Backdoor Lovin’

When Jenny caught a glimpse of my fear-struck face, her features dropped in realisation and her whole face turned white, then immediately after, red. I wasn’t in a million years expecting she’d drop the bomb on Daniel, and he just turned between us two statues, confused. Jenny staggered back, and then around the corner, revealing more of her mortification to us. By that I knew she didn’t want to be the type to hide behind a wall. She tried muttering a few lines, but all that came out was a robotic mish-mash of shaky sounds. I asked her if Daniel and I could have a minute alone, and she jumped at the offer, apologising first and then racing out without looking back.

Daniel smiled, still confused, narrowing his eyes in wonder. “What was she talking about?”

“I was going to tell you I swear.” I could never pass up the chance of putting a disclaimer at the beginning of my sentence.

Daniel nodded. “Okay.”

I licked my lips like a lizard, they were so dry. So was my throat. I was so nervous at what he was going to think or say. “Henry wanted me to get him a meeting with Brad, a client at work.”

“Your client?”

I nod once. “Yes.”

Daniel shrugged. “Okay, so, I don’t mind if you do set something up.” He paused. “Is that it?”

I gulp, shaking my head. “No. I asked Brad if he could do it and he said ‘yes’ but conditionally.”

“And that condition is…?”

“That I go out with him.”

Daniel tilted his head and shifted in his seat, facing me more. “You mean in a group for like one minute, right?”

“As in on a date.”

“So then what happened?” His nostrils flared.

“I—I told him no way. But, the thing is, Daniel,” I looked down at my fingers, sighing, “the thing is, Henry said he wouldn’t promote you if I don’t get him that meeting with Brad.”

“Who is this Brad guy?”

“Bradley Gordon of the Gordon estate?” I tried jogging his memory.

He relaxed brows. “Oh. I see.”

“Daniel, you have to understand, I would never go on a date with that whack job. He’s so gross. But I also don’t want to be the cause of your downfall.”

Daniel looked up, surprised. “What downfall?”

“Henry said if I don’t get him that interview, all the hard work you’ve put in to get that promotion, I mean, it’ll all be for nothing.”

Daniel half-smiled. Not fully so as not to offend my struggle with this. “I have been working really hard. Day and night. But if Henry thinks he can use me to get to you to do what he wants, then he’s got another thing coming. I don’t care if I get the promotion, at least not his vile way, I don’t care if he gets the meeting, what I do care is that my girlfriend remains faithful to me and to me only. And I know you are, but this Brad guy is definitely bad news. Henry is sick; besides, he’s not the only one that decides who takes the position, so don’t worry about it. My work will speak for itself, and if they don’t choose me—” he shrugged, nonchalantly “—tough.”

“So…you won’t be mad…at me?”

Daniel took my hand and kissed my knuckle. “I’d be madder that you went on a date with this Brad guy. Whether or not I get this promotion has nothing to do with you. The burden is all on me, I assure you. Don’t worry.”

“You know this doesn’t mean I don’t support you, right?”

Daniel chuckled. “Of course I do. Brad kind of reminds me of me way back in California,” he muttered. I furrowed my brows, not even noticing a smidgen of a resemblance. “Come on, let’s eat Jenny’s famous spaghetti she’s been raving about. Special recipe meatballs, eh?”

“I’m not even sure she made the whole thing yet.” I stood and headed straight for the kitchen; and just I had suspected, everything was still raw.

“Go get her and tell her it’s alright,” Daniel said. “I’ll wait here. She probably feels bad she opened her mouth.”

I gave Daniel a kiss and then hopped over to Jenny’s. Her door was unlocked so I invited myself in, calling her name out, not too loud though, otherwise I’d probably startle her. I heard moaning and I figured she was in pain, so I opened the door to her room and found her riding Danny-boy. He must have come while Daniel and I were talking. Jenny’s back was facing me and Danny-boy either had his eyes closed, to the ceiling or on Jenny most of the time; so instead of announcing my entrance, I closed the door very slowly, and stepped out all wide-eyed. Yes, I know, I feel like a total creepster. How do I even tell her I just sneakily walked in on her and Danny having sex and then immediately snuck out? Ick!

“Let’s eat just you and me tonight,” I winked rigidly to Daniel.

“I knew it, Jenny feels bad. Maybe I should go talk to her?”

I jumped in front of him with my arms out Karate Kid style. “No! I mean, no. she’s fine.”

Daniel grinned. “You jealous she thinks I’m cute?”

“Nope.” Heavy pause. “You know, she just wants to be alone.” Lame!

Daniel shrugged and pushed the thought out. “Alright.”

“Alright. I’ll do the spaghetti tonight.”

Daniel chuckled. “Oh boy.”


It was pretty late in the evening, and even though Daniel and I had work tomorrow, we both carried on chatting without sleep creeping up on us. I usually feel tired late into the night, mostly because I’m not a morning person and the effects of my early time call choices take effect at night. Not this night however; I was waiting for the moment where I’d feel drowsy and want to cosy up to Daniel so we’d sleep together. Nope, no such thing happened; so I’m thinking that I might pass out just like that! In which case, my apologies in advance if I head-butt Daniel.

We were cosied up though. On my plush new bed. Comfortable, sheets of heaven, and pillows of fluff. Absolute perfection. We’d slip soundly into sleep soon enough; and with ease.

“So I’ve been thinking,” Daniel started, “a bunch of guys have been talking about how they have sex with either their girls or whatever, some are single, and most of them have tried anal.” I blushed and couldn’t contain my smile; Daniel huffed a couple laughs and avoided my gaze. “Well, so, umm, I was thinking, you know, maybe you and I could…”


Daniel looked up and shrugged. “Yeah?”

“You want to try it?”

“Well I want you to try it with me; to want it too, I mean. It’s been proven to have some benefits for a girl. Some girls actually like it.”

“But it could hurt, too.”

“I promise I’ll be gentle. And you can tell me when you want to stop any time.”

“Mmm,” I thought, “I don’t know.”

“It’ll be pleasurable for you I know it.” He began rubbing my ass, talking real smooth. “Of course I will kiss you and bite you, schmoose you until you feel completely turned on and wet, ready to have my hard cock inside of you.”

I giggled lowly and blushed some more, impressed Daniel’s words were having a reaction with me. “Oh my, you’re selling your soul for an ass.”

Daniel laughed raucously. “It’s all worth it. So what do you say?”

I bit my lip, then a thought came to me. “You think it’s a really great thing to experience?” he nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it. If you do it, too.”


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