Proving Your Worth; A Surprise Visit

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“I’d like to congratulate you on one hell of a year,” Will said. “You’ve done such a great job and you’ve really proven yourself here.”

I grinned, leg over leg and proud. “Well I’ve had the best mentor in town.”

“Indeed you did,” Will joked. “In all seriousness I feel quite obligated to be the one asking you this…” uh-oh, here comes the pooper; the downer; the butt of buts.


“Whether or not you’d like to work for David and Goliath full time.”

I blinked and huffed. “You…you, want me to work here?”

“We—” an emphasis on the ‘we’ “—want you to work here. We feel that you are an asset to this company and would, and have, in fact, fit largely into this company.”

“Wow,” I breathed. I’ve been thinking so much about finding work in New York that I hadn’t even considered I’d be offered a job here. What if this was truly where I was meant to be?

“You can sleep on it if you want?” Will suggested. “No rush.”

I didn’t need time to think; this was a no brainer. “I’m extremely flattered and honoured to be offered such a position here, and I really think it would take me places in this industry, but I’m already set on New York. I’ve done interview rounds and I’m feeling really good about a few places. I think I’ve found my calling in a different city.” I shrugged, “My heart’s set.”

Will sighed, smiling. “I figured you would say something like that. Which is why the next bit of news would probably be even better for you.” I braced myself, wiggling around in the leather chair until I found my fit. “I got a couple of calls about you from my friends in New York. They’re going to offer you a job.”

I lifted my brows in disbelief. “Two companies?”

Will nodded. “Two. They’ll be sending an email sometime this week; I hope you’ll know which one to choose.”

I was desperate for one, now I have two! “What are they?”

“Lips are sealed.”

I slouched. “Aww, come on.”

Will shook his head. “I’ll tell you one thing though, two great companies. It’ll be a hard choice. But I should leave it up to them to break the news to you.”

I stood and shook Will’s hand. “Thank you for everything. You’ve been unbelievably great to me.”

“You’ve been wonderful too.”

I wanted to give Will a full-fledged hug but I’ve been maintaining a professional attitude for so long that I didn’t want to break the flow. Even though we got off on an interesting start, meeting up at a club and, well, the rest is history, I felt that I wanted and needed to prove myself. And I did. This was one of the few moments I was actually proud of myself, and I thought of the one person I really wanted to celebrate this with.

“Merry Christmas and happy new year, Will.”


We had a Christmas party later that night. My first at a job besides bartending. James took up a spot in the room, a podium set up, and gave everyone a congratulatory speech.

“It has been one hell of a year,” he said, “we’ve made great friends, built great workers, closed some great deals, and I wish you all the very best, for next year,” he lifted his champagne, and everyone followed suit. “Merry Christmas and have a happy new year everyone!”

Everyone slung the phrase around at different times in response, it sounded like thousands of musically impotent people trying to harmonise. When all was said and done, and we returned to partying with the music turned up, I visited Cata and Wata. I secretly called them that because I knew they’d stare at me so strangely.

“Anna!” Catalina threw her arms around me. When she pulled back I saw tears forming, not yet spilling. “I’m so going to miss you.”

“Yeah,” Noboru said, going in for a hug as well, “me too.”

Ugh, they both smelled so good. They suited each other too. “We’re still going to stay in touch. I’m not dying.” I laughed nervously.

They looked bewildered in their silent moment. I cleared my throat to hinder my nervous laugh.

“Either way,” Catalina said, “a Facebook status post? You never use Facebook. I wish I knew sooner.”

I shrugged. It was true. I had Facebook on my cell, and my computer, and access anywhere I wanted; but I was not into Facebook as much as some other people I know. I just never understood the purpose besides having people there for ‘just in case’ reasons. It was too socially inept for me. I know of a girl that has a thousand friends! What did she do, hit the anti-social lottery? However, it was the only way I could tell everyone I knew (and everyone I knew-ish) that I was moving to New York.

The night was beginning to dip, and I still wanted to visit Mark and have our own little celebration, so I left the party early. As I rode the elevator, I began to think of all the friends I made along the way in California; about the memories, about my mentors and bosses. I didn’t want to leave a single soul out, and luckily the party was on one of the top floors. So I thought long and hard; was there anyone else I forgot?

When I hit bottom, I finally felt content that I didn’t leave anyone out to say goodbye to. But when the doors opened, revealing the one person I thought I’d never see again, my voice caught in my throat and I froze.

“You think you’re going to leave without saying goodbye to me?” he asked.

He slipped in just before the doors closed, picking a level up high, and pressed the emergency stop button mid-way. It clearly doesn’t matter if I’m a good girl or a bad girl, in the end Santa still has it in for me.


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