Adam said. Were we really learning from our relationships? If it weren’t for Daniel, would Adam and I have worked? And more so, would our relationship be stronger during long-distance? Then I started to think of how ridiculous it was to compare so much from one relationship to another. Daniel and I were different; Adam and I are different; there were too many variables to consider to make a decent comparison. What’s with the comparisons? Do we have to compare our relationships in order to learn and avoid making future mistakes? Do we have to compare our past relationships in order to have a successful relationship?

20 thoughts on “Strange Turn Of Events

  1. No! I loved Adam! He’s just hurt and trying to cover for any future mistakes. In my opinion, the escalated out of control from what could have been a mature conversation. I really hope they talk about it again before he leaves.

  2. I was just going to post a comment about Derek then I remembered the “Bossa Nova” post 😦 I really was Team Derek :/ I think if he maybe didn’t do anything with Tina there might still be a chance?
    I just really can’t believe Adam was such a douche!!! I’d be pissed for life if someone did that to me :@

  3. Ahh come on. Adam is supposed to be the good guy!!! Please fix this or bring daniel back…I’d be happy with either.

  4. Oh man I hate that changed so quickly I hope Adam can turn this around before he leaves!! Can’t wait to see what will happen and Thank You so much for giving us 2 bonus post!!! I can’t wait to see what is coming up!!

  5. Hi everyone!

    A commenter recently brought to my attention the error in asking for people to link my blog on other similar blogs, and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if I offended anyone (including bloggers) in doing so. I was so touched to see that everyone was so excited enough to support me like that; but I guess I got a little carried away!

    Sorry again if I offended/annoyed anyone.

    See you next week!

    Soul xo

    1. I just don’t see the problem with it – everyone plugs their own blogs. That is how I heard about this blog & others, through another commenter. I was really surprised their was offense because of it. Oh, well!

      Love your blog & I really hope her & Adam have a talk. I think she could love him like he loves her. He is so sweet. I think this was all a front because he is afraid of being hurt again. Come on, Adam & Anna, get your &x@!$ together.

      1. Also, I wouldn’t have known about the blogs I posted the link on, if I wasn’t already a reader. It isn’t like I just randomly knew the names of these type of blogs & posted on them.

        Thanks for the bonuses anyway : ) !!!

        1. I’ve been wanting to say something about this and is been eating me up a little. Bloggers plug THEIR OWN BLOGS on other blogs THEY read. They don’t ask their readers to flood other blogs, blogs that these readers don’t even visit or support with plugs. Specifically telling your readers to link your site on someone else’s blog in their comment section is wrong. Of course readers did it and see nothing wrong with this because they got not one but two bonus posts in return. At least seven blogs that i read had in the comments section, “check out this blog” with a link to this blog. I found it strange and didn’t know why till I read Aleah’s response on life by aleah to a commenter. Bloggers are a community and unless I’m mistaken the author of this blog doesn’t even have a links page. I’ve seen other bloggers comment on different blogs and there is a mutual respect there. This is a well established and followed blog that didn’t need to utilize that approach. It came off as entitled and rude.

          To the author I appreciate you apologizing and urge you to think of your fellow bloggers. Would you like it if Minneapple Girl, life by aleah, Cranberry and Vodka, Life’s Greatest Journey, Tragedy and the Twenty Something, Emma’s Endeavors, Breakups makeups and all similar blogs encouraged their readers to do what you did? How would you feel if most of your comments consisted of readers plugging another blog instead of discussing your most recent post? Do you know that the writers of these relatively new blogs support and help each other. Maybe you should try that next time instead of getting your readers to do something so unscrupulous. You probably have 2,3,4 maybe even 10x the following that they do and shouldn’t have done that. Just my two cents.

  6. I kinda get where adam is coming from, no one wants to be continously rejected by the person they love, guess he just didn’t want to get hurt again…and who is anna fooling, she wouldn’t have given adam a chance, she’s still hung up over daniel…poor adam, he should just cut his losses and move on, for some reason anna just doesn’t love him the way he loves her :/

  7. I totally get Adam. He does love her. Who really expected her to be up for an LD relationship with him. She never seemed “into” him before. When he said she didn’t love him like that, she didn’t deny it. Self-preservation. Could he have handled it better in the morning, yes, but I still get it.

    Regarding posting your link on the other blogs, I was careful to post on blogs that hadn’t already been posted on. I don’t think the fact that we did it was the problem, but that several of us posted on the same blog. I didn’t see any authors complaining, just other commenters. I’m always on the lookout for new reads, so it doesn’t bother me when I see it.

    Also, because someone noted they had posted on the Other Girl’s blog, I found her and started reading It’s a win for all. Some people just need to chill. mum

    1. Totally agree with you!

      P.S. I see you commenting on a lot of blogs and I can’t help but think that if you were to write a blog I’d read it! Lol I’m saying that because I find the theories you come up with (with regards to what is going on in the storyline) very creative and entertaining 🙂

  8. I read the blog, and I really enjoy it!

    I’m a writer, and I’ve published two books. Before I got started with that, I had a fiction blog. With that said, I have some things going on (writing 3rd book, vacation, kids, etc), but give me a week or two, and I will add a section on my site for blog links…if you’re interested.

    S.L. Stacker

  9. While I get where Adam is coming from, as a girl, I wouldn’t sleep with someone just for the sake of sleeping with someone. She asked where it was going, and he didn’t want to talk. he just wanted to get laid. at least that’s how I feel. He kind of took advantage of her to get what he wanted (laid) and then tells her I don’t want you because you’ll reject me? then why the F%&K would you sleep with her in the FIRST place without having that conversation. It makes YOU the douchebag because you just bloody USED someone you are supposed to love? bullshit. you’re an ass. period. She wouldn’t have asked you and she wouldn’t have slept with you if she didn’t want to see where it was going.

    Sorry. This um.. really hit home for me. lol

  10. I don’t think Adam was expecting to get laid initially. He thought Daniel was still in the picture up until that night. I understand why he held off saying anything to Anna till the next morning probably trying to regroup himself. He did tell Anna he wanted love and he was probably scared of rejection thinking Daniel had put a sour taste in her mouth as far as long distant relationships go. I don’t blame him entirely. It takes two to tango.
    Hopefully, they will be able to salvage something and leave a possibility of a future together down the road. I doubt Anna is ready for another LD this soon. She should know Adam really would not treat her like Daniel did but once burned ( and she’s immature to a point plus still in school ) will make her twice as shy.

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