The House Of Horrors

***Thank you Julia, Bob and Raquel (names have been changed) for letting me stay over! It was such a humbling pleasure to stay with an amazing family! I miss you all and I hope you enjoy the rest of the life-long supply of treats! Love, Soul xo***

Daniel and I barely spoke a peep about the whole transfer situation should he be offered the promotion. I was half hoping it was a mistake and that the promotion would keep him in his New York offices, where we agreed our life together would begin. I wanted to believe that he’d give up everything for me, but when it comes down to logistics and specifics, things just aren’t that easy. Suddenly I felt subjected to part of the eighty-five per cent of the happy state, as opposed to the fifteen per cent euphorically happy state. It was a friend’s theory that no one was really happy all the time; not like the movies. It was as if nothing could beat a happy ending, like the ones in fairy tales, that was the peak. Everything else was the eighty-five per cent, and I was stuck in it. More so than anything, I didn’t want Daniel to resent me for his choice, if I were to be a part of it. However, it looked like he was seriously considering things. I wondered, what would I consider if my happy ending weren’t to be realised?

In all honesty, it didn’t seem fair. At all. Daniel and I agreed on New York. I was ready to move there with him, to make a life there, to be there for us in New York. The fact that he was merely considering the option of moving to Chicago alone frustrated the hell out of me. I didn’t want it to get to me severely, and blow any chances of us actually stepping into the fifteen per cent, but if it really was a deep consideration, a serious thought about relocating, I didn’t know what I would do.

My birthday celebrations was postponed until after the week in Minneapolis while we were going to be in the next exotic country. The country still unknown to me. Daniel and I agreed to celebrate our anniversary at that time as well. It was a year ago (us both forgetting which day it was, oops!) on November that we first met, and he nearly ran me over with his motorcycle. We laughed in retrospect.

Julia and Bob were kind enough to allow us to stay over their place. They were both the parents of Raquel, a social worker that worked in the area and was temporarily living under their roof, and Daniel’s long-time friend.

Raquel was about our age and super-pretty. Her cream face was, more often than not, whipped with lashes of red here and there because of the cold. She had amazingly light eyes, minimal make-up but just the right amount to draw you in, and light brown, shoulder length wavy hair. Raquel, more so than anyone in the circles that I have rolled in, said ‘okay’ a helluva lot.

Daniel’s friend pretty much showed us the entirety of Minneapolis in a single heartbeat. We saw the Mississippi river, the old mills, and ate at Chipotle a couple of times. We visited Julia at work for lunch downtown and had some real nice hot chocolate from a place I couldn’t recall but could recognise. We went to America’s largest mall, with rides and all. And I blew most of my money on a few pairs of jeans plus a cute skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s skirt in the opening sequence of Sex and the City. Although a little longer and a little less tutu-ish. Afterwards, we went to dinner to celebrate the birthday of Raquel’s brother.

I thought it was going to be so awkward considering I hadn’t met the entire family before and I was just tagging along, but it turned out amazing. Better than amazing. I had so much fun. Especially when an uncle was showing Daniel and I pictures of Halloween themed and decorated cars. The Evil Minion car was the winner. It looked pretty awesome depicting one of those purple miscreants. Well deserved.

After the dinner, we travelled all the way out to the middle of nowhere to have some Halloween fun. I was trying to get out of the horror of going down a passage and being scared shitless, but everyone insisted, telling me that I was in good hands, and that nothing was going to harm me. After much convincing, to which I figured if the scary people weren’t allowed to touch me then I’d be okay, I agreed to partake in the making of interesting memories.

Interesting, turned out to be an understatement. I had my eyes closed the entire time and I was holding on to someone to be dragged in, but I was still screaming. The entire time. Screaming my socks off; everyone’s socks off. Then I started crying. Then I start shaking! At which point I was finally escorted outside, practically on the verge of a full blown collapse. I wanted to crawl up and die right then and there. In front of the birthday boy, his girlfriend, their friend, Daniel and Daniel’s friend, it was all so traumatically humiliating. On the drive back, Daniel took to sit in the back with me so I could feel better. God, I’m such a baby!

“It was cheap thrills, babe,” Daniel laughed. “It was all fine.”

After the adrenaline shock wore off, I fell asleep in his arms.


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