The Road Just Rolls Out Behind Me

We rented a car and travelled seven hours, including a couple stops for gas and refreshments, all the way to Minneapolis from Chicago. The day of, I had a quick tour of Chicago from Maz while Daniel was in his work meeting. I barely saw him in the morning but I definitely recalled a sense of stress coming from him. One of my favourite parts of the tour was the bridge that appeared in My Best Friend’s Wedding. It was pretty cool to see something from a movie, in real life. I pointed and squealed like a tourist. It was great!

Daniel made a deal with a friend in Minneapolis to drive the car all the way back. His friend, Mike, needed to travel to Chicago on his own business trip and figured to strike a half-ies deal with Daniel. The only aspect of that arrangement that worried me was the fact that the car was in Daniel’s name. So if anything happened, it would come back on him.

“Don’t worry,” Daniel said, laying a hand on my thigh, “Mike’s more responsible than me. Even if anything did happen, he wouldn’t allow it to befall on me.”

I offered to drive for even an hour of the seven hour trip, but Daniel insisted that he wanted to. To take the edge off; the edge off what, now that was up for debate.

“How did the meeting go?” I asked for what might have been the five billionth time.

Daniel sighed through his nostrils and avoided my gaze. “It was fine.”

“Are you going to elaborate?”

Daniel smiled. “You don’t want to know.”

I held Daniel’s free hand. “I do. Tell me.”

He sighed again. “There’s an interesting opportunity for me that I’m working towards. I’m gearing up for a promotion and I’m trying to make as many pit stops to build my reputation and make myself appear more valuable to clients. Higher up clients. Which isn’t easy.”

“But that’s great,” I smiled. “Don’t even stress. Just do what you do best and they’ll see that they need you more than anyone.”

“Yeah well,” Daniel shrugged. “It’s not that simple.” I squeezed his hand and urged him on, he was rather adamant to remain silent. Then he cleared his throat. “Look, can we just not talk about it. We’re here to have a good time and I don’t want my stress to be yours.”

“Daniel, you can tell me anything, you know that right?” he nodded. I was beginning to feel uneasy, and not just because of this car ride. “Even if I don’t like it, you can tell me.”

“I don’t want to feel like I’m hiding anything from you. Or you to feel like that either.”

I squeezed his hand once more. “Then don’t. Tell me.”

One final time, Daniel sighed. One of those big sighs you know a bus load of a slap is about to hit you. “If offered and accepted, the promotion would relocate me to our Chicago offices.”


3 thoughts on “The Road Just Rolls Out Behind Me

  1. Here we go again! He didn’t want to mention a promotion that would take him away from New York? Duh, Anna is trying to make it to New York! He is selfish for a better word unless he’s planning on Anna NOT working!

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