Oh Well

I was so happy that everything went well with my parents and Daniel that I wished life, in general, was this easy. No matter how many times we are exposed to similar situations, nothing can prepare us for the most awkward and heartbreaking conversation you can have with a great friend. We wouldn’t even wish this on our worst enemy; and yet, Brian was stuck with a cheating girlfriend. It made me wonder, though, if Brian would buy into whatever Samantha said in defence.

It was on the day when I found myself wanting to leave Brian and Daniel alone. We had just visited Brian for some drinks and a hangout, when I realised I ‘needed to do something’ and excused myself from the room. I decided to take a walk around the block, taking in the sights and New York as it were.

This morning had everything working out for me. I took up Will’s advice and started applying pretty much around the same time I was making my list of desired publishers I’d like to work for. A couple of interviews came up, for which I was most ecstatic about. As I walked around the block, rethinking and reliving those interviews, I felt as giddy as Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer after he slept with Zooey Deshanel and he started dancing in the street with bystanders suddenly joining him one by one and little cartoon birds prancing along. God, don’t you just love that scene!?

When my mind started to descend back to reality, I realised I had lost track of the time and walked around the block a couple of times. There was no denying my happiness in this moment, but whatever was happening between Daniel and Brian must not be easy. I had to sensitive and receptive about the whole situation. I needed to be there for Brian as much as Daniel was, just because Daniel told me over and over again, that he deserved nothing less.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Daniel sighed earlier on in the day before we arrived to Brian’s place, shaking his head.

I rubbed his back. “It’ll be okay.”

“You don’t understand,” Daniel said, closing his eyes and holding two fingers at the bridge of his nose. A splitting headache, I could tell. He sighed again. “He’s told me so many plans about them in the future. Almost like wishful thinking, that turns into reality.”

“Wishful thinking?” I asked.

Daniel nodded. “I think about stuff between you and me too, so I understand where he’s coming from.”

I simply, and quietly, nodded. I may not completely know what was going in both their heads (especially Daniel’s, and suddenly I was all the more curious) but I did know that having you world shatter from left of centre was soul crushing. It was just like that song, ‘What wasted unconditional love on somebody who doesn’t believe in the stuff?’

I prepared myself in the elevator for whatever emotions were soaring a-flurry in the apartment. God only knows what could have happened in the time being, and how emotionally Brian could have reacted. Everyone reacts in their own unique way; there wasn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of size for a reaction, so it was hard to anticipate what was going to happen.

But never had I anticipated that when I walked through the unlocked apartment door, that the living room was a mess, the kitchen had glass shattered and hung lights were rocking from side to side. Nor that Daniel and Brian were wrestling in the middle of the room; both their clothes dishevelled, their hair in a poof, and Daniel trapped in Brian’s headlock.


6 thoughts on “Oh Well

  1. Really daniel should just let brian punch him and get everything out and not fight back. He did this, brian was an innocent bystander who thought daniel was his friend.

  2. I totally get this; this is how some guys deal with it. Daniel should’ve told Brian a LONG time ago what transpired. But it isn’t all Daniel’s fault…lets not forget that Samantha is not so innocent in all of this. Some of that rage that Brian is feeling needs to be directed at Samantha, in a NON VIOLENT way. I do however believe that Samantha will say that Daniel started it all. She just seems like that kind of girl; point blame instead of being honest.

    I am dying to know how that conversation went. And I do hope that after this has blown over they can salvage this friendship. I think it may do Brian a lot of good to talk to Anna. They were the two who were hurt in this, she may be able to offer some insight, and let Brian know that she kind of felt like Samantha was pushing the boundaries way before this happened….

  3. That’s exactly what girls do….blame the ho messing with your man instead of the dog that he truly is! No surprise Brian is reacting poorly to this. He’ll probably see Daniel as the aggressor, taking advantage of sweet innocent Samantha. mum

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