Words Cannot Even Describe…

“What hell?” Adam finally said.

I completely forgot Adam was a huge fan of Björk! But honestly: why? Why, here; why, now?

“A—Adam,” I stuttered.

He stared at me and then back at Daniel. His eyes burning with anger; the build-up gradual but apparent. Daniel looked back without a hint of anger; he seemed cool and calm. His breaths were normal, and his eyes soft; his mouth shut into a tight line bordering on a polite smile, just to smooth out the rigid mood.

“What the hell, Anna?” Adam said again, shaking his head.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Daniel said, about to drop his hand from my waist.

“No, no, no,” Adam said, holding up his hands, “please don’t let me interrupt you. Continue.”

“Adam—” I pleaded.

“No!” he raised his voice, the echo of which smacked each guest on the head and forced them to look our way. He held up his forefinger at me. “You are such a pathological liar, Anna.”

“What!?” I gasped.

“Oh, don’t,” Daniel said calmly, rolling his eyes just enough to indirectly say how silly a bad-tempered Adam was becoming.

“You fucking don’t,” Adam spat. Then he turned to me. “After all we’ve been through, after being there for each other, this is how you treat me?”

“Goddammit Adam,” I said, “not like you’ve been an angel.”

He paused, staring between Daniel and I, and then shook his head. “That was mistake. I said I was sorry.”

Oh, shit. If he was referring to him accidentally smacking me and making me bleed, which I was one hundred per cent sure he was, then we were in serious trouble. Daniel didn’t know, and I never wanted to add fuel to the fire by telling him what happened. It was an accident after all, and I forgave Adam, but Daniel will see differently. There was no coming back from this; I had to stop Adam from uttering those knock-down words.

“What was a mistake?” Daniel asked, angling his brows.

“Don’t act like you don’t know, bucko. Of course she told you. She keeps running back to the same guy every time telling him every-fucking-thing.”

I shook my head vehemently; my heart caught in my throat. “Adam, let’s go somewhere else and talk.”

“No, wait, I want to know what he thinks I know,” Daniel said, removing his hand from my waist and jutting his chest out like he was ready to attack.

I sighed, scanning the room of eager and dismissive eyes. So few people curious, others appalled to see a little girl-boy high school fight brewing. And at the Modern Museum of Art, showcasing a talent like Björk, I felt like the biggest cheapo. Tacky was just radiating out of this situation; in waves.

Adam stood firmly, his chiselled jaw and threatening eyes unwaveringly stern. Daniel put his hands on his hips in waiting. “What? You like hearing it, buddy?” Adam asked. “I hit her. So what?”

And in that same instant, Adam tore his eyes off Daniel to direct them at me. I nearly barfed at his expression; his mouth was practically twitching to keep from smiling in pride. That time was an accident, but now I could see, for the blind rage moment he was in, he was happy it happened.

“You…hit, Anna?” Daniel asked in a dark monotone.

Adam shrugged. “It was an accident. But I don’t feel the need to explain to you.”

In a single fell swoop, Daniel threw his closed fist up and socked Adam.


Later on that night, I went to see Adam. See if I could talk some sense into the whole situation. Ask him to forgive me. I didn’t want us to lose sight of what we are as best friends over a single night at MoMA.

After we got escorted off the premises by security guards, a humiliating walk mind you, we all went our separate ways. The cops didn’t show because we were just a ‘few ratchet kids’ misplaced into an ‘artful and classy event’, so Daniel went that way, and Adam the other. I wanted to run after Adam and tell him I was sorry, that I had done wrong to be so stupid so as not to tell him that Daniel and I were back together, but I knew I had to let him cool off. Especially after getting into a fist-fight with Daniel.

Daniel, on the other hand, was furious at me, for all the right reasons really. I had never fucked up two great relationships simultaneously before; this must be some kind of record. But why won’t anyone understand that I was just trying to protect them? That I was trying to keep from hurting them? I had good intentions; why doesn’t anyone see that part of the ordeal?

In the evening, I knocked on Adam’s apartment door to alert him I was there. No answer was returned. I listened out carefully for any movements shuffling about, but all I could hear was the thundering silence. I turned the key in the lock, and entered. The place was dark, only one light was on.

“Adam,” I whispered. If he was asleep, I didn’t want to wake him, and was fully prepared to stay up all night and catch him before work.

After no reply was heard, I tip-toed towards the lit tabled lamp next to the sofa, where it illuminated a newspaper and a notepad with names and websites that weren’t familiar to me. In the newspaper, circled in red felt tip, were all available apartments in Manhattan.

I sighed, realising the hint and knowing that Adam was in no position to be wanting even to see me right now. So I went home to Daniel; I found him pacing back and forth with his arms crossed over his chest. As soon as he saw me, he stopped and tightened the grasp on his arms; his brows cinched in the middle.

After a long gruff sigh, Daniel said, “Let’s get one thing straight: I love you. But—but words cannot even describe…”

***I’m posting a real sexy photo of Daniel on twitter soon. Be sure to follow and feel free to scroll other sexy photos! Also, around 15 more followers until we reach another milestone for me and this blog and you all get a BONUS post! Thank you again to those who are already subscribed to follow this blog (and also Samson&Delilah); love you and all! Soul xo P.S. Do you think Anna has lost Adam as a friend? Or is there some redeeming factor? What do you think Anna must do now? What do you think she will do?***


2 thoughts on “Words Cannot Even Describe…

  1. Jesus, this post gave me anxiety! For Adams own sanity, i think he needs to leave any relationship with Anna in the past and move on. Their relationship can’t be salvaged. She doesn’t seem capable of keeping a friendship like that and a relationship with Daniel going simultaneously.

  2. Just leave Adam already! What’s the allure of having a boyfriend AND a boy friend? It’s obviously causing issues and Anna is just too caught up in it to see that it’s one or the other.

    She needs to stop lying to “protect” them; her intentions may be good but honestly? There isn’t a bone in my body that wants to slap her silly!

    Make a decision, girl! Daniel or Adam – and stick to it. Go cold turkey if you need to. By hanging onto both you’re losing both.

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