Be Featured In Coming Posts!

Hi everyone! Want to be featured in future posts?

My latest reader to be featured into a post is Jla, see how it turned here and here and here; and there’ll be more to come! I always have so much fun doing this, and love reader interactions and excitement so much that I want to do it again! Either comment in the comments section here or go to the ‘contact’ page and email me your gender, age, and a brief description of what you look like, or want to look like in the post, your name, or a name you’d want to be referred to in the post, whether you prefer to be a goody, a baddy, or if you have no preference, and if you want to be featured in this blog or the other! And I know each and everyone one of you are gorgeous, but there will be no need to submit photos/pictures as exhibit A’s!

I hope you are as excited to be featured in my posts as much as I’m looking forward to featuring you! Keep on keeping and see you soon!

Lots of love,

Soul xo


8 thoughts on “Be Featured In Coming Posts!

  1. Ohhh!! Me me me! 🙂 this is so awesome!

    Name: Noelle
    Gender: Female
    Age: Just turned 24
    Goody/Baddy: No preference
    Description: Very long thick blonde hair (literally, almost to my butt haha – this is my trademark) and very light blue-green eyes. Athletic build (not too skinny, have curves in all the right places)

      1. Soooo excited! This one (California Soul!) – since I am more invested, cause you’ve been writing it longer! haha 🙂 Thank you! I can’t wait to read it!

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