All About Us

On the drive to our hotel room the driver was helpful, somewhat, in letting us know where to shop around to experience and enjoy Dubai. The driver was Indian, his family lived in India and he visited back home from time to time whenever he could afford to. This reminded me, oddly enough, of Sex and the City 2. I guess it’s more common than I thought.

His skin was expectedly dark. What wasn’t expected was his thick Indian accent. Although he was Indian, I figured he would have adopted a less thick accent considering his current residence. The words sputtered out in dense bubble-like sounds. They were round and rapidly spoken. I basically missed eighty per cent of what he was saying because of his thick accent; and also for the fact that when people repeat several times what they’re saying immediately after just as quickly, I seemed to miss it even more. It was exactly like neglecting the highlighted words, the opposite of its purpose.

So far, the driver suggested The Dubai Mall and The Outlet Mall; places to shop for designer but not necessarily for culture. Culture was any place with the word ‘souk’ in it.

The temperatures of Dubai were skyrocketing. This time of the year is supposed to be autumn; but thirty-four degrees Celsius was the ongoing fire-flying temperatures for the next few days we were going to be here. It’s only going to be a few days because, well, Daniel was basically paying for the whole trip plus accommodation and miscellaneous fees; all across many cities. I was grateful and appreciative just being here, with him, I didn’t care how long.

The hotel room was a surprise, to say the least.

“This…is not what I ordered…booked, I mean,” Daniel said, stumped.

The room was tight, hardly any room to move and therefore hardly any room for our bags. Yet we somehow managed.

“Unbelievable,” Daniel muttered, placing the last of our bags on top of a small sized table-slash-box. He turned to me saying, “I swear to you, I honestly thought this hotel looked different. The pictures were totally different.”

I smiled. “It’s fine.”

“You’re joking, right?” Daniel said. “This is a disaster.”

I held his hand to calm and reassure him. “It’s fine. We’re in Dubai. Let’s just enjoy it, we’re probably not going to be in here most of the time.”

Daniel shook his head, still unconvinced and not pleased.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I said, standing on my tip toes to kiss him, “want to join me?”

I started seeing a hint of a smile. He lifted his eyebrows. “I’d love to but I want to see about this room. Why it’s different from what I saw.”

“Daniel…” I urged.

“I’ll be back.”

As soon as he left, I just had to take a shower regardless. The bathroom was truly a shithole. Definitely going to keep that to myself though; not for long though. The sink was leaking from the pipes underneath whenever the tap was switched on. Not to mention the shower as well, but instead of leaking downwards, it leaked in sputters upwards, right next to the sink. The most disgusting of all, was the presence of an unidentified stain right behind the chipped toilet. I convinced myself it was rust and ran out of there.

“It turns out the pictures I was looking at, was of a hotel that was still under construction,” Daniel said. “I can’t believe I missed that fine print.”

I laughed but Daniel wasn’t all too happy about it still. “Oh come on,” I said, “you have to admit, that’s pretty funny.”

Daniel started chuckling. “Yeah, I guess. At least we’re on our way to Dubai Mall and we don’t have to think about it for the time being.”

Just don’t go into the bathroom, I thought.

The Dubai Mall was head to toe, floor to ceiling designer brands. We arrived at the hotel around 8AM but we hadn’t even covered the whole first floor yet and it was only around noon. I had to remind myself not to spend all my money on clothes and jewellery and nick knacks and whatnot. By the end of the night, we were dead. Daniel bought an extremely dashing suit from Ted Lapidus, while I garnished my wages on heels. Afterwards we ate in the food courts and then went back to the room.

“Culture tomorrow,” Daniel said.

I nodded. “Done deal.”

I lied on the bed, my arm resting overhead because I was so exhausted. Without a word, Daniel climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck. I had my eyes closed, tired, but my senses were raging at his touch. I murmured and mumbled, words I didn’t even know the contents or weight of.

“Remember where we are,” I smiled, “we can’t get too loud.”

Daniel laughed in the hollow of my neck. “We’ll be very careful.”

He moved his hand up inside of my dress, tracing my thigh and hooking a finger around my underwear. He has this move where he keeps his finger there and rubs himself up against me, letting me know how hard he is and how wet he can make me.

Then we started hearing a loud shriek. It was piercing and it was from the neighbour’s child, running up and down the hallway.

“That totally killed our mood,” I said, opening my eyes and smiling into Daniel’s.

We waited for a minute and afterwards, Daniel gasped. “You hear that.” We listened out for anything, but all we heard was the silence. “They stopped.”

Daniel resumed, and I was more awake than ever. He quickly took off my underwear and then his pants, slipping inside of me. It was like he was running out of time; a sense of urgency was prominent.

“I want you to come,” Daniel said. “I want it so badly.”

That sent me into a frenzy!

The screaming started up again just as we were getting into our rhythm. Daniel sighed and I chuckled in disbelief. Then he ceased and relaxed on top of me while he was still inside, beginning to get soft and pulling out as a result.

“Great,” Daniel mumbled. “Just fucking great. What a way to end our first night.”

“Baby, it’s fine.”

“I just wanted this trip to be great and it’s already a bust.”

I lifted his chin to face me. “Stop being such a downer. We’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we’re going to enjoy this time together. You are going to enjoy this time whether you like it or not.”

Daniel smiled, proudly, and kissed my nose. “You’re cute when you’re like this.”

“Like what?”

“Trying to make me happy with frustration. Even though this was all for you and I wanted it to be all about you.”

“I want it to be all about us.”

Daniel grinned wider and nodded. “All about us. Got it.”


3 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. So, what does Daniel do for a living again, isn’t he a financial analyst or something? I take it he is paying for her airfare and all, he must be doing well for a 24 year old!

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