***Hi all! Here’s BONUS post no. 2! Enjoy!***

“I’m thinking of coming down this weekend,” Daniel said over the phone. “We’d be able to spend some actual quality time with each other.”

I nodded as I rounded my bed. “That’d be great.”

There was a moment of silence. “Is something wrong?” Daniel asked.

“Hmm?” I said, absentmindedly.

“I knew it was too soon,” Daniel said. “I shouldn’t have said anything in the first place but I really wanted this for us.”


Daniel sighed. “I think I may have sprung this ‘move in with me’ a little too early. Or a little too something else, I don’t know. I just feel like it’s right you know?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, suddenly hearing my voice appear a little stronger and in the moment, “I guess my mind is just really occupied with the thought.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve even spoken to my mother about it, and she thinks it was the dumbest idea to ask you at this stage. She told me to save it for when we’re more settled in the relationship. She said something about it helping you think straight.”

Jade did have a point because as of lately, my mind was boggled. “What does your mother think about the whole idea?”

Daniel chuckled. “She thinks we’re going to get married.” My breath caught in my throat and Daniel stopped laughing. “No!” he said quickly, “but we’re not.” I exhaled in relief and laughed nervously. “It’s just that, it’s rare for me to do something like this, so she thinks I’m just either insane or committed.”

I laughed. “Being committed is a good thing at least. I’m just glad I don’t have to decide now.”

“I think you need the time to think. I know it’ll make our relationship a lot better, but I also know that if you decide to say ‘no’ I know it won’t mean you’re saying that to our relationship.”

The whole point of moving was so that it was an improvement to our relationship. How could I say ‘no’? I didn’t know what to do at all. How do people make these decisions?

I was feeling so wrecked by so many decisions that I felt like I needed some time to relax. To clear my head and just be. I attempted to gather as many girlfriends to go out with me, and only got Jodie to come out. I didn’t entirely feel like dressing up, so I opted for a pair of skinny jeans and an embellished blouse. A two-in-one is always good in my books. Either way, wearing heels always turns an outfit drastically, one way or the other.

Jodie and I clicked and clacked on the pavement until we threw ourselves into a bar that housed live music as well. Apparently the musical guests were in the middle of switching things up when we entered and ordered some drinks. Jodie and I dove into the crowd and waited patiently with the rest of the keen people. Then the lights dimmed slightly, and the spotlights shown.

The opening number was a smooth one. Moderately fast paced; but it wasn’t the thing that got my attention. What did was one of the musicians up on stage who looked awfully familiar.

“I think I know that guy,” I said.

Jodie leaned in. “Who?”

I pointed at the rocker. “Him.”

Jodie shook her head and shrugged. “I ain’t never seen him. I don’t think.”

I caught the attention of the Christian Grey-looking man who smiled widely and winked once he saw me. His eyes never left me.

“Looks like he knows you too,” Jodie said.

We both looked at each other, in confusion and wonder. I guess I’ll soon find out. When the band finished their set, and the club ran music on playback, the man on stage approached us while we sat at a table, drinking and talking.

“Hey,” he said, “Anna, right?”

I snapped my fingers together. “That’s right, Nicholas. How are you?”

Nicholas nodded, his strawberry blonde hair wavering slightly. “I’m doing well. The band’s doing well. Everything’s good.”

I nodded and smiled. “That’s good. Would you like to join us?”

“Sure, yeah,” he moved to sit, “just for a bit.”

“I remember your music,” I said, leaning in, “it was a really distinct sound that I liked. Very cool.”

Nicholas blushed. “Thank you. I definitely remember you; and that you had a boyfriend.”

I laughed awkwardly and noticed Jodie watching us like a mediator. Or a hawk. “Yeah,” I said.

“Is he here?”

I shook my head. “No, he’s not.” He cheated on you, so you can cheat on him. Derek’s words harassed my mind and I quickly spoke. “He’s in New York actually.”

Jodie smiled in response to my words. “He’s doing really well.”

“Oh?” Nicholas said. “That’s great. How do you keep a long distance relationship so strong?”

I shrugged. “Oh,” I said, shakily, “a little bit of this, a little of that.”

Nicholas chuckled. “What was it that you do?”

“I’m kind of in advertising,” I said. “Just an internship.”

“Oh cool, I have a friend in advertising.”

“Oh, yeah?” I said.

Nicholas nodded. “Yeah, remember that club I first met you in. Nikki works there; you know her?” I nodded. “Yeah, she works in advertising. She’s actually here right now,” he scanned the room of people, “somewhere. Do you want to join us for a bit?”

I nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

We sifted through the crowd until we were heading towards a semi-circled couch in the VIP section of the room. I could see half the band members seated there. One of the men had an arm wrapped around Nikki’s shoulder, whispering in her ear. On the other side of the couch was Derek.

Derek! Shit!

I quickly dropped to the dirty floor and crawled backwards into the crowd. Why must this guy be everywhere? You can cheat on him with me. Derek’s words are tragic and pathetic, and I never want to see his face or hear his voice again. Why now? Why me? Why does he think I’m so miserable that I’d want to have sex with him?

Jodie came before me, knowing how to find me by the odd looks that surrounded me.

“What are you doing?” she hissed.

“Derek is there,” I said.

“So? Fuck him!”

I scrunched my face in shock and peered up at Jodie. “What!? No!”

Jodie rolled her eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant just because he’s there doesn’t mean you should be on the floor like this.”

“Just go,” I said, “I’ll deal with the hygiene later and bathe in sanitiser.”

When Jodie knew there was no stopping me, she walked away in the same instant I began crawling for the exit. I had slipped twice on spilled whatever-the-fuck, had three people trip over me, and a vast array of dirty looks of discomfort. I finally made it to the point where I could stand on my own two feet and make a run for it; but then I saw Derek blocking the exit. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he had a huge grin, staring right at me.

I hated to leave Jodie in the first place, and now that I was caught out, I figured there was no point in walking towards him and out the door. He could have the nerve to follow after me for all I knew. So I turned and headed for the bathroom instead, opening my clutch and taking out my sanitiser.

I was not going to let Derek ruin this night for me!


7 thoughts on “Playback

  1. Daniel should’ve listened to his mom and waited to say something. Anna is clearly having trouble wrapping her mind around the while idea.

    The image of her crawling around on a club floor made me laugh. Too bad Derek caught her anyway! I’m sure he’ll wait for her to come out of the bathroom, so that should be interesting…

  2. I really hope she doesn’t hook up with someone just to “get back” at Daniel. Their relationship will never work if that happens.

    1. My thought exactly! WHY does he have to be back?! I seriously cringe everytime I see his name on this blog. I seriously want to punch him in the face!

  3. Crawling? No one would actually do that. This girl is messed up. I haven’t been enjoying this blog recently, and it used to be so awesome.

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