The Best Mistake I Ever Made

***BONUS post no. 1! Check back for no. 2 soon! Enjoy!***

“What’s wrong?” Adam asked, his stare so close to my face I could feel each tide of his breath.

“Do you really think this is a good idea?” I asked.

Adam smiled. “Of course.”

“I mean,” I shrugged, “what if this never goes anywhere? And what if it does? How would this work out? Are we—”

“Would you stop,” Adam laughed. “Just stop thinking for one second and let this happen. I know I’ve wanted it to happen for the longest time.”

I nodded. “I’ve wanted it to happen.”

“We’ll answer all the questions you want answered in the morning,” Adam said. “But for now, let’s just pose the question, shall we?”

I thought about this for the moment and Adam was right. It wasn’t about thinking too much, it was about having all these thoughts cloud the mind to the point of not seeing straight. It was about me not allowing myself to let go, and who better to make that happen than Adam?

Adam half-smiled for a second and then leaned in again. He moved slowly, almost as if he was giving me enough time to back out. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down onto my lips faster. The air from his nose ran out fast as he chuckled, and the tingling sensation felt like feathers upon my cheek. My lips morphed into a smile, straining to purse so that I could kiss him with full force.

I took off Adam’s shirt first, and I never noticed it before, but he had beauty spots scattered along his pure white chest. Adam wasn’t a tank, but he was toned; I ran my fingertips along the lines created around his pecs and abs. Once I reached down, I began unbuckling his belt and he wiggled out once he was free. He then moved onto me, taking off my underwear. He looked at me as he did, in a way that was cheeky. We stared at each other with looks that read, ‘are we actually doing this?’ and we were excited. I was feeling alive. Adam was bringing me back and I was loving every second. I unzipped my dress and then wriggled out of it myself, I gave it to Adam who couldn’t remove his eyes from my breasts as he threw my dress onto the floor.

Adam moved forwards and kissed me, pushing me back once more. Then he began kissing me down my neck, each touch of the lips onto my neck seemed to burn the skin, setting off fiery storms all over my body. Once he wrapped his lips over my breast it was then I gasped; both out of disbelief that Adam was doing this to me, and also at the fact that he was so gentle and amazing without having been inside me yet!

Adam suckled on one breast, pulling it up, making me arch my back for him. Then he ran his tongue up my neck, kissing me once he reached my mouth. When we parted, we stared at each other with the same giddiness first timers would, as if discovering each other for the very first time. We giggled, Adam was even so cute as to place his head onto my chest and laugh, and then he picked up and kissed me again.

He positioned himself in between my legs in a more comfortable spot.

“Ready?” he smiled.

I ran my hands through his now scruffy hair; the type of hair I loved on him. That reminded me of the California Adam. I nodded and smiled back.

Adam filled me up in an instant and we both moaned once it happened.

“Fuck…Anna…” he said. He brought his lips down to my ear, “You are beautiful,” he whispered.

He began thrusting as if those last words were the password. And my God did Adam know how to move!

“Adam!” I breathed.

“Say my name again,” he kissed me.

“Oh, Adam,” I repeated.

This seemed to invigorate him as he thrust faster. He used his knees to hold himself up instead of his hands, and almost kneeled. He then moved both hands to rest on half my butt, and half on the top of my thigh, parting them. It gave an even more thrilling sensation to Adam’s movements; I felt each thrust even more.

“Adam!” I screamed before I could say that I was about to come.

He messaged my butt once the shuddering stopped, and my entire back met the bed again. Adam looked really proud of himself.

“I knew I could make you happy,” he whispered.

“You always make me happy,” I said, “now in more ways than one.”

Then I did something really out of what I usually do. I moved my own finger down and fitted it inside me.

“Oh fuck,” Adam said, looking even more excited, “you just made it even tighter.”

I smiled and then pushed Adam onto his back. I arched my back and bounced until he came; when he did, he grabbed onto my hips real hard, and it almost felt like he was pushing me down.

I dropped down beside him, and we tried catching our breaths together. Adam and I took another glance at each other, and we just started laughing. This room was rigged with high-inducing substances, definitely, the only explanation for this feeling of total elation.

“Come here,” Adam said, lifting an arm, making way for me to rest on his chest.

I kissed his pec, where a beauty spot lay, and then placed my head. “What now?”

“No questions until morning,” Adam replied.

We chuckled. “It is morning.”

Adam rolled his eyes. “When the sun is up.”

“Can I ask just one thing then?”

Adam stroked my back. “Sure.”

“When are you going back to New York?”

Adam sighed, lifting his chest up and then down. “The day after tomorrow.”

“That sucks,” I pouted.

“Tell me about it.”

We stayed silent for a bit, enjoying each other’s company. And I could have sworn that Adam was asleep, but then I looked at him, and he was wide awake, staring at the ceiling.

“It’s a funny thing isn’t it?” he asked.

“What?” I smiled.

“I’ve been told here and there, by various people in my life, that either love isn’t needed in a relationship to work, just hard work; or that love is absolutely needed.”

“I think love is absolutely needed.”

“Me too,” Adam agreed. “I’ve been on dates here and there in New York, no one really piquing my interest. But I could have continued without the love, made something out of fondness. But I can’t do it. And yet, the only girl I’ve ever really been in love with doesn’t love me back.”

I looked up to find Adam looking at me, smiling sweetly. “I do love you Adam.”

“Not the way that I love you, I’m sure.”

“I wish I could,” I said. “You’re everything a girl wants in a man, but I don’t know…what’s wrong with me, I guess.”

Adam laughed. “Nothing’s wrong with you, Anna. I understand,” Adam shrugged, “it’s just not meant to be between you and me.”

“Was this a mistake?” I asked.

Adam smiled reassuringly, softly grazing his thumb along my cheek. “If it is then it’s the best mistake I ever made.”


10 thoughts on “The Best Mistake I Ever Made

  1. She doesn’t love him that way, but, if she were to give it a chance, I think they could. It’s just too soon after Daniel. Her heart is where he is. but I think if she gave Adam a chance it may happen

  2. Loved this post!…Why is it girls never go for the guy that’s actually good for them 😐 lol…adam is perfect for her, but of course she won’t end up with him 😦

  3. I have a hard time believing sex between her and Adam is that intense but she doesn’t love him like that…. Hmmm.

  4. Yay!! She didn’t turn him down lol.. I wish she would give him a real chance and let’s just see what happens!! She might would love him back the way he loves her if she gave it a chance!! I guess we will see!!

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