Wish Me Luck!

Hi everyone!

In total I have written\submitted 4 stories as part of Cosmopolitan’s #50DaysofFiftyShades campaign. I’ve been wanting to be featured in Cosmo for so long (wish me luck!) so you can say I got a little excited lol! It would mean the world to me if you all read them all!

These are the absolute last ones I write so I hope you all love(d) and enjoy(ed) reading all stories! Please comment, rate and share these stories as much as you can and I hope you enjoy:

Black Silk

Under Your Skin

Side Effects Of The Grin-Of-Pleasure (new!)

A Quick Drop And A Sudden Stop (new!)

Lots of love,

Soul xo

P.S. Just a reminder, posts will start again beginning with Samson&Delilah and then CaliforiaSoulBlog. For those of you who want to be featured in my posts please go here! Once again, I hope you enjoy all the stories I have submitted for Cosmo!


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