…As If My Balloon Heart Had Been Impaled

***Hi all! Here’s a BONUS post! Still 6 more people to go before we hit that milestone guys!***

Daniel started pacing back and forth again, and a long string of running words almost sounded like he was talking to himself. “First of all: how could you not tell me he hit you? What kind of man does that to a woman? To anyone!? He says he loves you? HA! That’s a joke. Secondly, this guy is so butt hurt I can’t believe it; he’s just trying to find ways to ruin any relationship you’re in. It’s disgusting!”

I plonked on the bed, exhausted from complete and utter rejection. “He didn’t mean it,” I sighed.

“Mean what?” Daniel asked, moving his weight onto one foot and placing his hands on his hips.

“Hitting me,” I said. “It was an accident.”

“Yeah, okay,” he huffed a little chuckle; his tone deliberate, unconvinced. “God, I just so want to say the one thing a boyfriend shouldn’t be saying, but I can’t.”

I lifted myself to a seated position, my legs wide and strewn across the bed like a little girl in trouble. “What? What do you want to say?”

Daniel just shook his head. “I don’t want it to come to this.”

“Just say it. What do you want to tell me?” I asked curiously.

Daniel let out an aggressive breath of air; his chest expanding and then plummeting. “I really don’t want you to be around him anymore. I don’t want you to see him. Ever again.” He gave a couple pants.

His jaw ticked as I stared at him. My eyes slanted and my expression unchanged; as if someone had just told me I failed at a subject I expected to fail in. “Well you got what you wish for,” I replied monotonously. “Adam doesn’t even want to see me anymore. As of now I’m currently homeless.”

As much as Daniel had been the home I needed; Adam actually offered up his physical home for me when I first moved to New York. The only one to help me, care for me, love me, stand me, and all without even having to pitch in for rent; and how do I repay him? By being the worst roommate ever.

Daniel cocked his head and put his hands down to his sides. “No wonder you’re acting weird,” he said calmly. The tightly wound up breath out of his tone; speaking clearly. “I’m…sorry.”

No you’re not.

I took off my clothes and then hid under the covers. Daniel still immobile at the foot of the bed. “One other thing,” I said before I closed my eyes, “I know you might consider this a step back in our relationship, but I’m not ready to move in with you just yet.”

Silence. My heart thudded; eyes wide awake because of the alarm in my chest; the ringing in my ear; the deafening silence pulsating all and swallowing me whole. I couldn’t even hear Daniel breathing as I awaited his response.

And then, “…just yet?”

I smiled, hopeful; glad that he wasn’t seeing it as a complete set back. “Just yet.”

He shuffled alongside the bed until he reached me. My smile subtle beneath the covers, only my cheeks peaking, until I turned around and faced him.

“I’m sorry what I said before,” he said, stroking my temple at some raven hair of mine, “to be without your best friend whom you love is an awful thing to wish for.”

I simply shrugged. “He’s decided. I should move on.”

“Would it help if I spoke to him and apologised?” Daniel asked. I rolled my eyes and lifted a brow. He nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Stupid idea.”

I exhaled as if my balloon heart had been impaled. “We’re beyond repair, it seems.”

“So it seems.”


4 thoughts on “…As If My Balloon Heart Had Been Impaled

  1. Am I the only one sad about this? I really like Adam! I thought that they’d eventually wind up on the same page…doesn’t sound like it though. 😦

  2. I never liked Adam anyways. To say what he said, no matter if he meant it or not is wrong. No man should ever hurt a woman, Anna, he is not your friend!

  3. I am happy to see Adam go, honestly. lol Does that make me horrible? I really just never understood his and Anna’s relationship… it never read “BEST FRIENDS” to me anyhow.. Maybe I missed all the signs?? But, as a reader, I never felt a true connection to his character and Anna together, be it romantic or platonic. Syonara, Adam!!!

  4. I just don’t get the ‘best friends’ title that she had w Adam. Who sleeps with their best friend & remains platonic w them? He didn’t want her as a friend. Adam said he loved her -didn’t seem in a friendly way either. I think Anna should think of his feelings for a change. What if Anna was in his place? The guy had to want to be more than ‘friends’!
    I think Daniel handled the situation very well. He was A Lot nicer than I would’ve been. Anna has to realize that not all people will be happy with her decisions. Grow some big girl panties & carry on but don’t expect everyone to approve of them. You make decisions in life based on what YOU & your family need.
    I agree, Anna should not move in w Daniel just yet.

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