What’s In A Name?

The man in the apartment across from mine stood before me completely naked. I stared at him wide-eyed, and more importantly I was at a loss for words and I couldn’t look away. He was grinning at me, even after he swung his door open and found me in front of him. I was picking up my last box of possessions—of pillows—and dropped the box onto my foot as soon as I saw the guy.

He had jet black hair, smooth and slicked back and slightly puffed; strong jaw, sharper than I’ve ever seen it on a man before; his canines were poking out, not too far down but it added to this Transylvanian vampiric look he had going on. Thick brows, shaped defiantly, and near black eyes; the darkest brown I’ve ever seen too.

“Hi,” he grinned, grabbing a newspaper roll from the side and covering himself, “I’m Daniel.” He held out his hand.

“Daniel?” I asked surprised. I took his hand and in the same moment I realised he was completely naked for the one-hundredth time, even though I was trying so hard to ignore that fact. I skimmed a cock-slip, too. Girls have nip-slips; guys have cock-slips. Or dick-slips, whichever term you prefer.

“Yeah…” he said, his tone quizzical. He was still grinning, like everything was so normal.

“Umm, do you realise you’re—”

“Danny?” a voice called from inside the apartment. “Have you seen my—Hi!” the girl beamed.

She was beautiful, long flowing brown hair with strips of highlights and lowlights, caramel, and all I could think of was pie or one of those desserts that had stringy caramel bits. Forgot what they’re called but that’s what came to mind. You know what I’m talking about. She has green eyes like mine only darker, and with shards of brown. Model physic, toned body, and wearing a blue dress shirt; secretly I was wishing he was wearing something.

“Hi,” I replied after some time.

“I’m Jenny, and you are?” she extended her own hand, stepping passed Danny and blocking him. Higher power, thanks for answering my prayers.

I smiled. “Anna. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, neighbour.”

“Does he, umm, live with you?” I nudged my chin forward.

Chuckling, they both shook their head, saying ‘no’ in unison.

Jenny turned back. “Can you find my lighter, please? I don’t know where it is.”

“Sure,” he said, “See you around, Anna.”

I grunted intelligible words with a smile, and watched his perfectly rounded butt flexing and relaxing.

Jenny turned back to me with a huge smile. “He’s a friend. We’ve been at it like this for about a month now and so far so good.”

“You guys are friends?”

She nodded. “Mmm-hmm! He’s really sweet; we both want the same things, and it’s fun.”

I nodded, casually. “Nice.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Sorry he answered the door naked, by the way,” she leaned in, speaking lowly. “If I knew, I would’ve kicked his ass back into my apartment.”

We both laughed and I became more relaxed listening to her words. I felt better knowing she knew how uncomfortable the situation was, and how frazzled I was.

“I’m glad you said it,” I said.

She shrugged. “Hey, I would’ve if I were in your position. Anyway, he’s a good guy. He just likes to mess with people; maybe he was planning to bombard you.”

“Lurking in the background.”

“Watching the peephole, waiting for you to open the door,” she added.

I laughed. We both ceased when we saw Daniel coming through—Ugh, calling him Daniel was weird, I’m calling him Danny—Danny, wearing jeans and a shirt, stepping out to give Jenny a kiss.

“I have to go home and get ready for work,” he kissed Jenny a second time on her cheek, “I’ll see you later.”

“See you,” she replied.

“It was nice meeting you, Anna,” he grinned again, deeply amused. “Let’s hang out, yeah?”

I nodded and Jenny and I waited for him to leave. “And on that note,” Jenny said, “I better get going too. I’ll see you later neighbour. I can see you and I are going to have a blast.”

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


“Charity event?”

Daniel nodded. “Yeah, my boss is co-hosting and it’s supposed to be super fancy and expensive filled with rich people and overpriced cutlery. I want you to come with me.”

“This means I’d have to dress real fancy, right?”

Daniel pulled me in close as I was scooping ice-cream into a bowl. Yes, ice-cream; I haven’t had it in ages. He nuzzled my neck. “You don’t have to be head to toe in diamonds and crystals or designer dresses. You can wear anything classy; I can even buy you something if you want, it’s literally the least of your problems.”

“What’s the most?”

“Mmm…that it’s a charity event, and you may bump into people you may not want to see; or that you haven’t seen in a long time that you do want to see. Which, speaking of the latter, might now be such a bad thing.”

I thought of all the people in my life, and couldn’t imagine why one would even show. Except Will and James back at the advertising agency I interned at in California. They seem like the types of people to attend these events. Oh, and Richard. Fuck, Tanya. I hope they’re far, far away.

“How can I say ‘no’ to that face,” I smiled.

Daniel pressed his lips up against mine, I felt the slight breath of air from his lips and nose. A little moan sounded and then he parted.

“It’s this Friday night.”

“Okay, pick me up?” I winked.

Daniel laughed. “This is going to be interesting. Picking you up for the first time at your own place.”

“It’s going to be fun. Besides, you might be able to meet Jenny.”


“Jenny. She lives in the apartment across from me. I met her and her—well, they’re not really together, and they’re just friends.”

“They, who?”

“Oh,” I shook my head to recollect my thoughts, “the guy’s name is Daniel.” I chuckled nervously. “I forgot to tell you that.”

“His name is Daniel?” Daniel furrowed his brows.

“I call him Danny, just so I don’t get confused.”

“This sounds like a horror movie,” Daniel said. “So when we were having sex and you were saying my name, were you thinking of him at all, whether you wanted to or not?”

“Oh, Daniel—” a flash of Danny naked in the doorway “Daniel—” his penis in my mind “Daniel—” the shaft of which only slightly hidden by the newspaper “Daniel, oh my God, Daniel—” I gasped, and immediately thought of Danny’s grin.

“Oh my God,” Daniel said, after a little moment where I took too long to respond. Then he scrunched his face in disgust. “Oh my God.” He clutched his chest.

“I didn’t say anything,” I said quickly.

“Ugh, I need to lie down,” he chuckled nervously, a little without humour. More with surprise.

I watched as he disappeared into the next room. And to put an even deeper dent in the evening, the ice-cream, that I no longer had an appetite for, melted.

But I didn’t let that stop me. I followed after him into his room, where he had his arms crossed over his eyes.

“Daniel,” I said. I wasn’t calling him; it wasn’t to grab his attention, I was just saying his name. “Daniel.”

He removed his arms. “Yeah?” his voice monotone.

I lifted a brow and moved forward. “Daniel.”

He furrowed his brows and leaned onto his elbows, half-raised. “What?”

I crawled onto the bed. “Daniel.”

His brows parted when he relaxed in realisation. “Oh, no,” he chuckled, “you don’t get away with it that easy.”

I sighed and unbuttoned my blouse. I had recently come back from work and aimed to look like a sexy feline worker with my hair all pulled back into a ponytail and my ass sticking up. “Daniel.”

He bit his lip ever so slightly. Then he cleared his throat. “Anna.”

“Daniel,” I said, my pitch a little higher.

My hands crawled over his suit pants and I detected the bulge immediately. I sighed again and stared, catching sight of him peering down my blouse. I was wearing a white lace bra, mostly see through, but I only wanted to give him a peek.

“Say my name again,” he ordered.

I grinned mischievously. “Daniel.”

“Mmm…” he sighed, closing his eyes.

Unravelling him, I was met with his penis standing attention, and all I could do for that moment was admire it. His shape and thickness and length were all perfect; how could someone be so perfect.

“I love that look you get,” he said, “like you’re discovering it for the first time. It’s pretty sexy. Innocent looking.” He grinned. “Only in looks.”

We chuckled and I lowered my head. Before I touched him with my lips he asked me to say his name again and I did. Daniel came pretty hard, his orgasm making him shudder; and I didn’t know if he was now okay with the whole mix-up of names to faces issue, but at least for now he seemed like he was at ease.

Afterwards we both returned to the kitchen to go on with the dinner feeling more invigorated and giddy. A song started playing in my head and I hummed to the melody, the beat drumming in my mind, and then I began muttering the lyrics and dancing, raising my voice higher and higher, stealing Daniel’s amused attention.

I moved my head from side to side and see-sawed my shoulders up and down to each word. “Say my name, say my name, when nobody’s around you, say ‘baby, I love you’…”

We both laughed and eventually began playing the song on the iPod dock. The night was great, but tomorrow I needed to find a dress after work on a broke-ass girl’s salary to match a charity event. Yay, to independence. Wish me luck!

***Hey all! As you can see, I’ve created a page for my Wattpad blog; and I’m assuming I don’t have to post links and that maybe I just need to tell you that there’s a new part up? In which case, Part 10 is up and I hope you all enjoy! Lots of Love, Soul xo***


2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Hey! Great post – Jenny seems like she will be a nice new friend for Anna and funny twist with her “friend” Danny! Thanks for the dedication in the Wattpad story!! I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment there (I guess I need to create an account?). Love your writing and how consistent you are!

    1. Hi Amber!

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Jenny will be a great addition to the story and I can’t wait to write her adventures with Anna. And I’m glad Jenny and Danny are already kind, funny, and fun people; it’ll be exciting to see what they bring, and how everyone will react!

      You’re most welcome, I love writing dedications! Yeah, I think you do have to create an account, and I was even thinking of diverting my Wattpad stories to another WordPress blog, just so people can comment, but I actually like writing on Wattpad, it’s a new arena, and I figured if people really wanted to comment but don’t want to create an account, they can just comment here, shoot me an email, or even tweet me!

      With that being said, I’m so happy to see that a reader enjoys my writing and appreciates my consistencies!

      Lots of Love,
      Soul xo

      P.S. Get ready for next week’s posts! They’re going to be two big ones, and if you guys don’t like Brad now…prepare to whip out those boxing gloves! 😉

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