Turn Him Out

“So,” Daniel said, “what do you think?”

“About what?”

Within the couple days that had passed Daniel managed to completely overturn the contents in his travel case, so we were in my room, and he was re-packing super-slowly. I didn’t know if the speed was because he was distracted while we spoke, or because he really did spend more time out and about than I realised, or if it was just Daniel. Whatever the case, I didn’t mind watching as he folded his clothes, one by one (inch by inch) and placed them into his suitcase.

I was strewn across the bed, and at various irregular timed intervals I would get up, grab something from the kitchen, or go looking for whatever Daniel was looking for, and then come back to my post again.

“About us,” Daniel said. “About what I said last night. What I asked you.”

I shook my head slightly, bashfully, and then looked at my fidgeting fingers in my lap. “It’s too soon to tell. I mean, I didn’t know your real age for Pete’s sake. Who knows what else I don’t know about you? The thing is, I really thought I knew you and it’s making me a little worried.”

“Worried about what?”

I sighed. “Worried about the fact that…I don’t know, that we’re different or something.”

I didn’t know if this was legitimate justification for my hesitance or just an excuse, but whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that it really irks me that I only thought I knew Daniel. Was age just a miniscule factor or a huge important one? Women lie about their age all the time. In fact, some women prefer to disguise it through random cosmetic treatments, to appear to give some validity to their lies. Was that, when a man doesn’t know his woman’s age, any different to my mistaking Daniel’s age?

Daniel came to my side on the bed and laid a hand on my leg. “You want to know what I think?” I nodded. “I think,” he continued, “that we’re just stuck in some sort of funk right now. We just need time.”

“Yeah,” I said. I didn’t know what else to say.

Daniel smiled. “I think it’d be great for us, don’t you? To be living together.”

“I must admit,” I said, slightly blushing and crinkling my nose in embarrassment, “I have imagined us living together before.”

“Oh?” Daniel asked, his mouth tied up in intrigue.

I nodded. “We were good together.”

Daniel placed a hand on my cheek. “We are good together.” Then he double tapped me on the leg. “Think about it. I should get back.”

He stood to pace towards the bag.

“You’ll forgive me for not taking you to the airport?” I asked. The last time I did that, it was excruciating. I had a feeling it was going to turn into bad luck if I took him a second time. But mostly, it was heartbreaking to see him go.

“Don’t worry about it,” Daniel said. “I understand. Oh!” he said, lifting a finger in the air as a thought occurred to him. “I nearly forgot.”

He rummaged through the contents of his bag until out popped a velvet casket. One that I have seen before. He opened it, coming to my side again, revealing the diamond bracelet that I knew was there.

“Every time I see it, or am reminded of it,” I said, “it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time.”

He pulled out the bracelet, proudly wrapping it around my wrist. “This belongs to you.” He held my hand when the clasp was attached. “Don’t ever give it back.”

I giggled. “I won’t.”

Daniel gave me a kiss that I welcomed. “Good.”

After Daniel left I took a shower and prepared to run errands and go grocery shopping. When I went to pick up my cell to throw it in my crossover bag it buzzed in my hand.

‘How’s it going?’ Derek wrote. ‘You know, I still haven’t gotten an apology from that asshole.’

I narrowed my eyes. ‘That’s because you deserved it…asshole.’

‘Lol we should get together.’

I chuckled under my breath. ‘Why would I ever want to put myself through that?’

‘Because you have a once in a lifetime opportunity.’

‘Oh, okay…’

‘Just hear me out.’

I sighed. ‘If I do will you leave me alone?’

‘I promise. Though I can’t guarantee you’ll want to be left alone.’

‘Ugh what do you want?’

‘Lol it’s not what I want it’s what you can have.’

‘Coolio, Obi Wann Kanobi, and what is it that I can have?’


‘HA! You’re kidding, right?’ I had to stop myself from writing that not even Nikki wanted him because he was pissing me off. But no matter how much of a jerk he was, I didn’t want to be like him.

‘Free reign, baby, that’s all I’m saying.’

‘I don’t even know what you’re saying at this point.’

‘You want it plain and simple?’

‘Right between the eyes.’

‘Fine. Here it is: he cheated on you, and there’s only one way to get him back.’

My stomach churned and I could have sworn that I was going to be sick. God, he is just so disgusting! I can’t believe I ever thought he was cute. I mean, I could understand the initial run in with him having been somewhat civilised; and he was quite charming-ish then. But after that, with his dense envy and narrow-minded fucked up-ness, he was horrible! Worse than a mean girl. Worse than a bitch. He was a dick!

After I hadn’t replied to him for a while, he wrote, ‘Think about it.

Time to clean out my contact’s list.

***Hi everyone! I have a little surprise for you! Apart from the scheduled posts that will be posted twice a week either on or a little before the scheduled time, I will be posting BONUS posts every day this week as well! Hope you enjoyed the post! Soul xo***


9 thoughts on “Turn Him Out

  1. Yes, it’s pitiful Daniel & Anna are that poor of communicators. Let’s see if it goes any better than before.

    Yes, Derek needs to just be deleted from her contacts. He is very persistent. Like a hound dog going after ‘his’ bone. He sure does role everyone up!

    Thanks for the xtra posts in advance!!

  2. I know I am late to this blog, and maybe future posts will clear this up but I cannot understand how absurd the development of Derek is and from reading the comments I cannot understand how anyone supports Daniel and Anna’s relationship — they were in LOVE with each other and she didn’t even know he had a degree, or even his AGE? Also, now Derek WANTS to be the rebound/cheater? What about when he was worried they weren’t even fully broken up, the whole “I want you, but not like this” part. And what happened with him and Tina? Derek may not be the best person, but Daniel is by far the worst man in Anna’s life.

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