You Bet. I Bet. We All Bet!

His name was Vincent DiMarco and he was as handsome as could be. Chiselled jawline, brown peppered stubble and piercing hazel blue-green eyes, deep-set into his features. It brought out his thick eyebrows; and combined with that sexy mischievous grin of his, Vincent was a hunk of white choc dream.

“I must admit,” he started, smiling crookedly, almost sheepishly, “I was a little hesitant to come up to you.”

“Oh, really?” I asked, fiddling with the hem of my dress.

Vincent nodded. “I thought that other guy was your boyfriend.”

“Clear as day now, isn’t it?”

He took a swig of his beer. “Clear as day, definitely. You don’t look like you’re from around here. Where are you originally?”

I laughed. “Is it that obvious?” I looked down on myself.

“No, it’s not how you look, it’s how you act. You don’t seem tainted yet,” he winked.

That couldn’t have sounded more ominous. I bit down on my lip to concentrate on the pressure and keep myself from blushing. “I guess I’m just that innocent,” I joked. Then I shrugged. “I’m from L.A actually. Just moved here a few days ago, I think.” I cocked my head to the side. Like I said, a blur.

“What for?”

“Job offers.” And I was going to live with someone; start a new life; be one of those people that are sickeningly happy. Oh, but it’s shot to shit now, don’t you worry about that. Yeah, maybe I should leave that part out.

Vincent lifted an eyebrow. “Whoa, plural! You must be really good at what you do. In demand and all hotshot.”

“It’s just a couple really. And they’re both editorial jobs.”

Vincent rolled his eyes, and nudged my knee. “Don’t even down-play anything like that. I’m warning you.” He winked once more.

I sat up straight and saluted rigidly. “Yes, sir.”

His cheeks managed to keep their defined hollowness as he laughed. Impressive. “How are you liking New York so far?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Haven’t really been out and about to know if I like it or not. But so far, I think I’m just beginning to fall in love with it.”

“Stick with me, I’ll have you head over heels.”

I giggled at his response. His forwardness so confident and unique. And the innuendo, priceless, “I think my friend might be wanting his seat back, when he comes back.”

Vincent, with a stern expression, serious and tight, nodded and stood. “Yeah, you’re right,” then he cracked a smile, breaking the serious façade. He fished into his pocket and pulled out a blank card. I was expecting it to be typewritten with business details or something, but nada. No Bueno. Instead, he leaned over the counter top, grabbed a pen and started scribbling.

He handed over the final touch. “Call me.”

I lifted an eyebrow, grinning. “What makes you think I want your number?”

Vincent’s eyes brightened, eager at the counter. “Well let’s make a deal, first one who calls has to pay up. You write your number down, and if I lose, by calling you first, and I guarantee that won’t happen because I’m stubborn like that, then I owe you some winning money.”

I shook my head. “This is so weird. But, agreed.”

We shook on it after I wrote my number on another card he pulled out.

“Nice meeting you, Anna,” he said.

I nodded. “Nice meeting you, too.”

Later on in the night, as Adam and I were walking back to his place. He demanded that I spill on what happened. I tried steering attention away from the fact that I had to pay up, but he clearly didn’t want that to let that go. Pride and entitlement will do that to a person.

I slapped a fifty in his open hand. The paper crushing between our palms and fingers, mimicking the crackling sound of a heart, my heart that lost.

“You’re not actually going out with this guy, are you?” Adam asked.

I shrugged. “Why not?”

Adam shook his head a couple of times and sighed. His lips were sealed from any further conversation about Vincent.

After another minute of walking, I received a picture message from an unknown number. I tapped the screen and opened up a hella-sexy picture of Vincent. The caption reading: oh, and I’m also a male model.

I smiled and texted him back, feeling giddy inside. My stomach raining butterflies. ‘You owe me fifty bucks!’


“Are you used to New York weather?” Vincent asked as we seated.

I was shivering. “You know, it’s okay,” I said, trying to act cool (but I was freezing!). “Winter hits California as well,” I said, smiling at my lame joke. Vincent laughed.

New York had a crispness to it. The air hit me like the sharp edge of a jagged knife. Slowly hacking away at the orb of warmth inside my body. I felt like I could be sipping a cosmo on the beach in winter in California and I wouldn’t be bothered. Then I realised the ridiculousness of what I was thinking and made myself believe what it really was. I was homesick.

Vincent was quick to call. Our date was set up the day after, his eagerness making me blush. But it was the best time for the both of us. We were both free and both looking to settle in; of course, more I than him.

“So how long have you been a model?” I asked.

That got Vincent talking. And man, oh man, did he talk about himself quite a lot. I don’t mean to be rude, especially considering I was the one that initiated the conversation about his modelling career, but I wasn’t expecting us to be on the topic for the rest of the night and into early morning. Some of us have to stop for food and water, you know.

His beauty began to wither in the process. The attraction of him rotting in my eyes like the discarded core of an apple. Inch by inch, gradually, he melted away, becoming an afterthought in the end. A man I had to stay for, instead of wanting to stay for, for fear of offending him.

Luckily, the restaurant actually had a nice bathroom. So I decided to excuse myself and reboot. I texted Adam, giving him the low down and he said he was on his way. He’s always wanted to try that scene in Boys and Girls where Freddie Prince, Jr. ran frantically in on Claire Forlani’s date night to make up an emergency story. One that would get her out of the date from hell. Mine wasn’t exactly a date from hell, but it was up there. Plus, doing Adam a service was pretty fun; I was looking forward to seeing Adam’s acting skills.

When minutes past, not too short and not too long, I mentally prepared myself for another dose of self-absorption. But when I stepped out, I couldn’t find Vincent. I decided to go to our table anyway and wait; see what happens. He could have gone to the bathroom as well. Moments past, too long to be considered a bathroom situation, and I grew increasingly embarrassed. He ditched. Turns out I wasn’t the only person sick of the date.

I began giggling to myself, looking around to see if anyone saw (everyone noticed!), and just remained stilled by humiliation. In a way, I had it coming to me; I was basically going to do the same to him after all.

Then a blonde man from the corner of my eye sat in front of me. it was Adam. “I take it he’s in the bathroom?”

I shook my head and smiled sheepishly.

“Shit,” he said. “Tough break.”

“Yeah, sorry you didn’t get to do your thing either.”

He waved his hand down and cinched his nose for a second. “Nah, it’s okay. Plenty of possibilities and potential catastrophic dates in the future.” I laughed with him. I could only make light of this situation, and that was exactly what I was going to do. “Want to leave or order anything else? Some drinks?”

I shook my head. “Let’s get out of here.”

We stood to leave, my head down, staring at the floor as I wore my coat. The crowd was bustling with New Yorkers. It was all so exciting, and strangely, I felt like a little kid in a candy store. On a new planet. I was the fat German kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

My smile froze when I spotted him in the crowd. Eyes wide with shock. I felt as if I was experiencing the whole reaction from outside my body. As if I had no influence over the blood rushing; the room fading out; Adam’s voice becoming faint. When he looked at me was when my heart thumped grandiosely, throwing me back into focus and sensation; the red button pressed.

Daniel saw me and returned my stare. We were both mesmerised, neither of us knowing what to do. His friends then parted, and it was like they moved out of the way for us. Daniel started walking towards me, slowly. My leg twitched, and then I moved.

I was held back quickly by a hand latching onto my arm. I swiftly turned my head to the hand, my eyes trailing up to Adam’s stern expression. His eyebrows pulled to the middle; his jaw tightening and twitching and ticking in certain places; his eyes wide, but not in shock, in warning. Almost a threat of what’s about to come if I ever interacted with Daniel.

“You’re joking, right?” he asked. A slight smile prying his lips, obstructing the seriousness of his expression. Making it confusing for me, but at the same time lightening the threat.

“What are you doing?”

Adam scoffed. “What are you doing? You’re not seriously thinking of going to him are you?”

I took in one last look at Adam and then considered Daniel. Both were at opposite ends of the room. I the sun, and they the planets huddling around me. I considered Daniel. I thought about Daniel. And I wondered about Daniel. I wondered about him; about me; about us. I just…wondered.

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3 thoughts on “You Bet. I Bet. We All Bet!

  1. Something about Adam just rubs me the wrong way. I’ve never really liked him all that much. He’s too clingy and territorial… I’m definitely looking forward to what’s going to happen next!!

    1. That’s true, he is territorial and clingy. I just noticed that. I think it’s because he really loves Anna and every time he gets to be with her, he wants her to stay. At the same time, he acts cool about it. I actually feel sorry for him! I think maybe she shouldn’t be staying with him if she knows all this.

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