Daniel decided to extend his trip and spend more time with me. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one that found it necessary—especially since this second relationship is relatively new, a clean slate in fact—that we were to spend more time together. I almost felt guilty, though, because he came down here so many times since the start of this ‘new’ relationship, that he’s exhausting himself. It was obvious that he didn’t mind, and I knew he didn’t want me to worry about it, (such the gentleman that he is!) but I couldn’t help it; technically, it wasn’t fair.

“You’re in no particular state that keeps you from going,” Jodie said. “So it does kind of seem unfair.”

Janet scoffed. “Relationships aren’t about 50\50’s and ‘oh this person went this time, so that person will go that time’. You’d be turning something that’s supposed to be an emotional and intimate and fun partnership, into a business partnership with contracts and stuff.”

Jodie snickered. “That’s what I used to call my first girlfriend.”

I furrowed my brows. “A contract?”

“An emotional contract,” Jodie clarified. “Currently null and void.”

We laughed. It was funny to look at certain relationships like that, as emotional contracts rather than an intimate endeavour. More so, I was shocked that Jodie—first of all, an unabashed and proud sleep arounder—even had a girlfriend. As she carried on, she explained that it was at a time where she wasn’t ready to tell us that she was a lesbian that she had a girlfriend. And apparently she was hiding very well because no one even suspected a thing (save for Chloe who asked one drunken night if she ‘had a fella with a side of chips,’ as Jodie recalled). As Jodie went on, she told us that it was one of the most emotionally exhausting relationships she has ever had in her entire life, even though her whole life was only twenty-two years.

“Thus,” Jodie ended, “an emotional contract. Not, and very different to, a relationship.”

“Either way,” Janet said, “maybe because it was the wrong relationship that was the issue, not the fact that it wasn’t 50\50.”

Jodie shrugged. “The 50\50 issue exacerbated things though. And, I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that it wasn’t an equal partnership. The fact that it was because she wanted everything, and I tried giving her everything—at the very start I was more than happy to—but then the more I carried on that way, the more she never gave anything back. And I don’t mean tangible things, I mean the things that really matter. It was almost like she was in a relationship with herself and I was the counterpart of that.”

“Are you and Stanley 50\50?” I asked Janet.

In response, Janet shrugged. “We try to be.”

“So it’s not the 50\50 thing that’s the issue then,” Jodie commented.

“I forgot how we started what we were talking about,” I mumbled.

“About you and Daniel not being equal,” Janet reminded me.

Oh, right. I had asked the question when Jodie and I came to visit Janet at her place. She was packing, getting ready to move in with Stanley, even though they were still looking for the perfect place. I say packing, but really, there was only one box of a bunch of nothings, as Janet called them, that Janet hardly ever used; and it was sitting behind the door of her room.

The question was whether or not one could resent the other in a relationship for not upholding the 50\50 aspect. Relationship’s counterpart were 50\50’s. I told them that Daniel didn’t care, but then I wondered if he would care later on. People can change, right? I wasn’t wondering because I was lazy and I wanted to get out of putting in any effort into the relationship; but after sex—as we lay together in the most peaceful setting one could only imagine after all the heaving and sweating—I had wondered if Daniel was still feeling guilty and that he was almost punishing himself by taking on more of the load within the relationship. And I was almost an accessory to that punishment by allowing him to take on a lot. Daniel may say that he’s okay with taking on a lot now; but he may not be later. I was scared, mostly, over the possible fact that he may one day resent me for it. These were only questions, albeit legit ones, but I just didn’t want everything to fuck up again. Especially on the account of a technicality.

I told Daniel that it was pointless booking a hotel room for the next couple of days after the weekend, but he insisted that, considering Chloe only expected he’d stay the weekend over, that he should give her some space. Chloe had no matter, no mind, in the world; but he insisted. He was crazy-nice, which was why I was wondering if he was overcompensating or something. I showed up to his room, right after my little get together with Janet and Jodie. I was carrying a basket full of food goodies, including cupcakes (I’m a hella-cupcake girl for some reason!). Even though this hotel had a dining hall, I wanted to do a little suh-in, suh-in, for Daniel.

But Daniel shot everything to shit once he flung the door open and pulled me in. He placed his index finger over his mouth and then ‘shushed’ me. It wasn’t like I was saying anything, but my heart was definitely racing and I had a quizzical look going on. My basket lay toppled over on the floor next to me right after it swayed and then crashed into the wall.

“What’s going on?” I asked. I wasn’t scared enough for my voice to be shaky, because Daniel looked cool, calm and collected. He was almost looking at me like a mischievous devil, playing a game on his unsuspecting girlfriend.

He smiled, and an impish shimmer glowed in his eyes. He cupped my entire head and then kissed me. I got wet instantly, it doesn’t take much for me really; what can I say? I’m just glad, for girls, you can’t really see that we’re turned on. One day I could just be thinking about how hot Daniel is and then BOOM like a thunder-clap, so do my thighs!

It was more of the fact that Daniel was taking control and charge of the situation. Pulling me in, telling me to be quiet, and his Mr. Hottie McNaughty attitude; it was all just so much but oh so good. One hit after the other by Muhammed A-love-li.

Daniel got down on his knees and hiked up my dress. He kissed the inside of my thigh, from my knee towards the edge of my underwear line. He was massaging my butt the entire time, but then he moved his hands to my thong and then slid it off. I was left there, still in my dress, completely naked underneath and in nerve-tightening waiting. He moved backwards to look at me, making sure I could see him looking at how I wet I got and licking his lips. I gasped by that alone!

When Daniel started for me, I almost couldn’t hold myself up. I had to use the wall for support and I was leaning backwards far too hard to be calm. I was definitely going to feel the intensity of that later on. He moved his tongue around the outside first, lapping his saliva all around; confusing it with my own moisture. Then, bit by bit, he inched deeper. He first exaggerated the time it took for him to run his tongue in the middle, going excruciatingly slow. Then suddenly, when I least expected it, he dipped his tongue deep enough and licked it up fast enough for me to moan loudly. I ran shaky hands through his hair, grasping strands of hair at certain points my body shuddered.

“Come for me,” he breathed, looking intensely at me. “Come for me now.”

I was already about to anyway, I couldn’t handle anymore. He continued with the same hard flicking gestures, sucking here and there when he knew it would make me gasp. I came in no time, curling my toes and squeaking to keep myself from screaming too loud. I breathed out in trembling huffs, remaining in the same taut position.

Daniel took that time of my immobilisation to wash his mouth out in the bathroom. He was always such the gentleman, cleaning out my come from his mouth so that when I kissed him I never tasted it. I know some guys thought it was sexy, and some girls have no matter and no mind about it, but I, for one, don’t like tasting my own come.

Daniel returned from the bathroom, but instead of coming to my rigid aide, he went into his room. He must have taken his shirt off in the bathroom, and then he was moving around in his room. He’d move in and out of my view, from left to right; then right to left, in my limited vision through the double doors. It was then that I decided to sneak up on him. Just like he did as soon as I walked through the front door, I would pounce on him and totally surprise him.

I moved like a panther at first, slowly pressing my feet against the soft plush carpet. Then I picked up the pace when I got closer towards the door. The last thing I remember was Daniel holding his belly from tireless and painful laughter, his face going red, as he watched my foot get caught underneath the carpet and me toppling over, hitting my head on the bed.

All sexy pouncing time completely erased from mind when I landed with a dull thud on the floor, and Daniel knelt beside me with an odd mix of concern and enjoyment. Well, at least I still gave him a show!

***Hi everyone! This is your last chance for any special requests in celebration of my 100th post! Just to let you know also, I may be posting more than one post on that day, just to cater to certain special requests (just let me know clearly if it is a special request or just a simple comment so I don’t get confused!). One of the posts is one that is very different to all the rest, and that’s as much of a sneak peek\hint that I’m going to give you! Hope you enjoyed this post! Soul xo***


2 thoughts on “50\50

  1. LOL! That reminds me of a story my bff told me about her attempt one night of being “sexy” which didn’t end so smoothly.
    I agree its a 50/50 but maybe you’re scared to go back to NY. After all the last time you visited things went to hell in a handbasket. I can understand if you’re scared to visit…but why not set up some interviews and head out there! If you’re thinking about moving out there anyway, might as well take another trip out.

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