Suicide Sheep

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“You’re joking!”

I shook my head slowly, brows high up with the memory of Tanya still raw after my night out with Paul and Johnny, and ending with Daniel.

“I wish I was,” I said.

“She just showed up?”


“What did she say?”

“She said you were cheating on me with her,” I giggled. Daniel’s head shot up from unravelling his tie and stared at me. His hands frozen a slight part from his neck. “I—I didn’t believe her,” I said quickly.

Daniel’s chest deflated. I found it somewhat funny because I didn’t believe Tanya, and I anticipated Daniel would know I don’t believe her either, but I hadn’t anticipated his relief. It led me to note that I had underestimated how deep his guilt with Samantha was.

“She forced herself onto me you know,” Daniel said, “right after my conversation with Richard,” my heart slightly dropped and I hated Tanya more than ever. “She must have been lurking in the shadows, the crazy psychopath,” he mumbled.

“She just can’t let it go,” I shook my head in awe.

“What else did she say?” Daniel asked.

I shrugged, shimmying out of my dress and into my bare skin wrapped only in lace under-things. “You don’t have to know if you don’t want to. It’s alright.”

“No, no,” he pulled me into his arms, his skin cool and rippled with tone. “Go on.”

“Well—” he pressed on the remote control for the iPod dock and music started playing, sound-tracking my memory, and we started slow dancing; I, of course, blushed, “—she’s crazy. Tanya.”

“You’re telling me,” he said, spinning me around, “Richard is probably her mentor.”

We snickered. “So after she said you were cheating on me, I laughed and then told her off, in a way I was proud of I might add, like I didn’t go Brooklyn on the bitch—” we laughed again “—I even shut the door on her saying ‘let it go, Elsa’!”

Daniel chuckled, his chest tremoring. “Nice Frozen reference.”

I sighed. “And that’s that. Told her you and I are in love and to just move on along. And that we’re serious and…”

My voice trailed off when he began caressing my cheek. I shivered beneath his touch, and then suddenly was overcome by warmth.

“We’re very serious,” he murmured, smiling at my reaction.

I closed my eyes as he brought his lips down and pushed them up against mine. He ran his fingertips along the dip in my back as we kissed, his tongue soft and gentle. When we parted, he still kept his hand on the side of my face as I kissed his chest. As I did I noticed Goosebumps peaking; I sneaked in a glance to find his eyes closed and his face upwards to the ceiling, then he turned his head down and looked at me, smiling.

“Very—” first kiss “—very—” second kiss “—serious.”

He wrapped his hands around my thighs and helped me up onto him, clinging to him with my legs locked around him as he moved towards a wall. I ran my fingers hastily through his hair, gripping chunks and pulling him closer; he drove into me, making me tingle with warmth.

“Am I making you wet, baby?” he breathed.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“Good,” he said, “because you make me so fucking hard.”

“Daniel…”I moaned before he threw me onto the bed and toppled over me.

He vigorously undressed and I watched him without even realising I could have taken off my underwear in the meantime as well. I was mesmerised by his eagerness; his hair fluffing out from its stiff coif style; his muscles waving back and forth; and him hard and so very, very thick. I missed him on top of me so much; I missed all of him. How could I have gone this long without having sex with Daniel!?

He chuckled once he noticed I hadn’t taken anything off, and caught my hand to keep me from undressing myself. I arched my back to allow him to detach my bra, as I got closer and while his fingers worked, he worked a trail up my neck to press his lips onto mine. I barely noticed my bra was gone while we made out; I was just lost in his soft lips.

He started moving down to my thong when he deviated his kisses from my lips to my nipples, running his parted mouth with a warm softly pounding breath over and around my breast.

I shivered again and he laughed. “You alright, baby?”

I nodded, smiling. “Yeah, it’s a good shiver. The warm kind.”

He continued down and stopped at the edge of my thong, running his tongue along the rim and then biting the lace and pulling my thong down. I giggled at his hungry groan and as he glimpsed up at me, baring his teeth like an animal and his nose crinkling, it was so sexy I sighed with exhilaration and dropped my head back onto the pillow.

He crawled up and was about to give me head when I stopped him. He peered up confusedly. “Anna?”

“Wait, wait,” I exhaled, “I want you inside of me. Fill me up Daniel.”

“Jeez,” he muttered excitedly, obeying me at once.

“Fill me up, I want you—Ah!” I gasped at the same time he groaned.

He drove into me slowly at first, and the faster he drove into me the harder I dug my nails into his back. He picked up and when I flipped over and on top of him I kept up the momentum; confidently I loosely collected my hair up and together and moaned loudly, biting my bottom lip.

“Fuck,” Daniel said as he watched me. “Anna…you’re so fucking beautiful and sexy.”

He brought his finger to my lips and I sucked on his middle and forefinger, lightly dabbing with my tongue at first and then wrapping my lips and deepening the whole into my mouth. He then pushed one inside of me, making me tighter and we both moaned. As I drove into him, he flitted his finger inside and out until I was brought to a screaming climax.

I turned onto my knees and he positioned himself behind me. I held the top of the bedhead as he thrust, and with each thrust I heard a slapping sound and Daniel’s small grunts. He moved decidedly faster until he hunched over and bit my back just below my shoulder blade, feeling him tense and shudder against my body.

We both dropped to our sides and rested. “I love you,” I said, with my face turned the other way and my hand up to the side of my head on the pillow, my breasts still exposed but my lower half covered by the sheets.

I could hear his head turn and so I glanced at him. “I love you, too,” he breathed.

He wriggled closer to me and rested over my chest, as I held him closer to my heart. The closest anyone will ever come; the closest anyone has ever gotten.

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