Adam Found The Letter

Typically a vacation spot for hard-working New Yorkers, socialites, hotel heiresses and the Kardashians, it was strange for me to be going to a funeral in the Hamptons. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about seeing Daniel again, or meeting his father, inevitably making an appearance, but I knew I had to go regardless. I loved Jade, and I didn’t know she loved me as much Daniel said she did. It made me feel guilty that I didn’t spend enough time with her as I should have. She was a great woman; a much loved mother, a part of the reason why Daniel was an amazing guy. Richard certainly never made any more than a negative impact.

After getting a new Blackberry, and ultimately a new plan with my new life, I Facebooked Janet to ask Stanley for Daniel’s number. Stanley willingly gave the number to me, without hesitation. And by hesitation I mean without even asking Daniel for permission. Was that weird? Had that been a sign that Daniel was hoping for me to contact Stanley and ask for his number?

The event was to take place over the weekend. A sad day for Valentine’s Day goers; I assumed Daniel was too distraught to realise, or that he didn’t care. In any case, it was happening, and I was going. I had packed my bag the night before so that after work I could just duck out, but telling Adam was the hardest part. At times I didn’t even want to think about the fact that I had to tell him, or what to tell him. Eventually, that came biting me on my ass. During lunch, after work on the subway, on the short walk home, I still had no idea what to tell him. I racked my brain ferociously, convincing myself to just tell him anything, that I was going back to California, even. I thought that if I had mentioned anything to do with Daniel, I’d never hear the end of it. But he had to understand; it was for Jade, a loss in a family, a funeral and wake. He had to understand. With a new type of ease, I unlocked the door to the apartment. My hands dried after the clammy nervousness it was previously in.

When I entered I found Adam immediately. He was sitting on the couch, but shot up in a second, his knees jutting in and out in search of a more comfortable stance. Adam stared straight at me, a little crinkle forming between his brows, his eyes cold and his jaw strained. Without speaking, I stood before him and waited, not knowing what to do. It felt like I was coming home from the police station!

Adam bent down and picked up the letter, momentarily mercifully unlocking eye contact. “What the hell is this?”

The letter folded inwards limply. Unable to keep its shape from the amount of times it had been opened, folded, and crumpled.

I shrugged. “A letter.” Nice one, Anna. A genius, I was.

“A letter from Daniel,” Adam said, his voice clear and as cold as his gaze. The deep tones rippling through my body like the beat of a song in a nightclub.

“Adam, it’s about his mother.”

Adam dropped the letter onto the coffee table and crossed his arms. “So?”

I paused, blinking. “So…it’s about his mother who—”

“You’re not going.”

I held up my hands, taken aback. “Say what now?”

Adam shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. “I mean, you can’t go. He’s just playing you.”

“Adam, what the hell? He’s hurting, his mother just passed away.”

“Who gives a shit!” he yelled.

My heart started beating faster, about to escape the cage it was bounded by. My throat felt like it was on fire; a blockage was there, yes, but as if steam was rushing through, it was burning. My neck and chest turned red. “Tell me this isn’t you,” I whimpered. “You can’t be this cold.”

“What is it about this guy that keeps you running back to him, huh? What makes him so goddamn special!?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? It’s not just for him, it’s for his mother. I loved her, too.”

“Oh don’t give me that—”

“Fuck you, Adam,” I pointed. “This coming from the self-proclaimed playboy that just went off to fuck someone straight after confessing ‘feelings’ for me.”

“That was a mistake, okay, I admit it. Just don’t go.”

“You know what Adam,” I moved, gathering my belongings, “even if you think I’m making a mistake, let me make it. Let me be the judge of it; it’s my life I’m living, not yours.”

“Listen, wait, listen,” he jumped around the coffee table as I was heading for the door. I figured I could change out of my work clothes when I got there. There was no way I was going to waste any more time here. He grabbed my arm and turned me around; from the sheer force I dropped my bag on the floor. “I’m sorry, okay. Let’s just spend Valentine’s Day together. Who has a funeral on Valentine’s Day anyway?” he chuckled nervously.

“Adam,” I began to warn, “It’s starting to get really hard for me to like you let alone love you, right now, okay? So why don’t you just let me go, and spare yourself the embarrassment.”

“Fine you can go,” he said.

I narrowed my eyes. “Well thanks for the permission, I’m glad we cleared that up.”

“Just don’t kiss him, okay? Don’t even touch him.”

I pushed him back and he stumbled. “Get the fuck off of me.”

We both went for my bags. Adam got there before me, and when he rose he hit his head on my mouth. My teeth dug down on my tongue, and my mouth rattled against his head. I hit the wall hard, starting to feel a sting on both my tongue and my lips.

He dropped my bags. “Jesus, I’m so sorry. Fuck. You’re bleeding. Christ. I’m so fucking sorry, Anna. Wait, wait, I’ll get some ice. I’ll take you to the emergency room.”

He disappeared into the kitchen, and when I saw no sight of him, I made a jump for my bags and ran out. When I made it to the elevator, there was a woman inside. Adam called out for me, running towards me. “I’m sorry!” he said. But halfway, he changed his mind and slowed his run to a stop. I saw him staring at me, with a pained expression, through watery eyes. My vision of him blurred by more than tears.

The woman and I rode the elevator quietly, until she popped her gum. I turned to her, her eyes scanning my small wounds. “It ain’t none of my business, but I say leave the bastard.”

***Hi everyone! Guess what? I got my story up on!!! Thank you to all who have been supporting me (for both blogs and my Wattpad stories), and if you did like the stories or not, been curious enough to read all four. The story that was chosen was Black Silk and here it is on (got my first comment from Alessandra Torre; check out her books, they’re amazing)! If you’d like to check out the other three stories, feel free to do so, they’re still up on Wattpad! I may even use Wattpad for other stories! As always, follow me on twitter! Hope you all have\had a wonderful, sexy, Valentine’s Day; to those with or without partners in their lives, I love you, and if I could send each and every one of you a box of chocolates and Kate Spade, I would! Soul xo***


15 thoughts on “Adam Found The Letter

  1. So.. just my opinion.. but I think she’s being too hard on Adam. He loves her.. has always loved her and yet she keeps running back to Daniel. Even after she’s admitted (to herself and us) that she wants to be with Adam. Has she taken the time to really think about what she’s doing.. or putting.. Adam through? She seems to only really want him when someone else does…? Gets mad at him for going off to sleep with someone else.. yet she ditched him for Daniel that 1 night she ran into him AND went on that date with that other guy. Why is it OK for her to do those things, but not him? Now.. I do think Adam didn’t handle this situation well at all. He shouldn’t tell her what she can or cannot do.. who she can see or not see. But I can completely understand his side… he’s hurting. It’s like.. he keeps getting kicked in the teeth over Daniel, yet they her and Daniel aren’t even together anymore. She needs to be careful, otherwise she’s going to lose Adam because he won’t continue to keep being her 2nd choice forever. And when that day comes, I hope she has a plan cus she’ll lose her place to stay too.

      1. Hi Jen Hoskinds and reisingerb!

        I thought Anna’s and Adam’s actions will be polarising, but it seems the two of you are already in agreement! Thank you for that huge insightful comment Jen, always a pleasure to see when a reader is passionate. Do you think Adam is acting out because of his love for Anna, or his hatred of Daniel, reisingerb?

        Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you both soon!

        Soul xo

        1. By the way, I think Adam is acting like this because he loves Anna and doesn’t want to see Daniel hurt her again. But trying to control her when she isn’t completely ready to give up on Daniel isnt the way to go about it. I think her and Adam need to have a serious talk about where both their feelings are at, then they can decide if they can be together or should each go on their own path.

          1. Hi Sarah!

            Adam’s been hurt before; and so has Anna. They’re afraid of getting hurt again. Although, it seems people are over Daniel and more into Adam! Are you one of those people?

            Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you soon!

            Soul xo

            1. I’m not over Daniel. I think he and Anna were out of sync, but she was just as guilty of not committing all the way as he was, hanging out with Derek, with Adam, and others, even. She has been unable to commit to any man in this arc of this blog. What’s more, she has applied a serious double standard in how she behaves and how she expects her partner to behave in a relationship. I put that down to immaturity on her part, being only 22. I know Daniel messed up, but so did Anna, and she never really let him all the way in. As for Adam, he told her he loved her in Cali and I feel like she jerked him around as well. Then again, if someone told me they had feelings for me and then immediately went and slept with someone else, I would SERIOUSLY question that expression of feelings. Maybe she and Daniel can finally work through their differences and end up on the same page.

  2. New reader here… read the whole blog in 3 days… hated to have to go to work and stop reading. I’ve laughed and cried and I can feel the connection and love she has for Daniel. I like Adam too, just more in the forever friend department. Thanks for the great story.

    1. Hi Erin!

      WELCOME! It never ceases to thrill me when I see a new reader! Thank you for your eagerness and support; it’s always such a huge compliment to me that a reader is able to feel all these emotions, and have all these opinions, from the story!

      Hope to see more of you soon!

      Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  3. Team Daniel! Even though he was a giant douche to her last time (many times, really), I feel like they have a Carrie/Big SATC thing going on. The bracelet, Jade, their connection…I get that they were in different places when they took a break and Anna has to do “her” for a minute, but I’m hoping that they get back together in the future. Adam just doesn’t feel right. It’s my belief that if she had a real connection with him then she would’ve felt it long ago when they were working together in LA. Now I think it’s more about convenience, having a familiar person in a lonely new world, and wanting what you can’t or shouldn’t have.

    Congrats on getting the Cosmo top 5! Awesome job and loved the story.

    P.S. I want a shout out in your blog, girlfriend! 🙂

    1. Hi Holly!

      Interesting insight! Adam is desperate for her to love him back; and it shows in probably all the wrong ways.

      Thank you so much! I was so happy to be featured on Cosmo; I’m still giddy about it!

      Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  4. Nope! Us Daniel fans are still here! A lot of us were rooting for him but I feel like many of us went quiet after you had them split and all of that weird stuff happen between him and Anna afterwards. Which is totally fine, it’s your blog! You can take it in any direction you want. But I will say that as a reader who’s read from the beginning and fell in love with Anna and Daniel together, it was hard to read about the harsh turn their relationship took. I really loved Daniel and I found his story to be really interesting. It was developed so well and he was always part of the story from the very beginning, which is why I feel like such an integral piece of the blog has been missing now that we don’t hear much about him anymore. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

    I like Adam, but I always felt like Anna and Daniel had this really great chemistry and pull between them, like they’re addicted to each other. I loved reading about their relationship, but haven’t commented since they ended. I agree with Holly though, I would love to see them get back together in the future. It doesn’t seem like that is the direction you really want to take it, but hey, I might be wrong! Anyways, just wanted to say that not all of us are over Daniel! We’re still reading and we’re still hoping 🙂

    1. Hi Amy A!

      I feel so bad now for taking Anna and Daniel away from my readers! But like you and Holly say, there’s a deep connection they have that keeps bringing them together, and it does seem like they are addicted to each other, so you never know what could happen! There’s always the question, though, of whether or not their addiction to each other is healthy or not. What do you think?

      Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you soon!

      Soul xo

  5. At this point, I’m angry at all three of them in this descending order Anna, Adam and Daniel.

    First, Daniel was a jerk last time Anna and he saw each other, BUT Anna trumps this because she broke up with him although he was ready to get married. Therefore, seems like the issue is Anna not knowing what she wants, and clearly he’d be upset about the whole thing.

    Then Adam. Well, I didn’t like the violence in his actions here (although he didn’t mean to physically hurt her), but then again, he’s totally in love with her, she stays at his place (which has got to be really hard for him) and then she continuously dates other people/gets back with Daniel, who he can’t even stand because she left him for Daniel already.

    Last, the random lady in the elevator. I can’t help disliking her too. What does she know? Looking at Anna bleeding out of her tongue and him running after her in the hall, she must thing that Adam is some domestic abuser or something, but that’s not the case! She’s giving unsolicited advice and that’s never welcome.

    Phew, said it all.

    Now, congratulations on making it on Cosmo!

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