Love Wins, But Marriage Didn’t

“Love wins, but marriage didn’t,” Paul said.

“What do you mean?”

We were on our way to the Dance on the Pier on the Hudson where Ariana Grande was set to perform. Paul got me tickets, where of course I paid him back because I have anxiety when I need to pay people back, I don’t even like borrowing money or owing people anything because it’s such a huge weight with me. There was always people who think otherwise, that it’s okay to never pay people back. Those people are forever broke because now they have to pay interest!

I was looking forward to Ariana Grande perform, perhaps my first big act to see live. But I was also equally, if not more so, looking forward to watching the longest running fireworks over the Hudson. I’m obsessed with glittery lights, setting the night ablaze and finishing in smoky rain. Firecrackers prickling the sheet of dark, as if they are the cause of the formation of stars. Hypnotising I should say.

“It’s all great that we’re now legally able to marry,” Paul elaborated, “but it’s just so stupid. Marriage is a religious notion, and we live in a society where religion is shunned. You don’t think that’s a little strange? I mean, granted, it’s not everyone that hates religion, but yeah, most do. So it always seems so hypocritical to me when I see people fight for such a religious right as marriage, and yet punish those who actually have faith.”

“I never looked at it that way.” I was still on the fence about what he was saying. I mean, marriage is for all isn’t it?

“Like I said,” he shrugged, “it’s not everyone. But most.”

“There are nuts and bolts everywhere, I guess.”

“And I’m allergic to those motherfuckers like pollen in spring.”

I laughed with Paul. The place was packed and we were bumping into other people every which way. And even thought we were out in the open, the air felt thick and warm. I was wearing shorts and a shirt, something simple and that’ll last me all day, along with my gladiator sandals.

When the party started, and Ariana came on stage, the crowd went wild. Paul and I were far behind, but we could still notice her from afar. There was something about her voice that I never liked, like it was muffled but nothingness or something; but I loved her personality. Even though she appeared twelve, it never ceased to amaze me that she was actually over twenty. The girl is young and young looking! Thirty is the new twenty, and Ariana Grande is the new foetus.

Paul and I started shuffling between people just so we could walk around, get our legs working, and get some drinks. We’d go back and forth and stretch farther out each time as people sifted closer towards the stage.

On our fourth trip to get drinks, a blonde guy shoved me and I knocked over some other muscly guy, who I noticed on the corner of my eye was kissing his boyfriend just before I shoved him mid-kiss. Talk about awks!

“I’m so sorry!” I said. “I’m so, so sorry,” I chuckled a little, unable to help myself.

The guy came back and turned around. “That’s alri—” he gasped, eyes wide.

“Evan?” I asked, flabbergasted. My eyes flickering over to his…boyfriend? I know that, by this point, it shouldn’t be a shock to me, but I thought girls fretted over Evan and just assumed he reciprocated. It never even occurred to me that he was gay.

“Uhh…” he struggled, “pah—please don’t tell anyone.”

“Evan?” I smiled. Jenny is going to freak!

“My job kind of depends on it,” Evan smiled, biting his bottom lip sheepishly. “Please don’t tell anyone.” He wrapped his toned arm around his boyfriend’s waist; a dark, blue-eyed, skinny guy with a shy smile that would brighten up anyone’s day.

And even though I really, really, REALLY wanted to tell Jenny, I remembered when it was Jodie and Daniel, and Daniel told me it wasn’t his story to tell, it was Jodie’s. I was going to do the same for Evan. Although, I wondered if it was actually the same thing.

“So,” Paul jumped in, “anyone up for more drinks?”

“I am,” I smiled.

Evan and his boyfriend grinned. “Well, alright,” Evan beamed.


Later on in the evening, I got a rather troubling call.

“Hello, is this Anna Parker?”

“Yes,” I covered my other ear with my fingertips.

“Hello, this is Marie from Mount Sinai hospital and I’m calling just to let you know, as an emergency contact, that Daniel is currently under intensive care.”

“Is—is he alright?”

“It’s my responsibility to inform you he is under Mount Sinai’s care, Miss Parker. When is a good time for you to come in?”

***Hi all! First, full disclaimer, I am 100% in support of the right to love and marry whomever anyone likes. The conversation in the beginning is somewhat based on a real conversation I had with someone (who is gay) about their perspective. I’m always interested in perspectives other than my own. Now, in other news, you can vote multiple times on the poll till your heart’s content. There’s a new article up on VANITY&VICE so if you haven’t, go check it out now. I’m still debating whether or not to make a schedule for my Wattpad stories and VANITY&VICE blog so bear with me. The struggle is real! Soul xo***


6 thoughts on “Love Wins, But Marriage Didn’t

  1. I disagree that marriage is a religious institution. It was a social and legal contract used for alliances for centuries, religion came later. However I may just be arguing this because I’m a married atheist who also had to reconcile that fact with also being a hopeless romantic, lol. :p

  2. Marriage is part of my religion. The recent Supreme Court ruling didn’t attach it to religion but to allow same sex couples the same privileges as those of the opposite sex. This decision was not based on the popular American vote but by judges. It can be overturned through legislation. I don’t know of a religion that supports same sex marriages. I don’t hold grudges but I also don’t condone every lifestyle of choice. All choices have consequences in life and one needs to be prepared for decisions that are made. I was always taught to ‘love my brother’ and I do the best I can but I don’t have to agree and join in their way of life.

    As Daniel is in intensive care, he probably has no other real friends to show up at the the hospital showing care and concern for him. What would it hurt for her to do that? I wouldn’t want to live with that on my mind.

    1. Agree, Amy W.! Marriage was created by religion, not the state. Bible people. The state got involved when it came to people separating and needing a way to legal divide assets.

      It’s sad that the sanctity of marriage is now gone. Going by the argument “we all deserve happiness” then anyone should be able to marry. Polygamous people can marry multiple people, people can marry their dogs…why not? We all should have the right to be happy, right? Right…?

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