Honeydew Lady

Adam was constantly at work, which left me his place all to myself. And I can tell you right now, it is a sad, sad feeling. As beautiful as the snow appeared, white and pure; the streets bustling with New Yorkers, I was huddled at home like a hermit. I don’t remember being this kind of girl. I know it hasn’t been that long but I remember being a lot more fun. Having a lot more fun. Sure, I had my hardships and heartbreaks, but California shone a light on new possibilities, exciting opportunities, and happiness. I had friends and family; UCLA and the agency. The bar with Martin first, then Randy. Great bosses. I had experienced nothing but great bosses and I was stricken with apprehensiveness at the thought of what my boss will be like. I had yet to meet the editor I was going to be assistant to, but I knew I had to make one hell of an impression. I just had to figure out what kind of impression. I just had to figure out what kind of happiness I can make out for myself in New York. But where do I start?

I was stressing out like crazy and I had absolutely no one to share my fears with. Adam not included; I couldn’t place all this weight on him while he was working so hard. And Daniel was absolutely out of question! I don’t even want to think about him. Flashes of us intruded on my mind here and there; our bodies convulsing, from laughter and climax; our hopes and dreams spoken with trust. Our plans for the future. Our future. Us. Marriage. Love, sex, Dan—no!

I shook my head of thoughts of him and checked my cell. It was early into the night, but Adam still hadn’t come home. I was expecting him to come home and alleviate the silence and somewhat (and I don’t want to admit this) loneliness I had succumbed to every time he left me alone. Suddenly I felt the shame of dependency. I mean, did it have to be shameful? Is it such a bad thing for a girl like me to admit truthfully that she was dependent on someone? At particular times in particular contexts, no; in my situation? Yeah, probably.

So I got dressed and headed out into the night. I caught a cab and rode all the way to PEGU CLUB. Supposedly one of the hottest nightlife destinations in Soho. In there was romantic lighting, dim and warm; and it was so classy I felt so out of my environment. Upon leaving the apartment I thought I was over dressed in my black dress, with my hair up in a ponytail while I wore red lipstick, but it was actually the sort of place anyone would look like this. The bar stretched far onto the left side while the right housed two and four seater lounges. Further down into the den were two seaters along the left side of the wall. In the back room was VIP bookings and whatnot. The no-go zone for people like me who didn’t even know drinks averaged $14. I knew it’d be expensive but shit, I didn’t know it’d be this expensive.

“What can I get you, love?” the Irish bartender asked me when I sat at the bar.

He was making a drink when he asked me, but he only looked at me once. I was so thankful considering I felt drool coming out of my mouth. This guy was hot as hell. Black hair pulled back, with a curved strand the length up to his eye, hanging in the front. He had a couple of beauty spots scattered along his smooth face; high cheekbones and thick eyebrows, but not bushy and wide. The sexy thick kind. The kind Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows would marry. Slightly full lips not entirely hidden under a thin Van Dyke beard and large brown eyes.

After he finished his drink and I hadn’t answered he came to me and stuck his arm underneath the counter. “You been here before, love?”

I closed my mouth (how long and wide was it open?) and shook my head. “Just moved to the city.”

Irish man grinned. “Well, well, well, a newbie. Count your lucky charms ‘cause you’re going to need them.”

“New York can’t be that bad.”

“New York isn’t,” he said. “That’s if you’re in the park for most of the time. And even there you got to take at least one lucky charm.”

“Thanks for the housewarming party,” I muttered.

“What will it be, love?” he asked again.

I shrugged. “Whatever.”

Irish man laughed. “Whatever is I give you the most expensive one and collect a very large tip.”

I narrowed my eyes and then skimmed the menu. “The honeydew daiquiri, please.”

He laughed once more, probably remembering my agitation, and then nodded. “Coming right up, love.”

He disappeared off to the side of the bar to make my drink. I couldn’t help but stare, regardless of whether or not he was a smartass, he was still pretty easy on the eyes.

“Well that was painful,” a man came next to me. He leaned on the counter with his back.

I furrowed my brows. “What was?”

“Your little stammer with Johnny. I can barely bring myself to call it a conversation, honey, I’m sorry,” he put a hand to his chest and then took a sip of his drink.

I looked ahead, defeated. “I was a mess. So embarrassing.”

He nudged me. “I don’t blame you. He is fine.” He held the last word high. “My name is Paul Monroe,” he held out his hand, “you can guess what my stage name is,” he smiled. His look was a purple suit jacket and grey V-neck top over plain black jeans and Tom Ford shoes, with purple socks, the same kind of purple as his suit jacket. His hair was shaved on both sides and up and fluffy blonde in the middle, creating a smooth mountain. On closer inspection, I saw silver eye shadow.

I giggled and took his hand. “Anna; Anna Parker.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Then he stared past me and lifted his chin. “Incoming.”

Paul took another sip while I saw Johnny sauntering forwards with my daiquiri. “One honeydew,” he winked, “for the beautiful lady.”

I smiled and blushed. “Thanks.”

He took one last look at me and then returned to work.

“Man he is so fine,” Paul resumed, making me laugh. “Come,” he held out his hand, “you must join me with the others.”

“The others?” he took my hand and pulled me off the bar stool.

“We’re having a little celebration and we booked a VIP room. Just a small group of ten,” we began walking as Paul’s arm was hooked around mine. “And for a girl that looks as hot as you, you just can’t be alone.”

“Well I’m flattered,” I said, smiling.

Paul smiled and then turned his eyes beyond me again. “So we’ll see you after work, Johnny?”

Johnny pointed at Paul and winked. “You bet, mate.” Then he looked at me and smiled. “See you later, honeydew.”

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3 thoughts on “Honeydew Lady

  1. im so confused! Are we supposed to not know what happened with Daniel yet?
    And when did she get a job? I thought she was considering 2 options, and now she says that she’s starting a new job. What am I missing? Did I skip a post?

  2. I actually didn’t like Johnny. I know I was supposed to, cus he’s so cute, but something about that way he spoke with her turned me off. I hope that she has a good night and that those ‘ten’ new friends are nice to her!

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