No BONUS post!

….because there’s actually going to be two! (Sorry I just had to lol). The basic gist is, I’ve written the BONUS and it turned out to be over 4000 words!! There’s a lot going on in it and I wanted the comments and opinions, if any, to be focused, so I’ve decided the best thing to do is split the post, and make some tweaks accordingly. Especially when people are reading this at work, or on their phone, and it’s such a long post; it could possibly be too long to be enjoyable (if that’s possible) so I decided to cut it. Unless it’s unanimous that everyone is fine with just the massive BONUS post, let me know in the comments! If not, then I hope that’s fine with everyone!

I will also be having a character list as Amy, a commenter from the previous post, requested. Do you want everyone EVER; main characters; or just people in New York? Comment below everyone! Also, does anyone want to pitch in and write their own brief description of a character, email it to me, and then I can put it up on the blog? And then I could write any other character’s that were missed. Or do you want me to just write it all up? Comment below and let me know!

As always, keep on keeping and see you soon!

Soul xo ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “No BONUS post!

  1. I vote for splitting it up….something to look forward to.

    Character descriptions: Derek – douchebag. LOL!

    I think all pertinent characters would be helpful, assuming they are going to be playing a part in the future or you decide to reference them. mum

    1. Hi mum!

      I JUST missed your comment, and only now just posted the BONUS. Thank you for your input on the character descriptions though; I will definitely include that one and reference you and this comment lol. Now, see, I just don’t know whether or not to include someone like Mark; not as meaningless as someone like George but not as important as someone like Daniel. So hard!

      Thanks for commenting, keep on keeping and see you soon mamma!

      Soul xo

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