Make You Love Me Again

***BONUS post***

“Okay,” Daniel said.

I heard a little muffle from his father. A tone of resistance and urgency, words sputtering out like the crash of water on a high diver.

“Alright,” Daniel huffed agitatedly.

Whatever their tiff was, I’m glad it wasn’t involving me for once. Richard never liked me, nor would he ever. There was no way I could see us getting along in the future, and I remember that weighing down on Daniel and I. The approval of Daniel’s family was hard on Richard’s part. Difficult to the point of impossibility. The only person who liked me was Jade; Daniel had no siblings, barely any relatives he connected with, and so he was only left with Richard.

Daniel held the front door of his apartment half-open while I rested on the wings of the doorway of his bedroom, watching from afar. Daniel refused to let him in and so their conversation was held half in and half out.

“Okay?” Richard asked, softer than I had ever heard him. Maybe it was because of the distance and the door muffling his tone.

“Alright,” Daniel said, resolutely, closing the door.

I popped out of the doorway. “I should have left.”

Daniel smiled. “No you shouldn’t.”

“It was kind of petulant of me to hide there.”

Daniel shook his head. “Not petulant. Smart idea. I already have one headache, don’t need a stronger and longer one.” He sighed, his shoulder dropping. “He’s asked me out to lunch. It’s going to be interesting.”

“Right,” I said, swinging my arms and smiling. “So, umm, I better go, I guess.”

“Oh come on, you only just got here.”

“Daniel…” I warned again, as he began creeping closer. I can see you, you know!

“Yes?” he grinned mischievously.

I looked down. “We haven’t changed you know. Not in the last few days.”

“I can change. For you, I can change,” he offered earnestly. “I’ve stopped drinking-ish.”

I chuckled, my shoulders rising at the short flutters of air. “What does that even mean?”

“It means I’m being careful now. Much more conscious.” He paused, furrowing his brows and gulping, staring at the floor and then back up at me. “I don’t want to believe that I’m an alcoholic, so I’m trying to stop without having to go to AA or whatever. I know I can do it…”

Oh, please don’t tell me you need me to help you. I’ll crumble.

“…on my own,” he finished.

I cleared my throat. “What about therapy?”

He straightened, the space between us expanding and cool air suddenly flowing. “I can’t.”

“Not ever?” No response. I tilted my head. “I’m thinking of moving back to California.” His eyes focused then. I continued. “Just for a fresh start. I think it’d be good for me.” I shrugged, avoiding his gaze. “Maybe it’d be good for the both of us.”

Using his free hand, Daniel cupped my face and brought his lips down to mine. Pushing me up against the wall, he managed to growl in between kisses, “God, if I weren’t so broken I’d lift you up and make you mine again. Make you remember all the good times we’ve had. Make you love me again.”

I knew, through the burning of his lips and the warmth of his cheeks, the moisture building up in his hair and the panting in his breath, that, in more ways than one, it was hurting him to kiss me.

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8 thoughts on “Make You Love Me Again

  1. If he can’t make himself do therapy with Anna, than that’s it, isn’t it?

    This all makes me so sad. I really did love them together, back when they were still in CA. But it was time to end this a long time ago, especially since he’s obviously so unwilling to change. If he can’t suck it up and accept professional help (counseling), they shouldn’t waste any more of each others’ time.

  2. I agree with lbermont ^^^.

    What I don’t understand is why Daniel seems to think going to counseling is such a bad, terrible thing? What, will it make him less of a man? I don’t get it. He is so self-centered that he won’t even TRY to save his ‘relationship’ with Anna, which desperately needs counseling (IMO)? Honestly, I do not even want them together at this point. But, like lbermont said ^, if he isn’t even willing to *try* counseling then that means they need to both just move on.

    I ❤ your blog. Honestly, I feel so invested in it, like Anna is one of my own friends. hah!

    1. I know this is supposed to make me hate Daniel but for some idiotic reason I feel like there’s something we don’t know about this whole aversion to therapy. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I genuinely see them getting past this.

  3. I agree that they need counseling and also that Daniel needs to wake up and smell the toast burning. I love reading about them together and I really wish it could work, but sometimes rough patches like this need outside help. There is no shame in that. I agree with comments from the previous post that the writing really shines with Anna and Daniel as a couple. The chemistry of the characters really comes through in the writing. Well, here’s hoping they can work it out!

  4. How do I connect to Vanity & Vice? I feel computer illiterate at times!

    I agree w the other comments. I’m just tired of the wishy-washy stuff. How is Anna going to move to California? What about her job? Apartment? I know this is fictional but seriously? Please make a choice (for Daniel & Anna) & stick to it! This is annoying!

  5. I don’t want her to move back to California! I just feel that the whole move to New York was for her to move forward and that’s what she has to do!
    After all of this, I can’t believe Daniel has such an impact on her! It’s that crazy drug of love…but not all love has to be so detached from reality…when’s he really going to change?

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