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“I hope you don’t mind,” Jeremy started as we sat down, “I’ve invited my parents, and my two brothers as well.”

My mother was inevitably pushing me into sitting next to Jeremy. I was going to anyway! After I heard that, though, I grinned widely knowing that my mom wasn’t anticipating that.

“That’s totally fine,” I said, staring at my mom to gauge her reaction. “We got plenty to go around.”

“Yes,” my mom said, “we’ve still got some stuff to prepare anyway. Honey,” she said to my father, “help me in the kitchen?”

My father half-smiled and then followed her out. My mom, although placid at some points, could be so cunning at others.

“How are you, Anna?” Jeremy asked.

Jeremy’s voice was so deep it sounded like the rumbling of an earthquake. A big, huge, GIGANTIC difference from the scratchy, high-pitched younger days. As a matter of fact, he changed a great deal. So few go through their lives different to how they started out, me included; so it came as a little, pleasant surprise.

Jeremy’s face cleared up, revealing an even toned complexion tucked into sharp features. The bottle glasses were gone, but no contacts were in their place. Corrective eye surgery must have been his go to. He was wearing a blue V-neck sweater, and when he rolled up his sleeves, an arm tattoo was peeking out from just below his elbow.

“You’ve changed,” I commented. A little too mesmerised by the changes to even remain pissed.

Jeremy chuckled. “For the better I hope.”

I shrugged. I didn’t want him thinking that I thought he used to be on my list for being so frustrating.

“I hope you don’t mind either,” he said. “When I knew you were going to be here, I jumped at the chance.”

I smiled, sincerely. “Thanks Jeremy.”

He nudged me. “You’re welcome. And I’m sorry I used to always ask if you had a penis for all those years.”

I laughed with him. “And I’m sorry I don’t have one right now.”

Jeremy’s laugh was cut short by a frown and was too taken aback by my response. I only meant that if I was guy he wouldn’t be crushing on me right now. It put me in a weird spot, what with my heart not entirely mended and all. No biggie.

Just when I was about to attempt a recovery from this fractured conversation, the doorbell, with its rolex timing, rang.

Everyone magnetised towards the front door in haste. Everyone but me. I slouched over the table, not looking forward to this evening, when my cell vibrated.

‘Just have fun,’ Mark wrote. ‘Don’t worry about anything or anyone else. I want a goodnight kiss by the end of the night!’

‘But I only just broke up with Daniel!‘ I replied.

‘You say that like it happened yesterday and you think you’re cheating on the guy. Look, only way you’re going to get over him is to move on. Besides, it’s a goodnight kiss not sex. Just do what I say, trust me. Thank me later haha!’

‘Thanks -.-‘

I threw my cell into my bag and then prepared for the night ahead. Just have fun. Goodnight kiss. Got it!


One thought on “Instructions

  1. Based on what her and Mark talked about, think she’s going to hook up with Jeremy (her crazy sex adventure), while texting Mark for advice, and then leave for New York. But then she’ll be with Adam.

    The only thing is that she didn’t seem so upset when Daniel and her broke up. If she’s feeling so bad about it, maybe she needs to re-evaluate now.

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