I May Need A Chaperone

I had been talking to Daniel about our issues all night and a bit of the morning that I wanted nothing more to do than to take my mind off of our little problematic bump in the road. Daniel had some business to take care of either way, leaving me alone in the hotel room and the city. Many times I have been by myself, but rarely have I been left alone. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I spent the rest of the morning watching some television in the room, until I was sick of it and finally yearned for some fresh cold air. I walked down fifth as slowly as possible. The kind of walk where you know that particular person doesn’t have a destination in mind. That was me. I stopped at Saks, appraised the exterior and wondered how beautiful it was in Christmas.

On the way back, contemplating that I wanted to do something for myself for the time being, with some real purpose, I called Adam and told him to meet me at the hotel. I, of course, arrived before him and just waited on the bed; now all traces of two people sleeping in it erased.

For some reason I couldn’t quite understand, my heart was racing and my fingers were tingling. I shook my hands and just lied down on the bed. Instantaneously with my back touching the top, a knock on the door happened and I whisked upwards. A sudden head rush occurring.

“Coming!” I yelled, half-excited and half-nervous to see Adam. The latter half still unbeknown to me.

I checked myself in the mirror to see if any mascara had flaked off or my eyeliner smudged. I spritzed a bit of Calvin Klein, took a sip of some bottled water and finally inhaled and exhaled to calm myself.

When I opened the door, Adam was standing with a kind of casual assertiveness. A slight sense of something that wasn’t entirely him washing thinly over his face. A different kind of confidence, like he owned the world. His smile was coolly lined; not exactly wide enough to be a grin, but not completely devoid of emotion. His eyes were knowing, understanding, a secret of some kind probably. Then I realised the other aspect that generally wasn’t featured on him; a lifted eyebrow. Curved at the centre, bringing the entire expression of his face to a full circle of self-assurance.

Without a word, Adam moved in and kissed me. The door automatically closed as he pushed me up against the wall. His mouth was tender and his lips and tongue were tasty. I was proudly relishing in a new kind of deliciousness. Absorbing his skin, smelling his scent. Everything about him I loved with absolute defiance to the preoccupations of another. In fact, to the world!

He let me fall onto the bed and climbed on top of me. Taking every bit of clothing off his back with an urgent haste, leaving only his unbuttoned, unzipped, jeans on.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” Adam said.

I smiled and combed through his hair, the softness grazing all around my fingers. “Me too,” I said. He leaned down to kiss my neck and I closed my eyes as he made a trail down, uttering one final time, “Me too.”


19 thoughts on “I May Need A Chaperone

  1. So disappointed. I read this post first and was confused as to how Adam was in Minneapolis. Then I see that there were two posts below it. I wish there had been some way of knowing that. mum

  2. I’m a bit tired of Daniel. Even if it turns out to be a dream (which feels kind of like a cheap move) it should be a wake up call for her. He keeps doing things for himself and she just has to figure out how to fit into it. That’s not fair. She needs someone who is on the same page.

  3. I hope that was a dream, if not she’s a hypocrite. I honestly don’t understand why she’s so upset at Daniel and making him choose between her an the promotion. I know you shouldn’t follow your boyfriend everywhere but she shouldn’t make a big deal of something that isn’t set and stone yet. She should actually be encouraging him to get the promotion even if it means letting him go. I’m know many people will probably disagree but that’s the way I see it.

  4. I agree with Annie, when you are married with children you compromise on career goals and make moves based on a spouse (or vice verse) not when you are in your early twenties and dating.

  5. Hi everyone!

    First of all I’d like to thank everyone who is still keeping up with this blog considering the temporary lift on the schedule until I get back from my vacation!

    I want to address the confusion with the posts being up sporadically as a result of the lift on the schedule. I thought I was keeping everyone happy with the volume of posts but I really don’t want it to ruin anyone’s reading experience.

    Two suggestions will be offered. First suggestion is to click the ‘follow’ button to receive notifications of new posts via email. That way you’ll be able to keep up on what’s next. Second suggestion is to subject every week to only one post as I, at this time, am paying hardly any attention to dates and days unless I absolutely have to.

    If there isn’t an increase on clicks to ‘follow’ this blog, then I’ll be adjusting the volume of posts to one per week, any time of the week, until I get back home.

    As always, thank you all for commenting and reading, keep on keeping and see you soon!

    Soul xo

  6. Im not sure how to follow, but ill be clicking on the “notify me of new posts via email@ and hope that works!
    (Dont know if its because i always read this blog through my iphone but i cant find the follow button)

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