Here’s Lookin’ At You, Mufasa!

There was a thinly veiled time limit on relationships where you can go back and ask the person certain questions. Things like: why did we end, why did said person cheat, can we ever be together again down the road? It had been a few weeks now since Daniel and I broke up and Chloe, Jodie and I were trying to figure out what the statute of limitations was on my relationship with Daniel, and whether I could ask about certain things Jade had told me.

“I think it should only be a week or two that you can ask anything,” Jodie said. “After that is pushing it.”

“I don’t know,” Chloe shrugged, “this happens to be important. It’s something that occurred during a big part of their relationship, it’s not her fault that she’s finding out now; she has a right to know.”

“I didn’t say she didn’t have the right,” Jodie said. “I just think it’s too late now, for any questions or concerns. What’s done is done.”

With just those heavy last words, the gavel was laid down onto the sounding block, and neither Chloe nor I could find out different reasons to urge communication between exes.

“On to other news then,” I said. “What would you guys say about me moving to New York?”

The girls stared at me for a long moment, and I had wondered if they went into shock or not. Did they hear me? They seriously hadn’t moved an inch and it was unnerving.

“For a visit you mean?” Jodie asked.

I shook my head. “To live and work.”

“But you have a life here,” Chloe said. “Why would you want to move to New York?”

I scratched an itch on my nose and then leaned back onto the dining table chairs we were sitting on. “I figured it’d be a good opportunity for me. Experience something new. Hey, that’s what the new me would do, right? Move straight on to another state?”

“What about your family? Your friends? Your work? Everything,” Jodie said.

“I’d be visiting everyone as often as I can and I’ll get new work obviously.”

Chloe shook her head. “It’s because of Daniel isn’t it? You want to be closer to him and give it another shot.”

I sighed, a little frustrated that she would think I’d move for that reason. If Daniel and I hadn’t broken up I’d understand, and my move would almost seem natural; but because we weren’t together, a move for an ex sounded more pathetic than chivalrous.

“No,” I said, “that’s not it. I’m just thinking about it that’s all.”

“What brought this on?” Chloe asked.

“Will was asking me about what I wanted to do and he said that he had a few contacts in New York and L.A.”

Both of their faces brightened and relaxed into smiles.

“Perfect,” Jodie said, “just go with the L.A. contacts and you won’t have to move.”

I smiled and nodded. It would be difficult to convince the girls that I wanted to try for New York, and I know I shouldn’t be factoring friends in my decisions, but these were my best friends. I don’t have any sisters (only one brother, who happens to live in New York) so these girls were the closest thing I had to sisters in L.A. How could I even convince myself to leave my family?


Before coming into work today I had done what Will asked me and emailed him a folio of my work. I also brought in a hardcopy just in case; however, it seemed awfully weird that I was fishing for another job at my current workplace. It would be so awkward if someone found out, I’d tell you that much.

“Come in,” Will said once I knocked on his office door, “take a seat.”

It was always at the beginning of our meeting that I felt a little weird. This man had his fingers rolling around inside of me, so it only seemed natural that I blush at every turn. As we went on though, he was courteous and professional, which made me become courteous and professional. It wasn’t that he was pretending to forget the whole scenario even happened; but, for the sake of our own sanity, I think he was just going easy.

“What did you think of my folio?” I asked.

Will nodded, smiling. “You have some good stuff I got to say. You can write both creatively and professionally, which is great. I’ll need more samples of your editing skills, but other than that, I’ve got a few editors lined up that I’ve contacted. I’ll give you their details once you send me more editing samples and we make the folio look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Plus resume and cover letter.”

I let out a huff of air and slouched in my seat. If all this talk about what I had to do was already making me feel tired, I wondered how it’d make me feel once I actually get to it.

“Sounds like it’ll be a lot of work before I can get anywhere.”

Will lifted his shoulders and then dropped them. “Hey, if you want to be somebody, and if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention, because first impressions are everything.”

I narrowed my eyes in thought and then grinned. “Isn’t that line from the sequel to Sister Act?”

For the first time ever, colour had risen to the surface of his cheeks as I witnessed Will blushing. It was actually kind of cute.

“A movie buff, huh?” Will asked.

I nodded. “I like to pride myself on knowing good movies.”

“Then you know Casablanca?”

Oh crap! That’s the one movie that I know I should watch but haven’t. And every person I tell that to gives me the cold shoulder or the O-shaped mouth of shock.

“Nope,” I said in a tiny voice, looking down in embarrassment.

“Well then I’m sure at least you’ve seen The Lion King.”

I kept my head down, peeking up through my lashes. The fact that I have never seen The Lion King was more shocking to those who knew compared to Casablanca.

“Well then you should come over to my place and watch them with me,” Will said. “Everyone should see Casablanca and The Lion King, I’m actually doing a favour for humanity.”

“So it’s almost like a public service?”

Will grinned. “Exactly.”

“Well, if it’s for the good of the public,” I said, “then I think I should take it into consideration.”

“Take dinner into consideration as well,” Will added. “I think Humphrey Bogart would have wanted people to watch his movie with a full stomach.”

I smiled and then nodded. “I’d like that.”

“Umm, before you go,” Will said as I stood. He stood as well. “I wanted to ask if you’d like to spend the fourth with me and some friends of mine? We usually go off into the Hamptons but this year we’re just going to have a nice barbeque at a home.”

My smile grew wider as he offered me all these days and nights to spend together. Will was a great guy, a sweet guy, and he never once made me feel inferior. I’d be a fool not to spend some time with him.

I nodded. “Yeah, I’d like that too.”

We shared a dopy smile, then Will pretended to be all bossy, straightening up his tie and addressing me as if I were another bee to the cause. “Now get back to work.”

I stood up straighter and then saluted. “Yes, sir.”

That broke Will’s bossy front, and he laughed. I joined him, and began walking out of his office, feeling like a giddy little girl excited for what’s to come.

14 thoughts on “Here’s Lookin’ At You, Mufasa!

  1. In regards to thn poll I think if information was found out after the fact that was a crucial defining detail in a relationship and why it ended then you have every right to get the answers you seek/need to fully move on. You just have to be weary that you may not like the answers you get back. As in Daniel didn’t need to move to N.Y. to pay for his mom and Jade said as much yet he still went … was it in some way Daniel’s way ofndistancing himself from Anna because he got “cold feet”? Was he running scared because his relationship got too real too fast? Who knows but Anna needs to be ready for this if she does decide to seek answers from the questions Jade raised.

  2. I think Jade said all Anna needs to know. He didn’t have to make the money to help out his mom yet he still chose to move & put that distance & strain on their relationship & ultimately he chose to end it. She doesn’t need to know anything else in my opinion., it would be a waste of her time & emotions to go that route. On another note Im liking what reading of Will 🙂 sounds like a decent guy & who knows maybe a very promising romantic interest?? Can’t wait for more to read!

  3. Why do I have this feeling that Anna’s gonna wind up in New York with Will anyway (despite the fact that they’re not going to the Hamptons) and she’s gonna run into Daniel?? Will seems connected…they might have some mutual friends…can’t wait!! Love this blog!!!

  4. I wouldn’t go LOOKING for answers, because asking that sort of stuff very rarely gets an honest or remotely real answer. That said, I don’t think there’s a statute of limitations. I am now with a wonderful man that I believe will be around forever, but before I met him I had two serious long term relationships. Both ended in dramatically bad fashions (my bad boy phase was a little protracted). In each case, about 2-3 years after the break up, the ex contacted me to apologize for his behavior during the relationship. I realize that this is not the norm, but their providing closure was incredibly helpful in really and truly knowing that I had done nothing wrong, and that my attempts to be there for them made a lasting and positive impact. Maybe, at some point when he’s grown up a bit and maybe chosen to learn from his mistakes, Daniel will contact Anna of his own accord to apologize for his behavior. But an honest explanation and true apology cannot be requested or forced, they have to come from a place of growth.

    PS. I LOVE that she is pursuing her true dreams and goals. It’s one of the scariest and most wonderful things to do!

    1. I completely agree that there isn’t really a due date on these kind of talks, but that they also can’t be forced. We are around here (until we pass awat) and although we might break up with people, the relationship doesn’t get transferred to some forgotten place. I guess I’m trying to say that the connection between that person, although non-existent at the moment, lingers within us.
      That being said, it might take years to sort it out completely, and that’s ok, because our internal clocks don’t work on hours, months, years, but on another plane completely. You might move on, but also might have a helpful talk with an ex friend or ex boyfriend later, when the time is right.

  5. Last I looked we live in a free country & if Anna wants answers from any previous relationship, all she has to do is ask. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll get answers to her questions & she had better be prepared for those answers. It’s always a great learning experience even if the answers leave much to be desired. I mean, would you have broken up in the first place if everything was going great? Nope. it’s great to discover deal breakers but real life doesn’t always provide the truth ( or is it we don’t want to accept it).

    That’s great that Anna is starting to look for her future but yeah, she has to actually ‘work’ for it happen ( with a little luck never hurts). It also helps to know people in the right places but does she want to sleep w those ‘in the know’?
    Does Will actually work for D&G or is he freelance advertising temporarily? I recall he said he was working w a buddy of his for a bar opening? I am a little confused.

    1. I thought the same thing. Plus, if you’re an adult and you date adults, there is no such thing as a “cut off” for normal communications. I’m in my thirties, but as i keep reading this blog, Anna makes me feel like old. She’s such a child.

  6. I don’t think the question is how long do you have to ask, more like how much time you should allow before you ask, or whether knowing the answer will really do any good to anyone. I think Anna thinks she wants closure but her and Daniel have only been broken up for a short time, she’s still in love with him and really it’s too soon to go looking for answers to questions that really don’t matter right at this very moment because they are broken up.

  7. I’m confused on where she’s at in her college/career. At the start I the blog it seemed to be based in college. She and Daniel had been linked for a huge project. Then Daniel dropped the course. Is she still taking the course and completing it on her own? Did she drop the class? Is it possible to peruse a career in New York when she has not graduated?

  8. It seems like Will is a nice guy. It’s always encouraging to have people where you work willing to help you. I really enjoy reading your blog. Hey, I just wanted to say this website I posted along with my comment is an article that the Cosmopolitan magazine website wrote about my husband and I! It’s about our relationship! Please check it out if you want.

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