High As A Kite

The band was in the middle of riding some sick tunes, so while everyone was out there, watching, Will and I crept into an empty bathroom stall. As soon as we locked lips I felt how soft his were, and how full they were as I suckled on them. We were entangled into each other; Will’s hands around my waist pulling me in and at the same time grazing my butt. With my hands on his chest I felt how rock hard he was; although the suit he was wearing looked good, it seemed to not have done him quite the justice he may have hoped.

Will then took both my hands and raised them above my head. He smiled and then started kissing my neck, slide his hands against the inside of my thigh until finally reaching my thong. His hand rested there as he pulled back to look at me. I smiled at him and then kissed him from left of centre, making him chuckle into my mouth. Then he moved the fabric to the side and slipped in a couple of fingers. I gasped, he ran his lips up and down my neck as I continued to moan. He had made gestures to move his fingers in and out while at the same time making a ‘come here’ motion. I was beginning to get very hot, hotter than I already was, and my breaths were running in and out more rapidly.

“Do you like that?” Will whispered into my ear.

“Mhmm,” I nodded.

Will seemed to have gotten distracted because his grip on my hands were loose; not really doing much. So I freed myself and made a trail with my hands to his groin. He was definitely hard, my eyes could see it and my hands could feel it. On instinct I threw my hand into his pants and felt him up. We kissed as we moved each other.

My heart was racing than ever before as the new me was doing what the new me said she would. At the same time, I felt like I was getting lost in the whole situation. Will was being wonderful and gentle, not to mention he was beautiful; but was this really what the new me would even do? Honestly?

Will started slowing down and, as a reaction, I followed him until we completely stopped. I regained the rhythm of my breaths and Will was fixing his pants up. Was it over already?

“Let’s get out of here,” Will said.

Nope, not over. I spoke too soon.

“Sure,” I nodded. I didn’t want to hesitate or let him know that I was thinking about it, so I quickly spouted my answer.

We got out of the stall, and I noticed a light sheen of moisture plastered over my forehead. We went to the sink and washed up, moving in unison as we got out.

I turned at the front door. “I’m just going to let my friends know that I’m leaving.”

Will smiled. “Sure. I’ll get us a cab.”

“Okay,” I replied. “Meet you outside.”

Will leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips. “I hope so.”

As soon as I knew I was out of his sight I ran back to Chloe and Jodie.

“Anna’s getting laid,” Jodie sang, “Anna’s getting laid.”

Chloe was handing me my purse as she spoke. “Be safe, be cool, have fun, and come hard.”

I scrunched my face. “What!?” Was Chloe actually saying these things?

I began feeling dizzy, not because I was scared but because my heart was drumming so fast and hard and the last few minutes, or however long we were in that stall, I had done something totally out of character. I eyed the drinks both Chloe and Jodie had and quickly took both in each hand.

I hastily chugged down Jodie’s drink.

“That’s not water,” Jodie said as they both watched me wide-eyed.

After the initial sting wore off, I looked at Jodie inquisitively and she shrugged. Jodie always had a good diet, the best in our group, because she was the athletic one. So when she drank, she always tended to gravitate towards hard liquor. I succumbed to that once I downed her drink. Then I dove head first into Chloe’s drink. They seemed to have both recently ordered because they were still relatively full; Chloe ordered something fruity. My mind was rushing so fast that I couldn’t identify it straight away.

“Slow down, babe,” Chloe cautioned, “you want to be awake for the sex.”

“Just a tranquiliser for my nerves,” I said breathlessly.

Jodie was stifling a laugh and Chloe couldn’t keep her eyes off me. I had probably given them a once-off show. I can only hope it never happens again.


In the cab ride on the way over to Will’s slick apartment in the city, I had quickly learned that Will was only in town for some business. He lives and works in New York and is in fact thirty years old. An all-time lover of jazz, he had grown up with his friend, Keigo Murakami who had always had ambitions to open up a jazz club. Since Murakami has one in L.A he’s now looking to expand in New York, turning his business into a franchise. I didn’t really pay attention to Will’s role in the scheme of things, but it sounded like the two were great friends.

“Wine?” Will asked as he walked over to the platinum kitchen.

“Sure,” I giggled. I was beginning to feel the effect of Jodie’s and Chloe’s drinks, but I felt like I needed more. An error in judgement? We shall soon see.

I finished my first glass in a huff, practically inhaling the delicious wine as he gave me a quick tour of the apartment; then I helped myself to a second glass.

“I think you should slow down,” Will suggested with concern.

I waved him off and nearly fell with the imbalance achieved by alcohol combined with my natural hideous coordination skills. “I’m fine. I’m happy, I’m high; high as a kite.” I didn’t know what I was saying.

Will laughed and then took a second sip. I took his glass from his hand and then set both our glasses onto the kitchen island. I had been wondering when Will was going to make his move again, but the entire time he hadn’t even touched me once. Well, he did touch me, just not in the area I was hoping. So I threw myself onto him, practically taking him by surprise and pushing him up against the wall. I must have made sloppy kisses because when I parted he kept wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. I smiled apologetically and then made a note to myself to keep it a little more decent and sexy. Will couldn’t stop laughing, not in a mean way but in an ‘I’m-so-shocked’ kind of way that he couldn’t believe what was going on.

We made our way into his bedroom (which looked like comfy heaven by the way) and pushed him onto the bed. I tripped a couple of times and nearly fell completely while attempting to take off my dress. I knew it took longer than it should have, but when I was finally free, I felt exuberated. Okay, this was it, tonight was going to be the night I’d will myself out and into new experiences. And this started with Will.


I assumed that because I was waking up without any recollection of what had happened prior, that something wild must have gone down. That was until I peered down at myself, at the bed, and around me. Although I had taken off my dress, which was strewn somewhere, forgotten; my underwear, which included a backless bra and thong, were still on. The bed was still made and Will was nowhere in sight. I got up weakly, put on my dress and then started making my way into the kitchen where I found Will with a laptop opened up on the island and him boiling some water.

He didn’t look surprise at all when I walked in, but he definitely looked amused. “Hey, how are you feeling?”

I licked my lips and gulped, feeling acidic residue along the lining of my throat. “Not good at all.” I held the side of my head.

Will chuckled. “I’m making some warm tea, and a wet towel with some herbs for your headache.”

I looked at him, and it would have been a look of surprise had it not been for this splitting headache. I felt like my head was going to tear into two like that scene from Termintor 2.

I sat on the stool as I watched him. “What happened?”

“I don’t think you’d want to know,” he said, leaning forwards on the bench with his hands spread out holding him up and steady.

“I have a feeling you’re right,” I said. “I also think I should know, you know, just so I have something to tell the shrink.”

Will laughed. “You passed out.”

I nodded slowly. “I thought so.” I know I didn’t look it, but I was definitely embarrassed.

“And then…” he continued.

“Oh God, there’s more?”

Will nodded. “You woke up, threw up, and then went back to sleep.”

Okay, now I was definitely looking the part. I could not have felt hotter as my entire body rushed with the heat of utter humiliation.

“I’m so so so so—”

“It’s fine,” Will said, waving me off before I could finish. “Don’t worry about it. Here,” he said, handing me the towel. I wrapped it around my head.

When the tea was finished he placed the cup in front of me and I just started breathing in the calming scent. My stomach then groaned, and I had no clue what time it was and when I last ate.

“Listen,” Will began, “there’s a twenty-four hour diner just a small walk away from this place. I’ve barely got enough for me in this fridge since I just moved over here. How about we go get something to eat?”

I furrowed my brows and felt like I was waking up a bit. “Is this a ploy to throw me out? Because I can tell you right now, you can just tell me.”

Will laughed. “No I’m serious. Let’s go grab a bite to eat. You need to anyway.”

I looked down at my dress. “I can’t go like this.”

“I’ll find something of mine for you to wear.”

Will disappeared into his bedroom before I had time to negotiate and came out with a comfortable looking ensemble.

“I bet it’d feel better than the dress right now,” he said, holding up his sweat pants, plain white tee and hooded jacket.

I just had to go with it, and he was right, it did feel way better than the dress.

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8 thoughts on “High As A Kite

  1. The Best MistakeI Ever Made or The Swan Prince. This post was really good too. Will seems like a gentleman, really.

  2. Have to agree, my recent favourite has The Best Mistake I Ever Made too, and this one! I already really like Will 🙂

  3. Aww will seems sweet…as embarassing as that night was for her, I like that anna is trying to get out and have some fun.

    I’ve loved a lot of your posts but I just can’t remember the names…but from the recent ones I’d pick The Best Mistake I Ever Made 🙂

  4. Bahaha! Random hook ups don’t appear to be Anna’s style!! Not that I blame her. I also agree w ( I believe it was) Amy V, hooking up w a guy just because he bought her a drink makes Anna look super easy/desperate!
    That was a funny post! Thanks!

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