Employees Only, GTFO Anna!

It’s a strange coincidence that I find myself stranded in a perplexing situation, in the most need of help, and now surrounded by my best girlfriends. We all hitched a cab ride on the way to EMPLOYEES ONLY on Hudson; a charming restaurant that turned out to have a four-people table available, only if we didn’t mind waiting at the bar for it for about fifteen to twenty minutes. That’s where we all got started on the drinks part of the evening. I ordered a provençal, a lavender based cocktail that I found to be herby yet refreshing; an EMPLOYEES ONLY classic as it stated on the menu.

The restaurant itself was lit by candles and amber lighting. The light bounced off the walls and tables creating a swimming golden ambience, reflecting the drinks that stood up on the shelves; looking less like a bar, and more like trinkets that you couldn’t help but want to touch and play with, as if you were a child looking at a Christmas tree and its decorations. The bar itself had a soft brown counter top that curved inwards in the middle, before bursting out as symmetrically as its opposite end. My eyes followed the swirly line all the way to the end until it took my attention to an extra dining room deeper into the restaurant and up a panel-lit three-step staircase. I stared beyond the standing people, wondering if that’s where we were going to be seated when I felt a pinch on my arm.

I snapped back and looked up at Jodie. “Umm…oww,” I said monotonously just so she knew the randomness of her actions.

“I hadn’t pegged you to be the lying type,” Jodie said. “Yet here we are.”

“What?” I shook my head, furrowing my brows.

Janet and Chloe stared at us like animals in a zoo; the Anna and Jodie exhibit on display.

“Calm down Jodie, we don’t know the full story,” said Chloe.

Janet shrugged, and after catching a glimpse of the rock on her finger, said, “The only thing we need to do right now is just find out the truth.”

“The truth is she’s a liar,” Jodie said, turning to hunch over the bar.

“What is up your butt?” I commented.

Jodie swivelled around. “What did you say about my butt?”

We delve into a complete silence; and I really didn’t want to be the first one to burst out laughing at what she just said, but it was too weird to not react to. My eyes skimmed Janet and Chloe, who were also flickering their eyes and biting their lip. Then Jodie, closing her mouth to conceal her laugh, created a large bubble and then burst out laughing. Not only spitting on me as I laughed with her, but causing Chloe and Janet to break their masks as well.

I took a sip of my provençal. “Okay, for the record, I didn’t lie. Wait, just wait,” I said when Jodie rolled her eyes. “It’s not like I intended this. I had a plan, okay.”

“What plan?” Janet asked.

I explained to them what I was going to do. Tell the both of them I didn’t love them in the hopes that they would finally move on.

“…and then Daniel just, I don’t know he brought me back to what I really wanted,” I said as we walked to our table and sat down. “And I was selfish and I wasn’t thinking and I really wanted him back.”

“But why are you doing this to yourself?” Jodie said, placing a hand over mine. “It’s the third time, what do you expect will change?”

“I just feel like,” I thought for a moment, “we’re in a better place right now than ever before. We’re at the top of ‘better place’ and it just feels right. I don’t want to move on, I want to try and work out with Daniel.”

“Yeah, but, the relationship might turn into all work and no play,” Chloe said, a little apprehensively, her brows slightly lifted and curved in subtle worrisome panic. “What happens then?”

I placed my hand on top of Jodie’s. “Then at least I know for sure. For damn sure. And then I won’t spend the rest of my life wondering if that elusive third time could have changed everything.”

“And what about Adam?” Jodie asked.

I sighed, not proud of this. “It won’t hurt if he doesn’t know. And he won’t considering there’s no chance he and Daniel would ever be in the same room together. I’d eventually move out, very soon, and he’d never know. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?”

The girls were silent, for which I regretted telling them my new ‘plan’. I knew it was bad, it’s unlike me, but I couldn’t stand hurting Adam again. What else am I to do?

“Well I’m happy for you,” Janet said, taking my hands in hers.

I smiled. “Thanks.”

“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy, too,” Chloe said, blowing an air kiss.

“Thank you, Chloe.”

The girls turned to Jodie, as did I when I saw them watching her; but she was avoiding out attention, taking a sip of her drink and shifting her gaze.

“So!” Janet beamed. “The wedding is in October, but I promise it’s not going to be near your birthday. Or Halloween. Actually, what about November?”

The conversation churned into the topic of Stanley and Janet getting married. Never, in a million years, have I thought these two would hook-up, let alone fall in love, let alone get married! And so soon, too! I never even knew Janet was the marrying type. I guess I never thought about it because I never thought about marriage. As I contemplated that, I wondered if there was such an appropriate timeframe to get married. When Daniel faux-proposed to me, I have to admit, even the idea of the whole institution was intriguing. Calling Daniel my husband, and I, his wife. In retrospect, though, I don’t know, first comes love, and then comes marriage? Then comes a baby in a baby carriage? Should I start thinking about these things?

Janet had this whole plan mapped out with her and Stanley that I felt like having no plan meant I had no direction in life. Did I need one to be with Daniel? I was still young though. Did we even need a talk about this now? I mean…now? Especially since we’re going for round three?

But the one thing I hated about the most was not my inability to find an opinion about marriage and kids, but my incapability to confide in the girlfriends I loved and cherished the most, when one of them was obviously disapproving of my getting back together with Daniel. That hurt the most; to the point where I, at EMPLOYEES ONLY, felt like the only outsider.

***Hi everyone! So far I’ve only posted three stories under the ‘His Name is Jake Saunders’ series, but as it turns out, it won’t let me copy the last two for you guys. It keeps telling me I have to sign up to read the rest, and I thought you wouldn’t have to do that. It looks like if you do want to read the story, and find out what happens between Sophia and Jake, you’d have to sign up for WattPad. Sorry!! I didn’t know! If anyone does find some kind of loophole, please copy and paste the link in the comments section. Thanks to those already reading and enjoying the story! In other news, what are your thoughts on Anna’s way of dealing with the situation? Would you have told Adam the truth? Or would you have thought like Anna and said he’d never find out and what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him? And what do you think of Jodie’s reaction: justified or overreaction? Lots of Love, Soul xo***


12 thoughts on “Employees Only, GTFO Anna!

  1. Lying always comes back to bite you in the butt, even a lie by omission. Not telling Adam is going to backfire…. BAD and sorta shows she isn’t really committed to Daniel which makes me frustrated with her. It won’t work with either guy until she is brutally honest with BOTH!! Glad the girlfriends came back into the picture, maybe Jodie is thinking what I’m thinking… lol.

  2. I Agree with first commenter ^. The truth always comes out. I feel like if Anna really wants even the sliver of a chance to keep Adam as a friend, she needs to come clean. Although, will she and Adam being friends now even be feasible considering she is now back with Daniel, his arch-nemisis? I am not sure. I know they say you can hang out with whoever you want while in a relationship, and that your partner should never tell you who to be friends with… but. Anna made HER choice. Maybe she needs to cut all ties and let Adam go so he can finally get over her. And so she can focus on being with Daniel, since that is what she wants.

    Either way, Anna needs to pull up her big girl panties and get it over with. lol

  3. I totally agree w/the above commenter, she made her decision be an adult an own it. Adam deserves someone better a women who knows what she wants and makes him really happy. I get how Jodie feels about this. I would just sit back & wait to see how this all plays out.

  4. This storyline is great but I hate that you keep going back to Daniel. He cheated on her, he slept with her and admitted the next morning it was a drunken mistake — you’ve portrayed him as too crappy a person and I don’t think he should be with her. I know most of your readers love that the main character turned this womanizer-sex god into boyfriend material, but he’s not really that great…sorry ladies (and gents)!

    1. I disagree, at the end of the day she has always gravitated towards Daniel. They have both made mistakes along the way, but their love has always remained. I personally didn’t like the cheating storyline, because in reality he didn’t do it to cheat on her, in his head he thought it was her. Too much of a gray area. But Anna has been with other guys, and made her choice. I agree that she shouldn’t be lying to Adam, but she obviously has trouble with hurting people. IMO, I would’ve dropped Adam a long time ago. She never felt about him how she did with Daniel, even she knew that. I like her and Daniel together, and hopefully third time is the charm(:

  5. I think Anna should be straight with Adam. She refers to him as her best friend, and if he really is that, then she should just tell him where she is emotionally. He is a grownup and can think for himself. If he really cares, then he will accept her choices and be happy for her. If he can’t get past his own feelings, then maybe they are not such good friends. I think Jodie totally overreacted. Yes, Daniel has done some bad things, but so has Anna (anything that had to do with Derek, which drove a wedge between Anna and Daniel before he cheated. Just saying.) So Jodie and the gals should step up and provide Anna with some real support.

  6. I love Daniel. No relationship is all roses, and Im sorry but I’ll always be in his corner. I have stopped reading your blog since they last broke up (I just couldn’t get into it again). I saw the poll about if they should stay together or split, and I thought most people voted that they should split? So is that whats gonna happen!??! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. PLEASE KEEP THEM TOGETHER.

    1. Hi k!

      That poll directly reflects the subsequent post only, so I don’t know if they will stay together or not; but for now, Anna and Daniel are back together and making it work. There was confusion about most people voting for the split with another commenter on “Anna and Daniel’s Symoposium…” that you can check out there. People can still vote now even, but the subsequent post did reflect the voters decision in wanting Anna and Daniel back together.

      Soul xo

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