Double Date

***Hi everyone! I’m so so so sorry this wasn’t up as scheduled. It’s no excuse but I had a pretty hectic week, and I half-thought, half-wished, this was already up. It’s here though, and I hope you enjoy! Soul xo***

At first, Adam thought I was joking when I called him up. Our conversation was a weird mix of humour and awkwardness, trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. Adam must have thought that the planets have aligned for Daniel to want to double date. After a lot of convincing on my part, for which Adam reluctantly gave in rather than eagerly looking forward to it, he agreed to meet us out for dinner. After the phone call I had an inkling that Adam, believing that I was still joking, was going to find neither Daniel nor I waiting for him at the restaurant. That the restaurant would have no booking under the name ‘Daniel’, and that he would walk out knowingly and confident, head held high and all.

Although, clearly that wasn’t the case. Daniel and I, while waiting patiently for Adam and Clare to arrive, were sipping our cups of water; attentive gazes lingering on the entranceway from time to time. When Adam arrived he seemed just as surprised as I felt. I guess I had inkling that he wouldn’t even bother showing up. That, because of his history with Daniel, there’s be no good to come out of the dinner, and that I would understand. The more I thought about that though, the more I was wondering if that was a half-wish or not. My full wish? That the evening would go smoothly, without any troubles, without any dick measuring contests, without any hoopla.

I stood to greet Adam and Clare. I didn’t pay attention to how Daniel and Adam greeted, but I’m assuming it was an awkward exchange.

“Did you already order?” Adam asked.

I shook my head. “We were waiting for you guys.”

“Aww, thanks,” Clare waved her hand, placing her other onto her heart.

I smiled. “Don’t mention it.” My stomach growled with absurd vibrations. It clearly wanted it mentioned; acknowledgement of the fact that it was shrinking even as we were speaking.

The four of us looked over our menu. Daniel finished first, and I followed straight after. I told him what I was going to have, as you do when you’re at dinner with your boyfriend, and your conversation mainly revolves around food and thus the general and sometimes random information that tags along with it. Adam and Clare were indecisive. And that was putting it lightly, and therefore the least bit accurately. It was a cute display, but I still felt a little jealous. It was my conversation I usually have with Adam that she was having, after all. She stole my conversation! Okay, now I may be borderline Single White Female. Just a tad.

“So how do you two know each other?” Clare asked, pointing between Adam and Daniel.

They both looked at each other with an awkward how-do-I-start look. As if contemplating whether or not to make up a happy-go-lucky story, for the sake of current circumstances and relevant distance between each other, or to reveal their history as I know it.

“Uhh,” Adam hesitated, “we knew each other back in California.”

Clare’s shoulders abruptly shot up simultaneously as her eyebrows. “Oh, how interesting. I’ve never been to California, spent most of my life in New York. My family and I…”

Clare started rolling into a full-headed spiel about her life story. The girl was only twenty-three! If I sneezed out my life story, it would encompass the size and content of a brochure. Clare’s life story sounded like it was the size of encyclopaedia written by Socrates. The one thing most prominent in her speech about herself were the life lessons that she learned along the way. From one to twenty-three years of age.

Adam titled his head and smiled sheepishly. I could tell he liked Clare, but I could also tell that it was to the extent that I was thinking of, which wasn’t as much as I had initially thought. Adam and I always seemed to be able to gauge what kind of person each of us would suit. I would think, ‘hey, maybe that guy’ and point. Adam would look, assess, appraise, affirm, and then reveal his findings: ‘nah, he won’t be good for you’. Daniel was the only person he gauged wrong. Far from wrong. So far, that my choice surprised him constantly. He never verbalised his disapproval, but I could always feel that sense of discontentment coming from him.

We finished scoffing down our main meals in no time. It was delicious, and for the most part, the conversation wasn’t entirely liking to the Roman Empire downfall. Thanks, on the most part, for Clare’s nature to excessively carry the conversation, the night seemed to be a breeze.

Then Adam had to excuse himself. Daniel didn’t seem very interested in the conversation Clare and I were having. His eyes seemed to wander, not aimlessly, but oddly enough, in search of something.

“Did you want the waiter?” I asked.

Daniel shook his head. “But I do need to excuse myself.”

Without another word, and only an exchange of polite smiles, Daniel walked away. I watched as he went to the bathroom; that sinking feeling in my stomach returning. For whatever reason I imagined a verbally bloody display. I pushed the inkling of something bad out of my mind for the entire evening, and at first it seemed like nothing bad would even happen, but then this had to happen. Daniel and Adam in the bathroom at the same time, conversing about God knows what.

I really wanted to know what was going on between them, but I felt it to be rude to just ditch Clare. It’d definitely be strange for her to see one after the other leave the table. So I waited. I waited warily, and anxiously, for their return. I hadn’t even heard a peep out of Clare’s mouth. Not because she wasn’t talking, because she was, I don’t think anything could stop her (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), but because my focus was blurred, straining to look out for a catastrophe.

There was a shift in the atmosphere when Daniel and Adam came back, together mind you. It would have been less suspicious if they came separately.

Adam leaned over Clare. “We’ve got to go Clare.”

I stared at Adam confusedly, he avoided my gaze. Then I peered up at Daniel for some answers, his expression stern.

“What?” Clare asked. “Why?”

“Because I got that presentation in the morning, the whole spiel, you know, I need my rest.”

Clare smiled, blissfully unaware. “Okay. Nice seeing you again,” she said to me. “And nice to meet you,” she said to Daniel.

Daniel just nodded while I replied that the feeling was reciprocated.

“What the hell was all that about?” I asked Daniel when they left.

“What?” Daniel asked.

I shook my head, dubiously. “Don’t lie to me. Lies didn’t get anyone in any good place.”

Daniel sighed. “Nothing happened that wasn’t warranted.”

“What does that even mean?”

“It means that I refuse to lose you again and have whatever-guys swaying you differently.”

Daniel’s nostrils flared, eyes tight, full of anger. I was frustrated at the fact that he felt right to be angry. I stood immediately, I knew Clare would still be with Adam, and I didn’t want to ruin their night as much as it was already ruined, but I just had to talk to him. I needed to know what happened, especially since Daniel wouldn’t open up to me as much as a hint here and there.

Daniel grabbed my arm. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I bet you know so why should I tell you?”

“Don’t start making a scene now.”

“Then let go of my arm,” I said through my teeth.

Daniel let go, shaking his head. “God, you make me sound so damn controlling.”

“No, Daniel, you did that to yourself.”

***P.S. I also wanted to add that, in a couple of weeks I’ll actually be going on vacation, and I was deciding between going on hiatus during that period (which would be around a month and a half) or actually continue to write during that time. I’ve decided that I’ll do my very best to continue to write! On top of that, it’s going to be Anna that’s going to go on vacation. But I need a bit of help from you! Firstly, I want to know who you think that she should go on vacation with? Her friends, one friend, Adam, Daniel, by herself, her mother, Jade even! Whomever it is, comment below, and remember: the story will change depending on who you pick so choose wisely! Secondly, I’ll be letting you know where I’ll be landing beforehand so you can add your own input to the story, which I’m really excited about! I’ll be landing in Chicago on my second stop (I’ll reveal what the first stop is in my first week), so I want to know from my readers, where you think I should visit! Any fans from Chicago? Soul xo***


25 thoughts on “Double Date

  1. The whole dinner was a bad idea. I knew it had to end up Daniel putting Adam in his place. They obviously never got along & did Daniel know that Anna slept w Adam? Why did Anna even mention running into Adam??? I swear, some people just don’t use their brain. I don’t know many people who can remain friends w someone they slept with in the past. Daniel should also have let it die-he just getting out of being in the dog house himself.
    If Anna wants things to work w Daniel (he’s proven he doesn’t like prior wanna be boyfriends) stop mentioning previous guys she’s slep with and same goes for Daniel.
    Anna & Daniel probably need to vacation together. I wouldn’t want to go on a trip w the ‘girls’ if I was planning on moving in w my man & we don’t live near each other currently! Next thing I know we will have another cheating issue.

    1. Hi Amy W!

      I actually have a friend who has slept with someone and remained friends with them; so no matter how rare it is, it’s possible! Thanks for your input!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  2. I love this blog. I get excited when I get to read it. Anna…Anna…Anna….Anna (that was me getting started), WHY did they have this dinner? It had to finish badly. I just don’t get why they had to do it!!

    On my part, I actually like Adam and I like the connection he has with Anna, the line ” he stole my conversation!” was so cute! But at the same time, you’ve done a good job explaining how she had a good connection with Daniel. So I don’t know if I’m being a heretic by wanting Adam to win here.

    One thing I don’t get is how she’d go on vacation with Adam. How would that even happen logistically? Only if she broke up with Daniel, I suppose. Anyways, to be on the safe side (although I love Adam), I vote for a vacation with friends or with Daniel.

    1. Hi Poets&Heartbreakers!

      Always a pleasure to read your comments! I must say, I love the connection Anna has with Adam as well! The logic you bring to choosing Daniel is awesome by the way; the choice is so thoughtful, love it!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  3. If Anna is going to move in with Daniel, she needs to quit acting childish and try to make her relationship with Daniel work. Daniel is trying, so should Anna. She doesn’t need to go chasing after Adam. Adam has a girlfriend. Who cares if he doesn’t like the girl as much as he should. It isn’t Anna’s place to worry about him. Daniel and Anna need to vacation together.

    1. She didn’t do anything!!!!! Daniel pushed for this dinner, not her. She actually handled it well and I think Daniel is the one acting like a spoiled baby. He needs to cut the crap or he’s going to lose her again.

      1. Hi Stephanie and Anonymous!

        I love seeing the differing opinions and the reasons behind them; makes for a fascinating read and perspective! I’m loving the passion!

        Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

        Soul xo

  4. Hmm, I think there’s something more to this. It doesn’t seem like Daniel to push for a dinner with Adam and then secretly confront him without reason. Maybe he found out Adam and Anna slept together (didn’t Adam say Daniel reached out to him for help with getting Anna back? Maybe Adam got back to NY and said something to him), or maybe it’s about something we haven’t heard about yet. Either way, this seems a bit out of the ordinary for Daniel. I think there’s more to this story. And I don’t think Anna was necessarily in the wrong here, but I do think she needs to quit running to another guy when an issue comes up in her relationship. Back in California, every time her and Daniel had an issue, she’d always tell Derek about it. If she’s going to move to NY, she can’t run to Adam every time her and Daniel have a problem. Imagine if Daniel went to Tanya and Samantha and told them about their relationship problems or tried to get their help on it. Anna would be livid.

    My vote is for a trip with Daniel! I think they need to get away from everything a bit and really spend time with each for a while with no interruptions.

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      I think everyone is leaning towards Anna and Daniel vacationing together; I feel like most readers want to enjoy some good times with them, which may be a strong possibility in the future! But…you never know, particular circumstances in the coming posts may change their course!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  5. Trip with Daniel for sure!!! 🙂

    Hey quick question, do you have a spot where people can read from the beginning? I have a friend who has started reading a lot of the same female lit blogs I do and most have a spot where you can catch up but can’t find one of yours, and I don’t want to just tell her everything because it ruins it 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thank you so much for bringing my blog to the attention of your friend! It’s such a compliment! I’ve added a link to the very first post on the ‘About’ section of the website! I hope she enjoys the blog!

      I’ve also noticed that I don’t have you on the blogroll so I’ll be sure to do that now!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  6. I think you should have the whole gang. Anna’s friends and Daniel (Stanley Included). Actually I think it would even be interesting if they all went and then Adam and Clare happened to be on vacation in the same hotel or something!

    1. Hi Virginia Cipolla!

      That’s an interesting choice you have there! I’ll definitely take it into consideration because it sounds like it would be fun to write! Thanks for your input!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

    1. Hi katwagg!

      So sorry to hear that, but it’s great that you eventually found your way! Experience is generally the best perspective; even if they’re bad ones, at least you know! It’s great to see the insight into Daniel from a reader!

      Thanks for commenting and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  7. I cannot get over how rude it is to invite someone to dinner, be unfriendly then confront them in the bathroom?! Who cares if Anna and Adam have a past? It’s in the past! This is the first time I just don’t like Daniel.

  8. Hi everyone!

    Thank you all for adding your own input about who should go on vacation with Anna! It’s so delightful to me to see so many opinions! Just a few things to add:

    1. I’ve added a link to the very first post (as I previously stated to another commenter) so feel free to get nostalgic! The link is in the ‘About’ section of this site!
    2. Also in the ‘About’ section is the song that inspired the title and initial atmosphere of this blog! It’s laid back, it’s fun, it’s Miss Shaw herself! Feel free to check it out!

    Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for the support, those who read and those who read and comment; those who tell their friends and family; it gives me great encouragement to keep on keeping!

    Thanks again peeps! See you soon!

    Soul xo

  9. I’m going to have to say that Anna should go away with Adam. I know Daniel won’t be too happy about it but it’s a fun twist to her story…Oh and I’ve always been team Adam!

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