How Will I Know If It’s Right?

***Hi everyone! Here’s BONUS post no. 1! Enjoy!***

“Did Daniel pop the question?” Janet asked.

I shot her a look of surprise. “You knew?”

“Knew what?” Jodie asked.

Janet giggled. “Stanley told me.”

“Stanley knew?” I asked.

Chloe furrowed her brows. “Knew what?” then she looked at Jodie for answers, who shrugged.

“I didn’t think anyone knew,” I muttered.

“Knew what!?” Chloe and Jodie yelled, their voices slightly bouncing off the walls of the kitchen.

Their voices shot me out of my pondering, my thoughts struggled to realign themselves as I formed the words. “Daniel asked me to move in with him.”

The words tasted foreign coming from my lips. And to them, they must have thought I felt that way too. In all honesty though, I had been deeply considering the idea of living with Daniel. In New York City; us two lovebirds together. Loving under the one roof, and fighting under the one roof. The idea felt like a lucid dream of endless possibilities. But dreams can very quickly turn into nightmares, and the thoughts I tried blocking out the most were the ones that included endless possibilities of bad experiences.

Jodie’s eyes widened. “He asked you to move in with him? That’s crazy! You guys only just got together.”

I shook my head. “No, he said by this year’s end.”

Janet giggled and mumbled, “Sounds like a line from a Disney movie or something.”

“Yeah,” Jodie nodded, “like Maleficent!”

Chloe smacked Jodie on her arm, and a loud slapping sound roared. “Don’t be such a bitch, Jods.”

“Ouch,” Jodie rubbed her arm at the point of impact, “that hurt, Chlo.”

“If Anna decides to move, then I support her one hundred per cent,” Chloe said. She let a moment pass where she looked at me and smiled. Knowing that I had the full support of one of my best friends was the best feeling in the world. It guaranteed not only an unbiased view, but a safer passage to an ultimate decision. “But,” she continued. Ah, I thought, the elusive ‘but’. “You have to understand what you’re making the decision based off.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What she means, and what I was going to get at eventually,” Jodie eyed Chloe menacingly, and we all knew she was plotting wicked revenge in that instant. In the flicker of a moment, everyone prepared themselves. Jodie was never the one to give up, or to fuck with; because no matter what you do to her, she would always take it one step further (if not forty!); and she knew that with all her shameless splendour. That’s why no one wanted to mess with her. “Is that we’re just worried about what reasons you’d be moving for?”

I shrugged. “Well I have thought of considering New York as a place for my job prospects.”

Janet grasped my forearm. “Do you know how incredibly competitive it is to get into the publishing industry or the magazine industry?” She lifted an eyebrow, urging me to think.

“Well,” I began, “Will might be able to offer up my name to a few people in the business, so maybe I’d get somewhere from there.”

“Just don’t move only for Daniel,” Chloe said.

I chuckled, suddenly starting to feel the pressure. My white collared button up shirt almost choking me. I poked my index finger inside and ran it around the rim, tugging at the line. “Everyone says that like moving for a boyfriend is the worst thing to do in the world. Wives move for their husbands when his job calls for it. What’s the difference?”

There was a moment of short silence. One that was too long for me to know they really had to think about it, but one short enough to make themselves think that there wasn’t even time to think about the answer.

Chloe snapped her finger and smiled proudly. “I know why. It’s because they’re married. It’s a much greater partnership.”

I grimaced. “Are you saying that a married couple’s relationship is more of merit than my own with Daniel?”

Chloe’s cheeks reddened. “Not at all! I just thought—”

“Look, Anna,” Jodie planted her palm on my forearm, “there’s nothing in the rule books that says you shouldn’t or can’t move for you boyfriend. It’s not about the merit of relationships or something rather. It’s about the merit you have of yourself. What you want. What you need. We don’t want you to move for Daniel only, but that’s not to say we don’t want you to keep him in mind; we just want you to move for yourself. Because you know it’s right, in your heart, mind, body, and soul, you know for yourself, without a third party influence, that it’s right.”

I stared at Jodie, as if we were the only two people in the room, and she were my oracle. My seer. My trustworthy accomplice. My lips trembled before the words spilled in a rushed whisper. “How will I know it’s right?”

Jodie shrugged. “Only you can figure that out.”



5 thoughts on “How Will I Know If It’s Right?

  1. There comes an age (for most girls in their mid-late twenties, but it depends), that moving for a boyfriend or getting married, or making some kind of large sacrifice for another person, is actually smart (same goes for men, but the age tends to be a little later, probably because they don’t have a time limit on when they can start their family). I’m not sure that this particular move is smart for Anna or that it isn’t, but what’s important is that the person making that sacrifice understands that with it, they are building something more serious, more immovable, and more permanent.

    If Anna truly wants to move towards marriage with Daniel, then moving for him is actually a smart decision. If you want a family, then your career isn’t the only thing you’re building in your twenties, your relationships (and by that I also mean friendships and family relations), are very important. So,this narrative of don’t move ‘ for’ you’re boyfriend, becomes childish at some point, I think. It’s safe in your early twenties, definitely when you have to graduate college, for instance. But if you do this forever, you might not grow the relationships you need to mature fully either.

    That’s just my take on it! Honestly, I see Anna too hesitant right now, and too worried they’ll be fighting, etc. So, it might just not be the guy to do that for.

    Love the bonuses! Thank you,

  2. You know I moved for my boyfriend and now we’ve been together for six years. It’s not like a woman is throwing her life away if she moves for a guy

  3. If she moves to New York, it’s because it’s right for Anna. That doesn’t mean to say it can’t be for married Anna. I would have a job possibility or a signed document. They need to put in a ton of effort in the meantime. Whether that be on the phone talking, texting or in person esp since those two are poor communicators!! Long distance is hard even if you put in a lot of effort & they obviously need to put forth the effort!! These two both either have a wondering eye or are easily distracted by someone. Anna needs to get rid of Derek & everyone else.

  4. I feel like her friends are being very negative about this. Ever since it was first brought up awhile ago, I get they don’t want to lose her but they should be happy for her.

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