Déjà Who? Déjà Vu

***Hi everyone! I have 2 bits of news for you! First, almost everyone that voted didn’t want to participate or couldn’t or thought it was unfair, in the competition (only one person voted ‘other’), so it is now removed from the site altogether. I hope I can eventually write up a better one in the future! Secondly, I have just finished creating a new blog that is set to be revealed to you hopefully soon (that’s if you want to know about it)! I love the way it looks and I’m really passionate about it, just as much as this blog, and I’ve only uploaded one post! I really want to show it to you all now, I’m not exactly sure why I’m not (maybe it has something to do with tweaking the blog more, or classes, or nerves, or a combination of certain or all things) but I will try to summon up the courage sooner rather than later! For now, I hope you enjoy the post! Lots of love, Soul xo***

My parents reserved Thanksgiving Day for family time so the eve of, it was with friends. Every year, we switched up the location of the day, but we all tended to help out. This year thanksgiving will be hosted by none other than Chloe and I at our place.

“The kitchen is already a mess and we haven’t even started anything yet!” Chloe said, worry lines appearing on her forehead.

There wasn’t even a dirty dish lying around. I grabbed Chloe’s shoulders and shook her. “What are you even talking about?”

“The clutter!” she pointed.

On the kitchen bench, there were a couple of utensils lying around. Nothing detrimental that could throw either of us off balance. I rolled my eyes. “Chill out. It’s thanksgiving.”

Chloe closed her eyes and breathed out. “Zen. You’re right. What’s a few pots and pans?”

“We’re going to use them anyway,” I said.

Chloe insisted on wearing an apron; for some reason, for me, it always annoyed me, so I never wore one. Chloe also had a gift with poultry, so that was generally left up to her most of the time. I always did the sides. It was like an unspoken mutual understanding of skills. Seeing as how everyone is usually trying to lose weight, I did a super-healthy soup that tasted a lot like pumpkin, mostly consisting of butter nut squash and granny smith apples. It was a tasty treat and my specialty.

Chloe and I slaved away all day at the kitchen that it almost looked like we were trying to rebuff feminism. We were on our feet and exhausted. Tirelessly making the best thanksgiving ever. It meant a lot to me that it would be great since it was like a farewell to my friends, not to mention the new edition, but not entirely new, Stanley.

When I thought about Stanley, my mind inadvertently turned to Daniel. Thanksgiving provided a much needed distraction from Daniel. I didn’t want to be alone for too long with my thoughts, for fear of balling my eyes out. I already did once (okay, maybe more than once), I was managing to steer clear of round forty-eight. But sometimes, mostly at night when I couldn’t exactly sneak into bed with Chloe like she was my Mommy and I craved some much needed care, I let my mind slip into thoughts of Daniel. For that reason, I tended to be exposed to a lot of sleepless nights. I missed his touch; his lips; his silky hair; the way he said my name like it was the best thing he ever tasted. The dreams he gave me; the bracelet he promised to me. The way he desperately wanted to fix us by wanting to marry me. I’d like to think I never replied to his question, even though a break up is reply enough.

We finished by 6PM and at that point were waiting on the girls. Both Jodie and Janet were running much late than the intended time, missing the usual stuff like cooking together. Sometimes we even dabbled in a food fight, typically instigated by yours truly. Suddenly, this thanksgiving was beginning to feel sluggish.

“I’m going to go for a walk,” I told Chloe.

“What? Why? They could be here any minute.”

“They just texted us that they’re coming later,” I said. “And I can’t keep watching television until they arrive. I’ll go insane.”

Chloe shrugged. “Okay, I’ll call you when they’re here.”


In all honesty, I couldn’t stand thinking about Daniel a second longer. Oddly enough, distractions were starting to feel a lot like drugs that I was becoming hooked onto. I needed to be on the high of distraction all the time to avoid thinking about Daniel. I was spacing out a lot while we were watching TV that I realised I needed a stronger high. Thus, Venice beach.

It was pretty dark out but I could still hear the ripples of water crashing onto the shore. I took off my sandals and walked through the sand, decidedly freezing the feet down to the bone. Genius! It was nice out, cold; I didn’t mind though. I had the biggest urge to dive into the water and risk a potential illness. It was quiet and serene; the sound of the waves was frequent and each one similar, a perfect distraction. Like the same beat of a song, it sent my mind into a hypnotic state where I thought about absolutely nothing. To quote Taylor Swift, for the time being, I got nothing in my brain.

About a minute or two after I closed my eyes, I was hit on the head. I had no idea what it was at first, but it sounded a lot like a ball of some kind by the way it bounced off and away. Although it practically felt like a stone!

“Argh!” I shrieked, rubbing the back of my head. The back swelling with an intense pain.

“Sorry!” I heard a man call from the distance. I was still rubbing the back of my head when I tried to spot him. It wasn’t that dark, I was just seeing spots. Nah, it wasn’t that bad, but my eyes were a bit blurry. “I’m so sorry,” the voice got closer.

Even though I couldn’t quite see, I felt a slight sense of déjà vu.


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